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Mighty Morphin' Kobold Rangers!

"Luemoth! We need Dragonzord power, now!"

nightdeath wrote:
lol for a blue Dragon, he sure has a lot of reds, whites and purple kobolds.

The kobolds are not the young of the dragon!

There is a reason why the chart gave a greater chance of red and a lower of blue. Red is the most common colour. Blue are often the ones sent to talk with Luemoth...

Recruitment will end in 8 hours. If we have some applications with errors at that stage I'll give those players some time before starting stage 2.

Sovereign Court

We blues must be tasty enough and Yes I know that Kobolds are not the young of the dragon. We're a dragon's groupies. :P

Scram more so than others.

Recruitment is now closed.

We'll continue the diceless RP in the discussion thread for a few days, so I can watch everyone interact. Be warned that if you do not post there at least once per week day and once over the weekend you will not be picked. The successful players will be listed on Wednesday or Thursday of next week.

Based mostly on posting frequency as I said above, here are the players/character that I'm going with. Thankfully I think it comes to a rather balanced crew, specially considering Kax is such a tank! AC22!

Scram (Ssslic the Weakling), Rogue - nightdeath
Ipreek "Clashing Boom-Boom", Pistolero 1/Trench Fighter 3 - Duderlybob
Kax the Fiery, Inquisitor - Cronax
Grigg the scarlet shamed, cleric/monk - orionbasher
Yraalik Gnome Cheater, Wizard(Illusionist, Shadow Subschool) Shadowcaster - Azten

Starting XP 7000, Fast Advancement
Starting Wealth 3000g + Max first level. In addition you have 1500g that you can only use to buy your magic peace of equipment you can add normal wealth to this. You are only allowed the 1 magic item and only with an enchantment bonus of +1. If you can craft magical items you can use this to reduce the price of your own magic item.
HP Max for first level, 1/2 + 1 for subsequent levels. Add your con bonus of course.
I will be playing encumbrance rules, so I need to see weights. Don't bother with the weight of your money.

Awesome, thanks for choosing me Larkin! If I can create traditional items, can I get things at the reduced cost for that? Mainly thinking weapons. Will get the rest of the HP grind and whatnot taken care of shortly.

So as not to unbalance the party too much I'll say you can craft yourself 1 item

Sounds fair to me, finishing the write up now.

Sovereign Court

Thanks for choosing me gm Larkin. I'll get startes once I get home.

Also 3000gp + max 1st level
Additional 1500 to purchase magical items?
Total of 4500 to purchase equipment? Max of one magical weapon correct?

That's basically 4500 + max first level.
Max 1 magical item of max +1 magical enhancment (it can also be masterwork)

Thanks gm larkin! I've been working on grigg every since I got the news!
He might not be up till tomorrow though.

No worries. I'll try to get us started over the weekend or at worst early next week.

Congratulations to those that got chosen. Also sorry for disappearing. Last week was a bit busy for me so my usual posting frequency got cut back some. Thanks for the opportunity though.

Clashing Boom-Boom requesting permission to come aboard sir! All done with the write up. Took Muleback Cords as my magical item.

Handy Haversack is mine.
This purchase was mainly to save me from Encumberance lol.

Shadow Lodge

Does thus mean I could only start with one scroll, it is the one magic item rule just for +1 stuff?

Thanks for picking me. :)

Bumping this up so it don't get lost.

I'm going to say that doesn't include scrolls. You can start with as many scrolls as you want.

I took a handy haversack. Does that count as a magical item limit?
Also how about wands and consumable magical items?

This char is ready for preview. Any thing I need to change I'll do so like adding of magical potions or Wands.

Minor potions Yes, wands only for magic users.
Handy haversack counts as your +1 magical item, as does any other wondrous item.

I'm trying to create a world in which magical and wondrous items are rare and hard to come by. I think giving the PCs what they want in terms of equipment all the time detracts from the sense of wonder and excitement. Loot and rewards will not be entirely random, but I will often choose things that I think you would like without telling you what's for who. That way you can decide amongst yourselves who gets what or to sell stuff that you believe is useless.

Ah got it.

A cloak of +1 resistance will be my item of choice! i've left my 3rd lvl feat open for now,i'm not sure what i want. Other than that, Grigg's finished!

I'll get you stats for your Dire Weasel today or tomorrow, and you can argue about what goes on it!

Barely a pound away from getting a medium load, but still okay I suppose. Why does rope weigh 10 pounds?

Propper climbing rope is thick and heavy. It's very hard to climb up a thin rope.

Two points on that.
1/ You should look into the kits (fighter's kit, etc) they contain a lot of useful things and are cheeper and lighter than buying them individually
2/ For things like rope that you only need one of per party, you can co-ordinate who buys it and just carry it between you all.

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GM Larkin wrote:
I'll get you stats for your Dire Weasel today or tomorrow, and you can argue about what goes on it!

This Dire Weasel?

Your pack animal. Yes but I'm going to give him a bit extra.
The guy will have a little personality.

I bought a cleric's kit but they don't list out the individual weight of objects.the kit contains a rope, which I assumed weighs 10 pounds.
pound is such an odd unit. We use kilogram here.

The kit itself has a weight, which includes everything in it.

Yea I'm Irish so I was born using pounds, but taught kg from a young age. I'm much more comfortable with the metric system because it is simplier. I'm just waiting for them to make time metric :P

The kit's a bit rubbish for kobolds.that's why I wanted to know the individual weight . consumables such as torches,candles and rations will be used up,decreasing the overall weight of the kit.
"torches? What do those do? Wait a minute. Let me light them-GAHHHHHHHH MY EYES

Take note that the weight for Small items is different.
Well that's all.

Scram likes torches.......

Scram is probably also afraid of the dark..... Also,how often will our mighty dire weasel appear in the campaign? will be constantly close to us, or will be like any old regular mount with personality, obeying the no animal rule of longshank taverns?

Grigg the scarlet shamed wrote:
Scram is probably also afraid of the dark.....

Not true.....

Bluff, Blue Kobold 1d20 + 10 + 2 ⇒ (9) + 10 + 2 = 21

sense motive: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (17) + 8 = 25
i think not....

If wands don't count as your magic item, I may rethink this. Everyone loves a between-battle-happy-stick.

Wand of infernal healing?

Shadow Lodge

I'm glad my rise of the Runelords group is a bunch of mostly Good aligned people, because that spell way too strong.

Was just thinking of plain old CLW, but if the GM will allow it, that would be better.


cure light wounds

I've no problem with that

So do wands count as our one magic item? And is a wand of infernal healing okay instead of a wand of cure light wounds?

Shadow Lodge

Sorry about no build progress yet. :(
Thus was a busy weekend. I hole I'm not holding things up.

@Clashing - Can you total your carrying weight for me please

Kax, Grigg + Scram look fine.

We're really only waiting on Yraalik. How long do you feel you're going to be?

Scram is fine waiting.

Got it counted up, and in terms of weight that he'd personally carry of his equipment (at least typically) it's 33.25lbs, with what he'll put on the pack animal, it's an additional 63.25lbs for a total of 96.5lbs.

His weight capacity is 43lbs for a Light load thanks to the Muleback Cords, so what he typically carries is in that range.

All of this is updated on the sheet as well.

Cool stuff!

Ready and waiting.

So is there a lead up to our selection? Cause the diceless roleplay ended before the chief announced our characters were chosen for the quest.

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