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Purple Scaled Kobold


Mad Dog Barbarian Level 4


Chaotic Evil


Son of Chronepsis


Draconic, Common


Second in Command / The Intimidating Enforcer (Intimidate and Linguistics) / Lizard Rider (Handle Animal and Ride)

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Strength 14
Dexterity 14
Constitution 12
Intelligence 9
Wisdom 15
Charisma 12

About Dragoor the Proud

Character Name: Dragoor the Proud
Scale Colour: Purple
Class: Mad Dog Barbarian
Attributes: Str 14, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 9, Wis 15, Cha 12
Role: Second in Command / The Intimidating Enforcer (Intimidate and Linguistics) / Lizard Rider (Handle Animal and Ride)
Description: Dragoor is a menacing sight to behold. Standing just over 3'6" and weighing just under 50 pounds, Dragor is easily one of the largest and strongest kobolds his tribe has seen in many generations.
Background: Dragoor has always been larger than the majority of his kin. This fact, and the color of his scales, has given him the confidence and ability to move up the ranks to second-in-command. (Looking for a Blue Scaled Kobold to follow under. At this point in time, it would either have to be an NPC or Scram.)

To earn his current position and prove his loyalty, Dragoor was tasked with facing off in one on one combat with a giant gecko that had been terrorizing the tribes. Eager to prove himself worthy of such a position, Dragoor went into combat bearing nothing more than the pounder (Tail Attachment) that was strapped to his tail. Not only did he come out victorious, but he claimed one of the creature's young as his own and has raised it since that time to become his companion and steed. As a token of appreciation for Dragoor's undying loyalty, the Son of Chronepsis presented him with a magical amulet that would engulf his natural weapons in Electricity (Amulet of Mighty Fists - Shocking Quality).

While some of the more intelligent Kobolds in the tribes think Dragoor is a bit lacking in knowledge, none of them will ever say it within earshot of him in fear of the repercussions that would follow. Despite this, Dragoor has learned to speak common. Not in hopes of befriending those that speak it, but so that he could taunt them in a language that they could understand.


  • Power Attack
  • Tail Terror

Rage Power

  • Beast Totem, Lesser


  • Small Masterwork Breastplate - 500 gp


  • Small Masterwork Pounder - 301 gp
  • Small Masterwork Glaive - 315 gp
  • Small Heavy Crossbow - 50 gp
  • Crossbow Bolts (50) - 5 gp


  • Medium Exotic Military Saddle - 60 gp
  • Medium Saddlebags - 4 gp

Gecko Armor

  • Medium Masterwork Quadruped Lamellar (Leather) Barding - 420 gp