Troubles in Tallenfur - Pawns in a Chess Game - Homebrew (Inactive)

Game Master ShallowHammer

Tallenfur is at a crossroads. Those in power have begun to make their gambits for control of the town, creating ample opportunities for adventurers.

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Tallenfur is a recently prosperous town that has been favored in location. It is a popular trading stop for local merchants and traders. With the dwarven Kalderdat Mine to the east, a strong logging industry in the Adonariel Forest, as well as rich farmlands to the west, the area has a lot to be thankful for.

Unfortunately, such prosperity also brings trouble. Each industry has brought powerful guilds to control it. As with power anywhere, those who hold it tend to want more. Tallenfur has just had a war break out between the guilds and the mysterious forces controlling them. Evil events have also begun happening. Ranchers, farmers, loggers, and miners have all had strange things happen that nobody can explain.

Are these strange events tied together? Will the guilds destroy the town (and each other) in their jealous struggle? Is everyone in town just a pawn to them or are there some untouched souls? Why are strange folk coming to town in droves? These are just some of the questions raised by the locals as they contemplate Tallenfur's Troubles...