The Strangler of the Shadow Moor (Inactive)

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When a mysterious experiment draws together the Plane of Shadows and the Plane of Negative Energy, strange things are born, and a world begins to unravel |

Encounter in the Hall

Current Synopsis:
This game includes these Characters
Xor, a Dwarven Cleric who specializes in throwing rocks (been in the game from the beginning)

Sasithorn, a shadowy, small, elven-type, arcane master (been in the game from nearly the beginning, also has some memories of a previous adventure that may have included Tessrimea’s grandmother (see this game The Castaways )

Diarmal, a Drasbian (highland elf) cleric, (been in the game from the second encounter)

Marvin, an android gunslinger (been in the game from the beginning)

Ribat, a grippli ranger (been in the game from the second encounter)

The adventure began when strange things that seemed to be part shadow, and part undead (being made of stuff from the plane of shadow and the plane of negative energy, technically they were not “undead” but had similar aspects and were accompanied by skeletons and zombies) attacked a village called Connie’s Bright. This attack came hot on the heels of an attempted kidnapping of a young barmaid named Holly who disappeared, after she was rescued and allegedly attacked the barman, Nigel, with a knife. A group of newly acquainted heroes agreed to set off toward the west, into a place known as the Shadow Moor to try an discover the origins of these monsters.

These events occurred late on a Thursday Night

The heroes were joined by these Non Player Characters, on Friday

Morning to discuss a plan

Nathaniel, an Eshian (Halfling) paladin

Tessrimea, a Gymnagaopthian cleric

Paulina Southmiller, a dwarven fighter

Paulina identified herself as being someone assigned to observe this “planet” and claimed she originated or came from, another world. She has demonstrated strange technology and has claimed that Marvin should not be able to wield a gun on this world. Her explanation was difficult to follow.

The party left Connie’s Bright on Friday afternoon to find some answers in the Moor

The party found a ruin, to the west of Connie’s Bright, and evidence that some other person, or persons, also have access to advanced technology and were conducting experiments on various creatures captured in the Moor. One of these creatures, a Bullywug female, named Fonidea was rescued from a holding cell in the ruin, and told the party about a strange monster that was set free in the Moor, by her captors.

The party lost a few members, including Nathaniel, when he went off with another hero (Gideon) who temporarily joined the party after being discovered hunting in the Moor.

The party followed a trail, presumably left by the strange monster described by Fonidea, for a few miles to the north of the ruin, and when night fell, a rainy night, the party made camp on a small dry patch of land in the moor with a few small trees, and were attacked by a lion. The lion was badly injured but managed to run off, into the darkness of the wet moor, with Ribat’s net still clinging to it.
On Saturday morning, the party continued to the north, and found a small hamlet, not even a village, with a few settlers living on the very edge of the moor, making a living by farming (cutting, drying and selling) peat as fuel. They met a man there named Keith VanSullon and his daughter Karen who told the party that the small hamlet was called Havanstand.

The party heard a story that involves an attack on the hamlet by a hulking dark creature that almost killed a man named peter Gikk, but that the monster was driven off by an old, mostly blind woman, named Grandma Marili, who happens to be Keith’s Mother-in-law, and Karen’s Grandmother.

Sasithorn suggested the party visit this old woman, and that is where you are now.

The Set Up of this Adventure:
The country is called Vologna, and it is found in the northwestern parts of Ibalnd (a small island continent off of the West Coast of Emalia). It is a place of windswept mountains, deep mysterious valleys, and treacherous bogs.

The Town is called Connie’s Bright, and it is a coastal town on the Bay of Mericalnd.

The Tavern is called Two Barrels, and it is near the pier, a stone’s throw from the "flat", a low, stone wall that extends out into the bay where Connie’s Bright Lighthouse sits.

The Barman is called Nigel. The barmaid is called Holly, and there are three patrons in the bar tonight

Nathaniel Boote, a Halfling, and a man of the law

Tessrimea Neissomat, a Gymnagaopthian priestess, from the north coast, a land called Drasbia

Paulina Southmiller, a Dwarven woman, from across the sea, a place called Holdandun

These three sit separately, quietly, and each is deep in thought

Four people have been murdered in the last three weeks. Their bodies found just outside of town, to the northwest, near a place known as the Shadow Moor.

The Shire Reeve of Connie’s Bright will not talk about the murders beyond saying, “the people were not locals. They were all travelers. They were all strangled to death, and their bodies defiled.”

Originally this game was running in the “Paizo Community | Forum Games” forum, but was moved recently to “Campaign Games” by someone of the Paizo Staff without any warning or reason given. So now, here I am thinking…

Why Not? as Xor so easily reminded me

The game ran to about 100 posts, and described an introductory encounter with some unusual monsters. There were four players who joined the game, but as of right now I’m only aware of one of them willing to come back and keep playing.

Would you like to play?

Create a first level character, with an 18 point build, no restrictions, 150 starting gold, any race (from the PRDs), and any class.
Enter the tavern of Two Barrels and talk to the people who are there. You’ve just arrived, on a ship from the south or from the east. The mountains to the north of Connie’s Bright, are rumored to be rich with ruins filled with treasure, or so you’ve heard, but something dangerous prowls the nights. Can you help the town end the reign of terror of the Strangler of the Shadow Moor?