The Strange Life and Times of Bill Quiverpike (Inactive)

Game Master Signore di Fortuna

A yearly festival for the great bard, Bill Quiverpike, doesn't go as expected this year. Map o' Fightin'

Time in Vesaria:


Days are based off the gods' names and each one is considered good luck for a particular activity.

Abadus: 1st day, day of work
Sheylus: 2nd day, day of love
Erastus: 3rd day, day of family
Saraenus: 4th day, day of worship
Gozrus: 5th day, day of nature
Desnus: 6th day, day of travel
Pharus: 7th day, day of rest


Months are 28 days long (7 days, 4 weeks)

The year begins at the Winter Solstice, the season of fall is seen as the end of the year.

1: Starsbright
2: Frostfall
3: Frostend
4: Sowings
5: Blossoming
6: Warming
7: Sunsheight (Summer Solstice)
8: Wandering
9: Sunsdown
10: Forgefire
11: Cooling
12: Harvest

Current Date: Erastus, 3rd of Blossoming, 255 AS