The Silver Shields return - Group Grey

Game Master TheNine

Need something investigated, explored, or delivered with minimal fuss and maximum protection? Hire the Silver Shields today!

Group Grey

Important Npc's, Buildings and other important info.

Macridi - Large town (3200) residents
(Base value 2000gp )
magic items
Minor-- +1 buckler,ring of climbing, +1 Battle axe,potion of enlarge, scroll of bless weapon x2,potion of featherfall,wand of cure light wounds (42 charges)
Medium-- immovable rod, +1 animated large steel shield,wand of lesser restoration (21 charges), Wand of sleet storm (37 charges)
Major-- +3 Thundering Flail)

Important Members of the Silver Shields

Colewin Binderbook:

(Paladin 9 (abadar) Halfling 54 years old (MA)
STR 14 DEX 18 CON 12 INT 15 WIS 16 CHR 16)

The founder of the Silver Shields is a still spry middle aged halfling with an infectious smile and a zest for life still. He was born into Slavery but freed when his owner (another mercenary) died to an unearthed horror in deep Osiron. Since that was all he knew he made his way north, out of those lands and across the inner sea. He eventually met others of a like mind, and in semi retirement they founded the Silver Shields settling in Druma.

Allura of the Radiant Order:

(wizard 5/cleric 3(abadar)Human 41 years old (MA)
STR 10 DEX 13 CON 9 INT 19 WIS 15 CHR 16

Braendar StoneShield:

(Expert 4/Rogue 4 Dwarf 201 years old) (OLD)
STR 16 DEX 12 CON 16 INT 15 WIS 17 CHR 12

Tamrinil Alluevarin:
(Ranger 7 Elf 170 years old
STR 13 DEX 17 CON 13 INT 11 WIS 17 CHR 12

other NPC's:

Hannah Himby - mids 30's widower with two boys. Lives in the servants quarters with her sons is the small almost keeps cook and maid. Her sons both in their very early teens help out in a lot of ways, as unofficial apprintices to Braender, stableboys, and addition cleaning help. Colewin has told them both multiple times that he will teach them to defend themselves when they are older but no more than that.
Dale Himby- 14 - older of the two boys, the serious one
Dar Himby - 12 - Younger of the two boys, a bit of a prankster

Alinna Moondale - half elf - assistant cook and nightly barmaid.

'Quick' Thomas - Messenger employed by Colewin to bring news from the town of Macridi.

perception cheat:

[dice=perception Nicenzia] 1d20+2 [/dice]
[dice=perception Aurelain] 1d20+4 [/dice]
[dice=perception Tush] 1d20+6 [/dice]
[dice=perception Swen Xuo] 1d20+6 [/dice]
[dice=perception Amed] 1d20-1 [/dice]
[dice=perception Ramona] 1d20+3 [/dice]