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When Haruf asked his lover to try on the cloak, she pushed his hand aside and pulled the half-orc to her. Firmly she planted her lips to, her eyes still a bit watery from when he fell.

When her lips left his she gave him a slight smile. "I'll wear whatever you want, if you stop being to reckless." She told him as she placed her forehead against his.

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Haruf's heart melts a little bit, but he tries not to show it.


"Glad yer okay Spider," Calli smiles wearily and then pointedly turns her attention to the found treasures as Kale and Haruf share a tender moment.

"Oy...Ah'm normally not one ta' complain but now that that's done can we get a breather? That was a painful scrap," she huffs. "Spider also had a good idea 'bout you comin' with us ta' talk ta' tha' Baroness, Nighttail."

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Though Nighttail's wand was capable of healing Haruf to a near-perfect health, Alex still spent the last two opportunities he had granted to him to Channel healing energy into his allies; but not before making sure that those guards that nighttail was not inclined to let live, and we're not yet dead to begin with, no longer drew breath.

channel energy x 2: 2d6 ⇒ (5, 2) = 7

"I doubt you will get to try much new on, then. But one could always hope." Alex said with a blatantly obvious teasing tone and smile.

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"Oh yes please! Let us all take a nice long break from that madness. Maybe have a cup of tea." Iulia looks exhausted, despite not having done all that much.

She does, however, wrinkle her nose in curiosity at the hoard. "Where do you think all of these dragon scales are from? Are there a green and a black dragon around here somewhere? Maybe one of the ones the chief was going on about."


"Wooo...Ah feel a lot better now - thanks Alex!" Calli grins as several of her wounds mend thanks to the cleric's command of positive energy. "And who knows 'bout them scales? Mebbe they're old heirlooms or tribe treasures or somethin'," she suggests.

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"There isn't much in the armory that would fit any of you. 'bold sized you see. I think there is a sword made out of strange iron stashed somewhere in the back. It's yours if you wish."

Nighttail scratches the tip of her jaw when asked to meet with the Baroness.

"Meetin' with they royals, eh? I'll do it for the laugh, just make sure the yokals don't come after me with forks and torches."

Congratulations, you helped Nighttail take control of the Blood Vow tribe. Each PC earns 160 XP.
Exploring the armory results in a Msw Cold Iron Longsword. Everything else is sized small and Nighttail discourages you from taking it.


"Thanks Nighttail, yer a peach," Calli grins, giving the kobold a light but playful slap on the shoulder. "Hey, do you have any idea 'bout these dragon scales? If they're uh, like relics or somethin' then the rest of us don't need ta' be runnin' off with 'em, but..."

Calli shuffles her feet a bit before continuing. "Well, Ah can't make use of it mahself but I was thinkin' mebbe Kale or someone could have some armor made outta some of them iffin' your tribe don't need or want 'em. Just an idear."

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The few scales are only the size of one's fist. There isn't enough to craft a shield, let a lone a full set of armor from.

"The chief used them as proof for Aeteperax. Take'em if you want. I'm done with such fiddle-faddle.

"Just let me know when you want to corroboree with you chief. Now or later, I'll be here."

Feel free to continue on with Nighttail. Otherwise, the party may return to town. It will take a day to gain an audience with the Baroness. Party members can explore other parts of the town until then. Or if you want to move things along to the meeting, we can do that too. Let me know.

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Hey, maybe it's a good idea to figure out who this Aeteparax was..., Haruf says showing a sudden interest in history. It seems being defeated in this dragon's name affected him somehow.

Back into town, Haruf insists for Kale to join him in the tavern's room and live life to the fullest. He even uses his near death experience dramatically to do so.

"That would be a good idea." Kale said with a nod when her lover brought up Aeteparax.

Kale gladly excepted Haruf's "request" to retire early.

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"Well, I think we should go celebrate! The first round is on me dears!"


"Ah like how y'all think," Calli grins. "We'd best talk with tha' Baroness first so's she don't think yer comin' to burn the town down or somethin'," she adds to Nighttail. "We'll come hollerin' for ya when we're ready, how 'bout that?"

To the tavern! :D

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After a night of learning the wonders of spooning, Haruf wakes up early and suggests everyone to go report to the Baroness early to avoid any kind of misunderstanding between her and the kobolds.

They can be a good ally to have, he adds, quickly dismissing the thought of using them as meat shields in times of war.

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1d12 ⇒ 10

Nighttail agrees it would be best to arrive at the last minute and leave soon after. She's sure people are pretty sore about the collapse of the tower.

A night in the tavern is well received. People are of mixed emotions with the current events of the discovery of kobolds and the fallen tower. But it makes life more interesting in the otherwise sleepy town of Belhaim. More stories seem to crop up as well as drinks continue to pour.

"You know those monks that used to live in the monastery where the Witch's Tower stood didn't just up and leave. They wandered into the Dragonfen to perform some vile ritual! Took their lives to complete it, they say. But they are still out there, haunting the fen!"

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Alex gladly accepts the first round from Iulia when they return to the town. "however, I buy the next round." he said grinning. when the group returned to the town, he also spent a little bit of time buying a set of durable arrows.


Calli's ears perk up as she overhears the exchange about the possible ghost-monks. "A monastery? Y'all have a monastery 'round these parts?" she calls out. "What sorta monks lived there?"

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The old cogger turns to Calli and slicks back his hair. It is not everyday a strange, young woman talks to him.

"Well, they say the Witch's Tower used to be a monastery. But it got razed along with Castle Tula after they threw out Good Baron Sarvo, spit on his name. I think they were Iroran. Can't swing a dead cat around a group of monks without one of them being Iroran."


Alex heads down to Tymek's in the morning. Casper, the owner of the general store, greets Alex with a friendly smile.

"I put these aside for you. Twenty should be enough, but I'll try to gather more when I can. I can only get the damn things from Kyonin. I tried to see if Xemen and Baccus could make'em, but no use. Elf magic I say, and we are a bit low on that around here. It's good to see one of our own make sure our people are safe."

male Half-elf

Alex is pleased to see Casper expecting his arrival, even if its still surprising. He is almost tempted to even sit down with Casper for a bit for more discussion, but he decides against it on account of finding out more with the rest of the group.

"twenty is perfect. This will actually make it easier to not run out unless they are lost. we could always use more of such things." he said with a similar smile

The following morning, after pulling herself from her warmed bed, before heading off to the Baroness Kale makes her way to the local smith. She was in search of a bec de corbin. Hoping that if she used it for everyday combat may help her more in combat, since she was far more comfortable with that.

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"Oh you're going to the smiths! I want to come." Iulia tags along with Kale, sharing all the various tidbits she learned last night over drinking with the warrior, whether she cares to listen or not.

If the smith sells them, she'll take a light crossbow, 10 cold iron and 10 silver bolts, and a dagger. Iulia is embaressed by her performance in the last occurrance of violence the party faced.

If possible, I'd like to gather some town rumors, with the aid of my cute and disarming pig. diplomacy to gather info/going ons: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (6) + 11 = 17

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1d2 ⇒ 2

Kale & Iulia make their way to Chance Smithy. There a grimtoothed, barrel chested man gives learing stares at the two women.

"What do you wenches want weapons for? They aren't not going to help you with cooking or cleaning. Sure we gotta broom around here, that should be good enough for you."

Chance has the items you want, but willing to sell them for 50% above market value. Not even the musing charms of Sweet-tooth can change his unfriendly nature.

Iulia finds a lead of another smithy in town, Baccus's Smith. A dark skinned half-orc can be found tending anvil. A few other orc kin can be found throughout the smith tending the fires and bellows.

"Sure I got everything you want for a fine pair of ladies like yourselves. Now are you looking for standard or masterwork qualities. I have one of each, no better craftsmanship in the land."

One of the smith's apprentices comes around a corner, laying a broom again the wall. He bends over to pet Sweet-tooth behind the ears, but gives a lingering stare toward Iulia.

"Is it true only silver can harm werewolves?," the boy asks.
"I heard Cogger said there were werewolves in the 'Fens, but I thought that was just a drunk tale. But I found some strange footprints in my yard a week ago. Thought they were large wolf prints, but they can't be 'cause I spotted several on my roof as well! Has to be werewolves. So are you going werewolf hunting?"

Baccus gently slaps the boy on the hand.
"That's enough out of you, Luke. Get back to your duties. If the smith isn't free of dust by the end of the day, you'll be forging nails for a month."

Baccus gives a playful wink and smile to Kale & Iulia to reveal he is only half kidding. Luke nods in a agreement, grabs his broom, gives one last look toward Iulia and turns the corner out of sight.


"Heh...ya got that right," Calli chuckles. "Ol' Irori ain't that bad though; lotsa good stuff about tryin' ta find the best path for yerself an' all."

Even more curious, she continues her questions. "Ya said them monks went off inta' th' Dragonfen, right? Sounds like there's all sorts of things hangin' around out there - big hairy critters an' now ghost monks!"

The warrior woman welcomed Iulia's company on their was to the smithy, she even listened to the stories she told as they walked.

Kale almost showed the smith at Chance Smithy just what she knew of weapons, but in the end she thought better of it... well maybe it took Iulia's words to keep her from it as well.

"I like this man, we're coming here from now on." Kale told Iulia when they where welcomed warmly Baccus.

Kale just smiled as she listened to young Luke ask so many questions. She just shook her head before look to Baccus as he offered the two women a wink, which she offered a small laugh in return. "Master work quality would be most welcome." Kale answered with a simple shrug. "So, you all get a lot of traffic through here?" She asked.

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After spending a few hours idle still in bed, Haruf gets up lazily to check make a methodical check for anyone sneaky who might be targeting him or his friends. However, after Kale and Iulia come back from the smithy, he goes see Baccus, curious to find his own kin.

After introductions, he doesn't order anything from the smithy, but keeps a brief conversation in order to look around the place and create an opinion of the place. It's not common for half-orcs to be polite to outsiders in most contexts, so he can't quite shake the feeling that there might be something off with the Smithy.

Haruf also pays close attention to Luke. Werewolves are scary, he thinks.

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The tavern patron only nods in response to Calli's question but without much further to add.


Baccus retreats to a room among the smithy. Open ears can hear the sound of lock being unhidged then reclasped. Baccus reappears with a masterwork bec de corbin.

"Not much traffic at all. The river provides enough fish for the residents and everybody has trade. But everybody has their different beliefs, so there maybe a squabble now and again."

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Iulia fumes inwardly at the misplaced misogyny of Chance - but lacks enough vehemence to pursue the matter further.

When the smith's boy mentions weres she smiles. "Well, they say that about weres, although I've never met one - I think - and really don't the truth of the matter. But there's plenty of critters - impish devils for instance - that get sick at the sight of silver. Best to have some on hand."

She smiles at Baccus'. "Does Luke need anything mended? I'd be happy to lend a hand. Did his parent apprentice him to you?"

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Kale counts out the coin for the weapon and gives it a few swings, making sure not to hit anyone or anything.

"A masterwork indeed." She said smiling at Baccus. "My thanks." She told the half-orc. "If we need anything else while we're still in town we'll come this way."

When Iulia questioned about the boy's parents Kale rested the bec de corbin on her shoulder and spoke. "Or they may work here. Most of the time children follow the profession of their parents. I took after my father myself." She explained before offering a smirk. "Never was pretty enough to be a whore." She joked.


Huh...I'd like to learn more about this Dragonfen place!

Calli offers the elderly gentleman a respectful nod of her head for his time and then heads back outside, noticing that the others had already scattered.

For lack of anything else to do, she meanders her way over to the Belhaim Records Hall to poke around for any interesting stories about the Dragonfen.

Kn. History (If Needed): 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (18) + 4 = 22

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Baccus chuckles at Iulia's offer.

"I'm sure he has a few trousers that could use mending. As for parents, that is up for some debate. He stays over at Anagrit's Cottage, or the Coven as some folks call it. Well not to her face, of course. Anagrit maybe a fine herbalist, but cross her and she'll throw the Evil Eye on you."

To prove his point, Baccus displays the hook-em horns hand sign to the ladies.

"It is up to some debate if Anagrit is the mother or not. She left for a year, then returned with a baby in swaddling. Luke and three of them make a home and that is enough for these parts."

Baccus was about to make a joke about Kale's mother's profession, but recants having just met her.


1d4 ⇒ 1

In the Record Hall, Calli is escorted to around by a halfling with a pageboy haircut with her nose so high it would be her looking down upon Calli. But during her hour's worth of research, Calli is able to discover the origin of the name "Dragonfen"...

The Dragon Plague years were quite eventful for northern Taldor. During the years between 3660 and 3672 AR, the region endured an explosion of violent and bloody depredations by no fewer than three dozen different dragons. Among those affected by the attacks was a young woman named Tula Belhaim, who lost her family when a black dragon named Aeteperax destroyed her hometown of Nazilli on the southern edge of the Verduran Forest. She would go on to become a great hero, and the mercenary company she founded the Slayers of Nazilli-defeated more dragons than any other group in those days. Her final triumph was slaying Aeteperax in the heart of a swampland deep in the part of the Verduran Forest known today as Dragonfen.

For her service, the Taldan emperor awarded Tula the title of Baroness and the stewardship of the Verduran Fork region, including all of Dragonfen. Her legions of admirers soon founded a town bearing her name, its buildings built of limestone quarried nearby.

Kale gave a small laugh as she pointed at Iulia. "Yes, we know that all too well... We've got one too." She smiled.

She noticed Baccus' face and gave him a small smile. "Go on, make you joke. I want to hear it, not ganna hurt my feelings in the slightest." She told him.

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We actually got to know Tula Belhaim. She was the daughter of the tavern owner in the beginning of the adventure when the party was killed by that dragon to be resurrected a 1000 years later. Slayers of Nazilli were the people the monks were expecting to revive when they revived us instead. I guess Alex didn't get to know her though =/


"Wow!" Calli exclaims, slamming the book shut. She ignores the dirty look the halfling woman shoots her. "Ah gots to tell the others 'bout this! Thanks fer yer help little friend!" she calls over her shoulder as she races out of the Record Hall.

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Iulia muses at the story. "Well I've a few rashes in... well, places. Maybe I should visit this Anagrit and sample some of her balms and liniments. "

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Baccus nods in a agreement. Just as he is about to speak, his head snaps back towards the bellow.

"Damn it boy, your rhythm is off. You are going to over heat the whole thing. Excuse me."

The party is able to reconvene in the Commons.

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After hearing what Calli found out in the Record Hall, Haruf is sure the dragon scales that were in the kobolds' den were from the dragon that killed them and insists everyone should wear one of the scales around the neck to bring good fortune.


"Good luck charms? Sure, why not?" Calli chuckles, though her expression then grows somber. "Ah wonder why so many dragons decided to pay this area a visit back then? Ya think something was drawin' 'em here or mebbe they just really liked the real estate?"

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Dragons are monsters that prey on us. We can only run from them, Haruf says confident that he knows all about dragons.

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As the day begins to wind down, Kale and Haruf volunteer to bring back Nightfall for the evening's dinner. Why they needed a winter blanket and took the long way around the lake is up to anybody's guess. (Ki, ki, ki; ma, ma, ma =v)

Nighttail travels in a larger brimmed hat and a long coat to hide her claws when her arms hang down her sides. With Hak in tow, the party attends supper at the Baroness's Manor.

As the outerwear is collected, the Baroness comes around the corner. She spies Nighttail, raises a pointing finger at her.

"What is the meaning of bringing that thing in here!"

Nightfall, unsure of what to do, looks to the party for help.


Calli puts up her hands in what she hopes is a calming gesture. "Whoa now, I promise we gots a good explanation fer it all. This here's Nighttail an' her friend Hak. When we was stompin' around in that kobold lair an' freein' prisoners, we ended up freein' her an' Hak too."

She glances to the other party members, particularly Iulia and Alex, for confirmation. "Seems she an' the old chief didn't see eye ta' eye on how to run the tribe. They helped us with clearin' out the rest of the kobolds loyal to the old chief an' we thought mebbe you two could have a chat. out any boundary issues 'tween her folks an' Belhaim in a more civilized manner."

Diplomacy: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (13) + 5 = 18

Kale shifted her stance as she raised an eyebrow at the baroness. "The thing has a name. Her name is Nighttail." Kale stated as she gave the baroness a glare. "Be civil enough to use it please."

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Haruf tries to be diplomatic for once in his life.

He's the chief of kobolds. Could be a good ally. We could be dead if not for him.

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Lady Origena, huffs, then quickly pats her hair in the place and smooths out her petticoat.

"Well this is an unusual solution. Why back in my day, adventurer's just went in, killed everything in sight, then came home with the treasure. A new generation ..."

The party is escorted into the main dinning hall. Nighttail takes Calli's hand quick and gives a look of thanks for standing up for her.

Arnholde is already present in one of the lead chairs reading a book. Dinner is served and conversation is polite. Lady Origena and Nighttail agree to table discussions of how the two communities will work together for another time. The kobolds destroying public property and murdering the town wizard has soured the community on kobolds presently. The Baroness does not mince her words in front of Nighttail.

"If the kobolds do not hold up to their part of the bargain, the consequences will be on all of your heads. Now you said you freed prisoners? Would that have been Malak's child? I thought I heard of her return. If so, well done. That will buy a lot of good will around here."

As if on cue, a servant collects the plates and replaces them with a bag full of coins for each party member.

"As agreed upon. Now that this little kobold manner has closed, would you mind taking on another job?"

Lady Origena pulls out a multi-page document made of parchment.

"We have received word back from Hunclay's cousin in Yanmass. She has asked that all of Hunclay's property and possessions be liquidated and be sent to her. As you know, Hunclay being a wizard of renown, most likely has his manor warded by magical traps and guarded by monsters. At least, that is the word around town.

"I am asking you to explore Hunclay's manor and identifying any unusual or magical items there while simultaneously deactivating traps and dealing with any monstrous guardians. While you will not be able to pilfer what you find in the manor, I offer you a flat fee of 5,000 gold pieces for this service. You are all of course welcome to the auction to follow to purchase anything you gained first glance at. Sounds like a tailor-made task for a group of adventurers such as yourself. What say you?"

Congratulations! You've solved the problem of the Blood Vow Kobolds. Each PC earns 300 XP. The party earns 1,200 gp.

Kale put away her bag of coins as the baroness spoke. She shifted in her chair as she head what she had for them.

"Hunclay was our friend. We'll gladly ensure his things make it to his next of kin." Kale said with a nod. "Even if all they want is the coin..." She muttered.


"Sounds like that's about th' best we can hope for fer now," Calli whispers to Nighttail as the two parties agree to let tensions cool a bit more before proceeding with peace talks.

She listens with interest as the Baroness proposes another job for them and when Kale agrees without hesitation, the monk is quick to follow suit. "Reckon a tower fulla wizardy things ain't much good to anyone that ain't a wizard. Cleanin' it out fer Hunclay's kin is the least we can do."

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Haruf seems satisfied to hear the Baroness' speech on the relationship with the kobolds. He's sure it will be a lasting partnership.

He lets his friends speak for him about the new mission in Hunclay's mansion, but anyone who knows him can tell he has little intention of not taking anything without reporting it.

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"Lady Origena, I would just like to offer my own assurances that Nighttail has been a true companion and a most level headed soul. Trade and exchange with the kobold's under Nighttail's leadership is bound to be prosperous."

"Breaking into a wizard's house sound's quite dangerous. My cousin Jacinthus is a wizard of some note, some group of ne'er-do-wells broke into her little tower... they all came out looking like frogs. You do appreciate how dangerous this is, yes? A little bit to sweeten the deal, particularly You know, a small advance to aid our chances of success, would be money well spent." The half-elf smiles sweetly.

diplo: it's all about the bling: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (3) + 11 = 14

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"I agree, such a venture would be quiet dangerous. Therefore it would be best to hold on to such earning and pay you in full upon your return. After all, if you how some how go stuck, such coin maybe needed to send in another adventure group after you.

"Unless there is any other questions, I ask that you each sign these contracts that state the following:"

The party's charge is to explore Hunclay Manor completely, eliminating its dangers so that clerks can inventory the wizard's belongings for the upcoming auction. The party is to take nothing. The party will be paid a wage of 5,000 gold pieces total upon completion. Members of the party are free to participate in the auction thereafter if they wish to purchase items from the estate. The party are also supposed to leave Hunclay's property as undamaged as possible. Should the party manage to learn anything about any strange objects or magic items found within, the will leave notes near the objects for the clerks to read once exploration of the manor is complete.

After the contracts are signed and sealed with Abadar's mark, Lady Origena takes each one and rolls them into an ivory scroll case.

"Take your time recovering and purchasing what you may need. Of course, who knows what Hunclay had living in there or cooking up at the time of his demise."

male Half-elf

Alex remained quiet throughout the whole ordeal, except when to add a gesture or slight comment adding a sort of confirmation for what his new companions were explaining to Lady Origena. With this being his first time to put his skills to work with an adventuring party, he knew not how best to deal with Lady Origena, especially since he really didn't have much, if any, interaction with her to begin with.

The facts that were presented before the meeting with Lady Origena about the history of this town's founder, however, caused some confusion as to why these people would hold a curiosity about it; but he made a mental note only to ask when a moment presented itself.

With the papers for their next task signed, Alex watched them all, trying to Guage them to see what could be revealed before it was said, since these adventurers seemed to be ones without many secrets between them

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As Haruf doesn't notice Alex' measuring of the party, he is glad to have the half elf joining the group for yet another task.

Maybe I can save you this time, he says a little embarrassed.

After the meeting with the baroness, Haruf whispers to Kale when left alone, hoping to gather a partner in his mischief.

I don't think we should go by all of the contract's words. What if we find something in the manor that we don't want to go to auction? Why should the baroness have it all?

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