The Nazi Defences (Weird Wars II / Savage Worlds) (Inactive)

Game Master PhilOfCalth

During the bloody days of October 1944 in the town of Kelmis, only a few Km from the battlefronts of World War 2, local folklore and history is becoming current fact. It is up to the more able bodied patients of a military field hospital to find out what's going on.

October 7th 1944 - Kelmis, Belgium
The Americans bring the fight to German soil, but the Nazi defensive line is extremely effective. The push to take Aachen has been going on for 5 days and it is slow. Poor luck and tenacious defenders seem to threaten the push at every step, and the body count mounts.

Meanwhile, in a field hospital set up in a cathedral in the Belgian town of Kelmis spirits seem to haunt the dying and healthy patients go missing in the night.

- Dr Dubios - Lead Surgeon - Takes care of the most seriously injured and most urgent cases. He is well educated and speaks good English as well as German and French.
- Father De Clercq - Priest - A pious man with no English and very little German. He takes care of the patients who cannot take care of themselves.
- Sergeant Cools - MP - A cold tight lipped man in charge of the security of the field hospital and reissuing soldiers with their weapons when they leave.
- Mother Fischer - Nun - An elderly nun with no English who takes care of all the paperwork associated with the field hospital.
- Sister Jones - Nun - An American by birth, Sister Jones fled Aachen when the war started. She acts as a nurse in the hospital.
- Private Steers - American Soldier/Patient - Heavily bandaged and destined for American soil if he can survive long enough. He has sustained injury to his face, his left leg and lost his left hand and part of his left arm. He drifts in and out of delirium.
Ran off into the forrest, towards the war-front. Seemingly possessed by Tiewaz.
- Lucas Jacobs - Belgian homeless man. Wears an old Belgian Army uniform. Seems to have been through something like this before. Speaks of "Constantine" as his saviour but saying it seems to trigger psychosis.
- Shop Keeper - Old Nervous man who seems to be tight on money. He seems confused by the odd behaviour of the group.