The Nazi Defences (Weird Wars II / Savage Worlds) (Inactive)

Game Master PhilOfCalth

During the bloody days of October 1944 in the town of Kelmis, only a few Km from the battlefronts of World War 2, local folklore and history is becoming current fact. It is up to the more able bodied patients of a military field hospital to find out what's going on.

Current Characters

Sable Company Elite Marine
Andrew Hauser

[Parry 4 Toughness 4 Pace 6 Charisma 0 Sanity 4] Bennies 1

played by feytharn (102 posts)
Patrissa Vrakes
Christel Wexler

Ag d8 Sm d6 Sp d6 St d4 Vi d4 | Pace 6 | Parry 4 | Sanity 5/5 | Tough 4/4

played by WhtKnt (74 posts)
Male Human in Jungle
Danny Tahoma

played by Langsford (12 posts)
William 'Snuffy' Smith

Parry 5 Toughness 5 Pace 6 Charisma 0 Sanity 8 Bennies 3 XP 3 Skills Fighting d6 Shooting d8 Knowledge (History) d4 Knowledge (German) d4 Notice d6 Stealth d6 Throwing d4 Persuasion d6

played by Aubster (124 posts)

Current NPCs

Dragon Skeleton
GM Larkin


played by PhilOfCalth (1,470 posts)

Previous Characters

Elf Thief
Scarab Sages feytharn

male 1/4 Elf Lorekeeper???
(3,712 posts)
Vencarlo Orinsini

Male Irish
(490 posts)
Ancient Solar Dragon
Dark Archive WhtKnt

Maps: Car. Crown || Forge of Heroes || Skull & Shackles
(6,912 posts)
Thousand Bones

Male Human - Lvl 4 Cleric of Pharasma HP 31; AC 15; TOUCH 10; FLATFOOTED 15; FORTITUDE + 5; REFLEX +1; WILL +8 Perception +4; Initiative +0; BAB +3 (+1); Morningstar 1D8; Light Crossbow 1D8; Scale Armor

played by Aubster (321 posts)
Henry "Hank" Hazzard

Male Combat Engineer : Rank SGT :

played by Bilbo Bang-Bang (33 posts)