The Metro - Down And Out At The Gates Of Heaven

Game Master jemstone

Drawn together by a series of grisly crimes, a small band of truth-seekers find themselves facing the rise of a new, murderous subculture within their high-rise metropolitan home. Can they stop the burgeoning "Spill Killer" before it's too late?

The world you know is Old News. Yesterday’s Song.

The Cybershock Era is over. The cyborg super soldiers of the old world lost, their resistance and revolutions swept away in a fire of progress and eminent domain. The bleeding-edge Cyberpunks of old are gone, their gun-toting digital cowboy adventures little more than scary stories told by kids around the glowing screens of the Corporate Youthcare Workshops.

Rising up from the tumble-down ramshackle of the Lowrise and the Outside, a megalithic super city – The Metro – looms over the last remnants of what used to pass for civilization. A pinnacle of Corporate success and a never ending tribute to the twenty-four hour consumption cycle, The Metro rises high into the sky, stretching ever upward, higher and higher. A literal ladder of success, the farther up you make it in The Metro, the better off you are. From the top looking down, everything is smiling faces. From the bottom looking up, well… You know what they say.

But The Metro is more than its glittering spires reaching into the night sky. The Metro is more than its deep-reaching roots, dug like desperate claws into the very bedrock beneath. It is made up of its people, who scurry and crawl across its every surface like ants. Never ceasing. Never stopping. Always moving.

The Metro is alive.

And it is sick.

And it is all about to come crashing down.