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The Covenant

Current Plunder: 5
Infamy: 2
Disrepute: 2


[dice=Sandman] 1d20 [/dice]
[dice=Nivian] 1d20+3 [/dice]
[dice=Johara] 1d20+3 [/dice]
[dice=Fargrim] 1d20+4 [/dice]
[dice=Baltzar] 1d20+2 [/dice]

Crew Notes

Ship Activity Rules:

In addition to their normal jobs on the ship, the PCs can also utilize their time during the day (and night) to explore the ship, scrounge for gear, interact with their shipmates, or attempt to influence NPCs.

Each PC can normally take two ship actions each day, one during the day and one at night. A PC can also attempt to take up to two additional ship actions during the middle watch in the dead of night (any nighttime ship action marked with an asterisk), but to do so the PC must make a successful Constitution check (DC 10, +4 per extra ship action taken) or be fatigued for the next day.

Daytime Ship Actions
Work Diligently Gain a +4 bonus on any one check for a job’s daily task
Influence Make normal checks for a job’s daily task and attempt to influence a single NPC.
Sneak Make normal checks for a job’s daily task and briefly explore one area of the ship (the PC can make a single Perception check or other skill check with no additional chance of detection).
Shop Take a –2 penalty on all checks for a job’s daily task and visit the quartermaster’s store (area A9)
Shirk Take a –2 penalty on all checks for a job’s daily task and take time exploring one area of the ship. The PC can take 10 on a single Perception check or other skill check, but must make a check to avoid being discovered.

Nighttime Ship Actions
Sleep Go to bed early and sleep through the night (automatically recover from fatigue)
Gamble Play or gamble on a game of chance or pirate entertainment
Entertain Make one Perform check to entertain the crew
Influence* Attempt to influence a single NPC
Sneak* Take time exploring one area of the ship. The PC can take 20 on a single Perception check or other skill check, but must make a check to avoid being discovered.
Steal* Attempt to open a locked door or locker. The PC must make a check to avoid being discovered

Pirate Entertainment:

Arm Wrestling - Nor merely typical arm wrestling bouts, such matches are usually conducted on a barrel top covered in broken glass, knives, or caltrops. Participants make opposed Strength checks, with the higher result determining the winner, and the loser taking an amount of damage equal to 1d2 + the winner's strength modifier as his hand and arm are pushed onto whatever lies on the table. Two consecutive successes are needed for victory.

Hog Lob - Participants lob a lead ingot covered in a greased piglet skin, the "hog" as far across the deck as possible. This game is resolved by d20 checks between any number of players, who agree on a bet beforehand. The hog counts as an improvised weapon, imposing a -4 penalty on all rolls using it unless the thrower has the Throw Anything feat. Checks are resolved as attack rolls using the character's CMB. Characters toss the hog a number of feet equal to their adjusted rolls; for example, a character who gets a result of 22 throws the hog 22 feet. Some pirates clam to have participated in games played against Asmodeus using a live hog.

Heave - This potentially deadly drinking game is played with rum and takes place between any number of pirates, who bet to predict the winner beforehand. Each pirate drinks a half pint of rum in one swig. Doing so forces participants to make a successful DC 15 Fortitude save or have the damage dealt by the rum ration increase by +1 in addition to the normal effects of the rum ration. This Dc increases by +3 for each consecutive drink. Pirates then take turns drinking until only one is left standing. Some tales tell of entire crews drinking themselves to death through this game, leaving ships of drunk ghosts wandering the shipping routes.

Rum Ration:

Aboard many ships, half a pint of rum is distributed to each crew member at dusk. The rum is staggeringly strong, and is often watered down to make grog. Characters drinking the ration are affected as though they had taken an addictive drug. The rum ration is doled our more to keep the crew sated and docile than for recreation. The penalty for selling or spilling the ration is six lashes, or six lashes from a cat-o'-nine-tails for a second offense. Deliberately tipping away rum on board a crowded ship without being seen requires a DC 10 Stealth check. Pirate crew members can often request more run if they please.
Type Ingested
Addiction Minor, Fortitude DC 5
Effect Variable, +1d4 alchemical bonus to Charisma and fatigued for 1d8 hours
Damage 1d3 Con
Price 2 sp


1st level - Bonus Feat assigned
2nd level - One skill becomes a class skill
3rd level - Nemesis feat
4th level - Racial feat

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