The Horrors of Ranvargo (Inactive)

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NPC hunters Stats/PIC.

EVIL people PICS.


Renvargo- for ease of play I'm going to say your group pretty much have kept to yourselves when you show up at Renvargo so you only know a few people.


Professor Lorrimar- leader and co founder of the Hunters. a brilliant mage. getting old in his years he moved to renvargo to help try to rehabilitate the prisoners because he believes everyone deserves chances. he is a caring and humble man. (CG mage Diviner)

Kendra- Professors Lorimar's daughter a beautiful mage in training.-
Zokar- an innkeeper with a ready smile, his inn is known for all the foods being named after demons and undead body parts. he has a unusual sense of humor. (2 gp a day, that will include one bath a day and meals. not drinks)
Sheriff Benjan Caeller- him and his deputies appear to be well trained and disciplined far beyond what you would expect in a town like this. He has 8 deputies names you know so far are(Chase, Dale, Grady, Gregor, )
Councilman Hearthmount-
Vox a large human male with half his face burned off he appears to be one of the acolytes at the church.


Dr. Finhast old male human Alchemist LN- one of the core founders the Genius mind of Dr. Finhast is behind the weapons that are issued. a old man that is near retirement age and the capture of the twins was his final adventure he is planning on retiring at Revargo with the Professor.

Torgar Redfist male half orc Fighter CG- A scared Half orc with tattoos rolling all around his body that he claims to protect him from evil spirts Torgar prefers to not wear sleeves to show off his massive arms.

Crissa Finhast Female human Investigator Gravedigger NG- Daughter to the good Dr, she has been a doting daughter all her life. she has certain daddy issues though, she has had numerous romances in the caravan and seems to crave attention.


The Splatterman- (a human male mage of some sort, real name Professor Hean Faramin one of the groups first captures was actually one of the Professors and Doctors friends that after a encounter with a Demon became obsessed with names and how that they have power over people, slowly writing their name in blood then killing them. currently the Professor believes he is having psychotic episodes in the prison.)

Mosswater mauler- (male Dwarf Ispan was a renown master smith that caught his wife in infidelity and smashed her skull with a hammer, when he realized his mistake he tried to bring her back by reconstructing her skull but could not find a piece, so he went around killing people trying to find a perfect piece to fit in hers.)

The Drummer of Spinecastle- (human male Bard that with his rhythm playing the drums much like a slaver on board a boat caused people to fall into a almost trance like state. he took over a castle that many people died trying to get into by walking into the moat, falling off upper stories, etc.)

Duke Trath Illborn (a male half-elf that started a cult worshiping him as a reborn hero called The Order, that practiced black magic and summoning the other leaders were not found)

Maragore Twins- (two brothers that look just alike that had a terror spree on is a Mage of some sort and the other a Ranger, that many believe a lycanthopes with some of the ways their victims were found torn apart as if fed on.) Rufus- mage , Mardigan- slayer
(twins capture- When the group captured the twin they fought back for only a moment or two before giving up. the torn up remains of a Farmer was found at the scene. the rumor that caused you to investigate and find them was they went house to house on a farming road taking everyone but the wife. including kids and husbands.) Mardigan is dead.