The Dragon's Demand (Inactive)

Game Master Helio

When disaster strikes a small Taldan town, a few unlikely heroes arise...

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Town Map

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NPC Listing

Talia Orem, InnKeeper and PoI regarding local lore.

Baccus "the Bull", Half-Orc Smith and handyman.

Sheriff Bruce Briklar, local law enforcer

Silas Grigs, Caravan leader and scoundrel

Hunclay, Mad old man who owns an estate?

Anagrit, owner of the home in which Alexander awoke

Deputy Hodd, right hand man of the Sheriff, Hodd lacks the initiative his partner Bruce has. During Bruce's leave, Hodd is trusted with the security of Belhaim.

Doalgari, An apprentice of a powerful wizard. Egotistic, narcissistic and self absorbed, everyone seems to regard him with unease. Has a nasty weasel familiar.

Lady Devy, Countess of Belhaim. Widow of previous ruler, Devy has managed to keep the town from falling apart. Sweet heart and agreeable, the citizens regard her as the hope of Taldor.

Old Bassy, Local historical buff.

Phedra, Local Tinkerer at Delbin's Devices. Introvert and whacky, she's devised a way to implement her craft into her life - buttons, whistles and bells included.


Phat Lewts

2x Masterwork Mithril Daggers with strangely shaped serrated blades., in the possession of Brok.
Iron Key, in the possession of Brok.
Three gems valued at 5g each, held by Panros.
A scroll of Hypnotism inside a personalized scroll case with "B.H.", held by Panros.
Giant Metal Crest, used to pass the clockwork construct and left behind because it was clumsy and heavy.