The Darkest Hour- A Dark Heresy (WH40k) Ascension Campaign

Game Master BayouSnowman

A DH 1.0 Ascension level game beginning in the latest timeline of WH40k, a Cadre of powerful individuals is called for to discover something unimaginable and uncover a plot that threatens every living soul.

PC Creation:

Starting with 15,000 XP, which is halfway into Level 9 according to pg. 10 of Ascension table. All others will follow this table, even if building from Ground-up in DH books. DO NOT follow the original level of XP, please use this table as it updates and streamlines it for DH books.

(One other issue on XP: For the sake of us all beginning on the same page, I will rule that ALL xp spent counts towards Levels and advances, so taking backgrounds or advances that don't normally add to your level total now will. Shouldn't affect too much change, just means you don't have to worry about being less than level 9.)

Alt. Ranks are fine, anything you want to purchase that you missed is DOUBLE XP from the table you skipped. (For example if you took an Alt Rank at Level 3, then you'd miss the normal table for your PC at Rank 3 and have access to the Alt. Rank table. Going back to purchase things from your table Rank 3 that you "skipped" would be double xp.

Roll or 100 point buy. No more than 20 allocated in any. IF you roll, then you are stuck with those, no going back to point buy.

You may have 2 rerolls of anything you like. Fate, Wounds, stats, etc. Only 2 re-rolls are allowed and you can choose the better of the two.

Stats can be assigned freely, no need to roll in order.

Rank 9 FP (fate point) additions:
To be determined later, after I see your character and quality of background and story. Were you heroic and fearless? Sneaky and sly? Careful and calculating? Depending on how you ascended and what your path entailed, I will award with an additional 1-3 FPs.

Maximum Wounds:
25, if you can go over that then we’ll need to work out details, but maximum will be 25

Insanity and Corruption:
Dealt with according to Ascension book.

PC History:
As you work with your PC and build them up, try and have a story or narrative for me of your encounters, perils, choices, alliances, influence, mistakes, nemesis, etc, all those things give me a better idea of who you are and what you want. It will allow me to craft a world that engages you instead of just leading you along. The more you give me to work with in a background, the more you’ll enjoy the game and what I offer. Up to you, but a strongly advise having a minimal history and story of how you ascended to the rank of Throne Agent.

Starting Influence
Will be 40, but I’ll allow a certain number of free items to be obtained. The better your story and background, the more likely I am to allow that special unique or near unique item you’ve always dreamed of playing with in WH. If its too much, (and that’s doubtful) then it’ll be something I know you want and can work that into the story and challenge your PC so you can obtain it. This goes for Armor, gear, weapons, powers, talents, traits, etc. We will have some cool stuff, but well still be in need of more and will encounter great things only limited by our imagination. Books are good, but they are a starting point for creativity, so feel free to create and dream.

(Subject to Change)
Starting equip might be someting like this:
1 unique
1 near unique
2 Extremely rare
3 Very Rare
Anything else below is fine. Everything would be best/master craftsmanship\

Not going to concern ourselves with this right now, no monthly income yet, we might deal with that later, but not important for PC creation.

MORE TO BE ADDED, just copied this over from Recruitment thread and will update as we work things out.