Six Heads of Mayhem--The Hydra Campaign (Inactive)

Game Master Almonihah

A very unusual hydra sets out to prove that more heads may not be better than one.
Battle Map
Area Maps
HGP: 18 S: 36

Head order: If you were standing behind the hydra and looking towards it, this is the order your heads would be in, from left to right:

Top Row: Ziphora | Grash | Entycer
Bottom Row: Beachhead | Tomarbataar

Notes on Hydra physiology
* Your body is a bit over 18' long, discounting necks and tail. You definitely weigh over a ton, definitely closer to two tons.
* All of your throats connect to the same (large) stomach and lungs. This should make talking complicated but somehow doesn't (it's magic).
* You share the same circulatory system, too, but the incredible fortitude of your body as a whole means that poisons and diseases generally only affect a single head (it's also magic).
* If you absolutely cram yourselves to the point of your stomach visibly bulging outwards, you can eat about 900 lbs of food in one sitting, which is roughly than one troll, or a bit more than half a fat cow.
* In spite of being fairly reptilian, you're endothermic and have a rather fast metabolism. That half a cow would be digested in about half a day.
* While you'd love to eat two 900-lb meals a day, you can live off about one deer a day, unless you need to regrow a bunch of heads.

Hydra Battle Rules:

Your body will move at initiative 0 every round. You can place your head wherever you wish within 15' of your body--when it moves, you will retain your relative position to it. You provoke attacks of opportunity as normal when moving, though you are always assumed to move your head to your new position by whatever means provokes the fewest attacks of opportunity.

I'll unlock the Google Doc when the first battle starts to let your position your heads as you wish. That's probably easier than you trying to describe where you want to be to me.

On Being A Hydra:

Well, not a hydra exactly... it might be more accurate to say you're some sort of hydra-like creature. After all, hydras generally can't talk, don't have a separate personality for each head, and don't have nearly so heavily-armored a body as you do. But you're still a big, reptilian, multi-headed monstrosity, so 'hydra' will do.

Whatever you really are, the first thing to note about yourself is that you only move by majority vote. This has a couple of consequences: first, if a majority agree on where you're going, I'll go ahead and update the thread without having to wait for a straggler or two. Second, if you cannot come to an agreement, time will pass while you keep arguing with each other, and your body will keep doing whatever it was doing before you started arguing.

The next thing you'll notice is that... well, sometimes your head will get chopped off. But don't despair! You sensibly store your brain at the base of your neck, leaving more room in your head for things like teeth. So you'll grow back in time (1d4 minutes, to be exact), good as new. Your odd mutant heritage does mean that you'll regrow your head even if fire or acid is applied, though it will make it take longer.

While you and your sibling heads cannot share your thoughts, you can sense one another's feelings to some degree. So feel free to think angry thoughts at your traitorous other heads when they bite you off after one too many jokes about their preferences for slug meat. More importantly, you can still vote on which way your body should move... even when you lack the eyes to see where you're going and any way to discuss your decision with your sibling heads. You can always sense which way they want to go, at least.

Lastly, you sometimes permanently lose or gain heads. You've no idea why this happens, but it does. If anyone is inactive for too long without explanation, their head will randomly whither and die, making room for a new head. Hopefully this won't be an issue, but if it happens, I'll comb through the hopefuls for another head to replace the dead one.

The Rules

Create a 6th-level character (Pathfinder rules, to be clear), using 4d6 drop lowest for stat generation. You can gain a +2 racial bonus to a stat of your choice and a free feat at first level, to represent your bizarrely varied mutant nature. As a hydra head you... can't really have much in the way of equipment, so instead you get Automatic Bonus Progression bonuses. Each head also has a bite attack that does 1d8 + Str damage, with a 15' reach. You don't get iterative attacks with your bite. You also have a +5 Natural Armor bonus. You can take either average rolls or roll your hit dice. You have no money or equipment. You do have low-light vision and Darkvision 60'.

If you have no stats greater than or equal to sixteen after rolling, go ahead and bump the highest one up to sixteen. Oh, and please explain how you're going to cope if you're playing a class that requires things generally anatomically impossible for a hydra, like, say, Alchemist. I'll generally work with you to make it happen, particularly if it's funny and leaves opportunity for mayhem to happen.

To make that a little easier, spellcasting classes automatically get Eschew Materials. Wizards (and anyone else book-dependent, like Alchemists or Magi) have a "Summon/Dismiss Spellbook" cantrip. I suggest you don't forget it while your spellbook is dismissed. I might also point out that you don't have hands and that slobber and teeth marks aren't good for spellbooks. So someone should definitely play a wizard.

Your body is, for all intents and purposes, indestructible. So don't worry about it. Worry about your own neck. It does, however, have a move speed of only 20' base, though it can also swim 20' a round like a normal hydra. It's also very heavy and strong if you want to just plow through some things. It is, as you might guess, size Huge. Your body always moves at Initiative 0, and can either single or double move, or run. It will attempt (and probably succeed at) Overrun or Bull Rush maneuvers against anything in its way when it moves.

Because you're a tangle of heads and necks attacking something, rolling a one might have interesting consequences...

Hydra Feats

In addition to normal feats, you also have the following feats available to you:

Swift Regrowth
Prerequisites: Hydra Head, Con 13
Effect: It only takes you 1d4 rounds instead of 1d4 minutes to regrow your head if it is chopped off. Regrowing swiftly like this causes one point of Constitution damage.

Split Regrowth
Prerequisites: Swift Regrowth, Con 17
Effect: When your head regrows, you regrow an extra head. This grants you an extra bite attack on a full attack, but no other bonuses. This head falls off after one hour. However, you take a point of Constitution drain whenever you regrow an extra head that cannot be healed while the head is still alive. This replaces the normal Constitution damage. When the head drops off or dies, this drain becomes damage, instead.

Prerequisites: Hydra Head
Effect: You are immune to fire, take 50% extra damage from cold, and have a breath weapon. This breath weapon is a 15-foot cone (starting from any point within your reach) that deals 3d6 points of fire damage (Reflex 10 + 1/2 level + Con modifier for half). It is usable once every 1d4 rounds.

Prerequisites: Hydra Head
Effect: You are immune to cold, take 50% extra damage from fire, and have a breath weapon. This breath weapon is a 15-foot cone (starting from any point within your reach) that deals 3d6 points of cold damage (Reflex 10 + 1/2 level + Con modifier for half). It is usable once every 1d4 rounds.
If you take both this and Pyrohead, you have both breath weapons, neither immunity, and both vulnerabilities.

Poison Sspit
Prerequisites: Your head musst be more sserpentine, sso you musst sspeak like thiss in order to maintain the benefitss of the feat.
Effect: You can sspit a mildly assidic venom. Thiss venom is a ranged touch attack with a range increment of 30' (maxs 5 range incrementss) and deals 1 point of assid damage per level on a ssucssesssful hit. Additionally, the target musst make a Fortitude ssave (DC 10 + 1/2 level + Con modifier) or be affected by assp venom.

Gameplay Expectations
I'm hoping to keep things going fairly quickly for this game. I will post, one way or another, every day except Sunday. This post may not always move the story forward, but whenever there's a majority agreeing on something, it will happen, so do try to not get left behind. Any head that is inactive without explanation for more than a week risks withering away and falling off to be replaced by a new head.

I'll be playing kind of fast and loose with the rules, since they weren't really designed to be used like this. I will hue as close to the spirit of the rules as I can, but there may be times I cut corners to keep things fun, crazy, and moving. There may also be times I just plain forget about a rule. Please PM me if a ruling bothers you or if I missed something.

I may occasionally hand out bizarre bonuses for doing especially amusing things.