Secrets of the Faedark

Game Master Beopere

Dark forces muster in the town of Mercia and the Faedark Forest. The Divine Visage and its allies must meet the rising evil before a terrible fate befalls the region.

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Animal messenger can seek out specific individuals in the Faedark because of the forest's nature. Elsewhere it functions as the normal spell, which requires a location, not an individual, as the destination. This is something we talked about waayyyy back when.

Just as a heads up, guys--I'll be out of town all of next week. I'm going to produce some music with one of my idols, ill.Gates, in LA (which I am insanely stoked and nervous about) and then I'm going to a music festival in Michigan. I will have time in airports and stuff so I can post some, but it may be intermittent.

Beopere--when you said Irravin can explore the Enclave in this portion during Irn's test, did you mean the Enclave as a whole? Like, taking Verndar and seeking sources of power, etc? Just wanted to make sure before I dive into anything crazy.

Some things that would be awesome to explore, but you should not until we finish Vladimir's test: Exploring the Citadel with Verndar, pursuing the Shaem, and receiving your new mask.

If you wish to engage Verndar or explore other aspects of the Enclave, that could work.

Nyrus wrote:

Just as a heads up, guys--I'll be out of town all of next week. I'm going to produce some music with one of my idols, ill.Gates, in LA (which I am insanely stoked and nervous about) and then I'm going to a music festival in Michigan. I will have time in airports and stuff so I can post some, but it may be intermittent.

Beopere--when you said Irravin can explore the Enclave in this portion during Irn's test, did you mean the Enclave as a whole? Like, taking Verndar and seeking sources of power, etc? Just wanted to make sure before I dive into anything crazy.

THAT IS FANTASTIC. When are you in LA? Are there still tickets to the show available?

Hey guys! I'm driving to CA the next 2 days. I likely will not post until Sunday evening/Monday. Sorry for the delay.

Knowledge Nature: 1d20 + 6 + 4⇒ (16) + 6 + 4= 26
Survival: 1d20 + 6 + 4 ⇒ (3) + 6 + 4 = 13

Quick question regarding the above rolls. Vladimir's bonus to survival checks is +6, adding +4 for favored enemy magical beasts. Vladimir also has the class feature "track". Although I'm not actively tracking the beast, I wonder if the bonus would count on this survival check. It doesn't change the outcome, just curious. Your thoughts Beopere?

I think it should apply. In theory the spoiler should have read Survival (tracking) DC 13.

Hey Dervish! I'm getting married today. The Honeymoon will follow, so posting will likely stop until August.

Rules for battle on poles over a 10 ft pit:
dc10 acrobatics to move at half speed.
dc15 acrobatics to move at full speed.
dc20 acrobatics and you may charge.
You lose your dex to AC, unless you beat the DC by 5.
Failure of less than 5 costs the movement action to make it. Failure by 5 or more and you fall.

If you are struck, you must make an additional dc10 acrobatics check or fall.

If you are compelled to move by an opponent they may choose to make you fall.

If you fall you may make a dc15 athletics (climb) check to catch yourself. You are considered on the poles but prone.

If you fall below half hp add +5 to all DCs.

I wanted to make a concentration check to cast spells, but it seems balancing does not require such a check.

Let me know if anything needs to be clarified.

My apologies for the delay! I didn’t realize there was a new post and was out of the habit of checking. I’ll post later today and from then on my posts will be in a timely 2-day max manner like we talked about :)

I'm not quite sure how to resolve Vladimir's turn. If you want to bullrush give me a CMB roll +2 for charging and I can tell you how far you push yourself and Arius. Or you can accept the prone condition and reach safety.

My goal is to move Arius and Vladimir past the mound of churning snow. I'm assuming both of them occupy their own 5 foot square, which means I would need to push Arius 10 feet in order to get both of us out of harm's way.

D20PFSRD says "If your attack is successful, your target is pushed back 5 feet. For every 5 by which your attack exceeds your opponent’s CMD you can push the target back an additional 5 feet."

Because they say I CAN push the target, I'm under the impression that should my roll allow something beyond a 10 foot push, I can choose to only go 10 feet. Which is what I hope to do. If you disagree with that reading of the rules I won't have a problem with that, that's just how I read it.

Sounds correct to me!

I took the full 2-day response time, but it's finally up! I was agonizing over how to handle such a sticky situation, especially when I remembered the assortment of items I have in my inventory. Speaking of which...I've updated the inventory section of my character sheet! It should have all of Vladimir's possessions on there (sans gold, for now). I'll be keeping updated records of things like arrow count there.

Nice. Thanks for that Dervish. Additionally, I think Vladimir has one more arrow he can shoot. His full attack routine with many/rapid shot should be:

+4x2/+4/-1 (counting Bab and rapidshot penalties only).

Ah! Gotchya. Thanks for the reminder

Male Word Sorcerer

My turn will stand as written. MOAR ARROWS

I made a playlist that Beopere linked to in his most recent gameplay post...I'll be continuing to compose and curate music as our settings and emotions change throughout the campaign!

Sorry for the delay guys I'll have new posts on Saturday.

Hey guys! When relevant I will post a spoiler for enemy CMD. Don't look until you make a roll to which it is relevant. Combat maneuvers greatly change the flow of battle, so I think if you can post knowing the result of your attempts we can speed things along.

Those battles went in opposite directions..

Tell me about it! My god, I'm incredibly jealous of Irravin right now haha.

My post is coming up in the next half hour or so.
EDIT: It's up

Vladimir may make a called shot on the pincers with a -2. Each successful attack will lower the CMB/CMD of the remorhaz for grapples by 4.

Because of Vladimir's accelerated state, he may make 1 attack and then attempt to free himself as his full turn. Alternatively he can full attack (with 1 extra attack from accelerate) and hopefully weaken the pincers to where the remorhaz will fail its future grapple attempts against him.

Let me know your thoughts or if you have any questions.



Sorry for the delay. I just picked my thesis lab and things have been hectic while I settle in and organize stuff for my program.

Post will be up later tonight!

Exciting!! I'll be posting Saturday.

I intended to post a link to a google doc with our house rules, however the document is currently stored on my computer in Austin! I'll postpone posting it until next week.

There are a few other comments I wanted to make:

Currently Dervish, myself, and Nyrus often text about our post intentions and rule clarifications. Since the jig is up that GozrehTime has ensouled Arius, I think we should switch to using google hangouts for this conversation so he can join us. I believe I'm connected with everyone but Nyrus (to whom I just sent an invite) and I'll create a central chat channel when that is complete.

In the spirit of moving things along, I'd like to start using non-explicit dialogue at certain times. For example, rather than using quotations and bold text to address several NPCs who may not be that important we can instead:

Candor enters the inn, greeting all who engage him fondly. Although he readily shares his exploits with any who ask, he never mentions the forbidden knowledge he acquired in the cursed book.

I feel like that may hasten certain multi-post encounters that don't necessary add a lot to the story. As a rule of thumb: If NPCs use explicit or non-explicit dialogue try to respond in kind. If you are initiating the conversation, choose whichever you like. At any given moment, if you wish to speak explicitly then by all means do so.

Since its come up, please add your CMD to your status spoilers. I'll try to post a spoilered CMD of enemies for you to look at AFTER you decide to use a maneuver. Thus you may resolve the rest of your turn/rolls with the knowledge of your maneuvers success or failure (such as gaining a +4 attack bonus against a tripped opponent, or deciding to dedicate more attacks to tripping).

Let me know your thoughts!

This sounds ideal. As much as we all love fleshing out the details of the story, I think we can be more mindful of keeping brief encounters brief.

Welcome, officially, to the campaign, GozrehTime! Very excited to have you on board.

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GozrehTime? I do not recognize this name despite my vast knowledge of the words through which this world is wrought!

Please include 2 rolls not to fall for Irravin due to damage.

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Hey, all,

First off, sorry for the reveal. I knew I was going to make that mistake at some point; hope I didn't mess things up too badly. Apologies, too, for dropping off a bit this week--I had some urgent stuff come up and wasn't able to attend to this. I will be able to post today after conferring a bit with Beopere :).

Many thanks,

No worries man. TBH, I think you are posting the most promptly out of all of us.

If Irravin manages not to fall, Hakail will succumb to the next blow. To save us posts swapping hits around, don't throw more than 1 successful hit at Hakail.

No need for Arius or Vladimir to post, I will continue. However, if they were moved to take the initiative, that would also work.

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Male Word Sorcerer

Apologies for the delay, gents. Been under the weather and I still don't have wifi at home.

No worries, man. Really digging what's going on!

What Nyrus said! Digging your writing

Hey guys, I need a few days off so I'll return to posting Monday or Tuesday. Irravin and Vladimir will be directed to the sky tower for healing with followers of Sarenrae if they would like to continue.

Sorry for the slow response. I'll post tomorrow!

Sounds good, no sweat! I’m still ruminating over the newest revelations from that vision!

Male Half-elf

You guys are all incredible writers. I'm super stoked to get back in the game. WOO

Female Celestial Eidolon


Haha we are super stoked to get you (and Angola) back in it!

Yo dudes! I'd like to move to a particular event as Vladimir wraps up his discussion with Ivor. When he's finished it shall be approaching sunset, and he should seek out Irravin, sadly interrupt his meditation, and look to the likeness of Raziel that they received.

Yes please. My body is ready

Yo guys. Consider the following as players rather than characters.

The Divine Visage could send some Facets to support you in your endeavors in Mercia. These would be several characters that you guys would take some responsibility in creating, leveling, and managing. You would not control their actions directly, but their time and efforts in Mercia would be up to you.

Think about whether you have the attention and effort to spare to make this successful. That should be the driving force behind the decision.

It sounds really cool and I would love to do something like this--but if I'm being realistic, I don't think I can commit to the extra time and effort.

I agree with Nyrus on this one. It's a really cool idea but I want to make sure I give Vladimir and the main party the attention they deserve.

Reminder regarding looking behind spoilers:

We've relaxed the rules from previous. Feel free to look behind spoilers for other characters or locations so we can all enjoy whats going on. If the spoiler requires a skill check or similar dice requirement you should NOT look behind it. Once the event has passed you can look behind it at another point in time. If the spoiler has something to the effect of (no looking) attached to it, then do not look unless you otherwise meet the requirements. This will be used in situations like the beloved doppelganger encounter.

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