Secrets of the Faedark

Game Master Beopere

Dark forces muster in the town of Mercia and the Faedark Forest. The Divine Visage and its allies must meet the rising evil before a terrible fate befalls the region.

The town of Mercia has quickly grown from a logging town into a bustling city. Located at the intersection of two trading rivers, the city is home to a bustling port playing host to a continual rotation of merchants and traders. But more relevant to its swift growth, is the wondrous forest and lake it was founded by.

The Faedark Forest is home to many secrets. Abandoned temples reside with in shadowed depths, built along ley lines of power and home to lost knowledge and armaments. The Forest itself teems with Fae magic, and houses a Fae court ruled by the Nymph Ambrosia. A spectral light emerges from the lake that offers arcane insight to those that study its gleam. Thus, the city calls more than merchants to it, but mages and explorers, druids and clerics.

As we begin...

Mercia recovers from the onslaught of demons that were summoned the powerful wizard known as the Dark Seer. Incarnus now shines with a unholy demonic mark, letting the world know that the barrier to access the powers of the abyss has been lessened.

The Dark Seer was originally known as Talyn, the diviner apprentice of the Archmage of the University, Lareed Ashlock. When the divination artifact, the Storm Orb, was retrieved from the Faedark, it was housed in the university, and Talyn abused his position to access the artifact. He opened himself up to the orb, and it poured forbidden knowledge and dark magics into him. The exact information passed to Talyn is unknown, but it resulted in an unhinged wizard with powerful summoning and divination magics at his disposal. He styled his new identity as the Dark Seer.

The Dark Seer murdered his master, and usurped his position in the university. He bound abyssal spirits in mortal bodies, and took many innocent lives. However, these actions were not without purpose, and the Dark Seer was able to complete a ritual to summon five demons wholly into the material plane. These demons sought powers housed within the hidden Sanctum of the samsaran Dormin. However, Vladimir, Raziel, and Irravin reached the Sanctum first and armed themselves with the artifacts therein, and destroyed the demons, utterly.

Now, Irravin and Vladimir return to the Divine Visage to report on what they have witnessed and to stand trial for having met with and aided the excommunicated leader of the Seraphic Eye, Zadan. Meanwhile, Raziel is left to protect the town amidst graverobbings and a changing Faedark.