Savage Adventures in the Dread Sea Dominions (Inactive)

Game Master Patrik Ström

Exciting adventures in the Dread Sea Dominons, using the Savage Worlds Rule set and Beasts and Barbarians campaign material

Four strangers wake in a prison cell with little or no recollection of how they got there. Savage adventures begin as a unknown man provides the means for their escape!

Savage Adventures in the Dread Sea Dominons

Setting Rules
Blood and guts (able to spend bennies on damage rolls)
Critical Failures (unable to spend a bennie to reroll a critical failure)
Joker’s Wild (everyone gets a bennie whenever a joker is drawn from the action deck)
Multiple languages (know smarts die/2 languages)

Prohibited edges and hindrances:

* Adept - As per the setting rules
* MacGyver - As per the setting rules
* Mentalist - As per the setting rules
* Mr. Fix It - As per the setting rules
* Rich and Very rich - Same reasoning as with the poverty hindrance. Better handled through the Noble edge
* Wizard - As per the setting rules

* All thumbs - As per the setting rules
* Doubting Thomas - As per the setting rules
* Enemy - While I think it's great if the character has an enemy I'm not confortable having it as a hinderance. A hinderance is something that should be a factor through out the game, and enemies can be dispatched. I don't want to jump through hoops to ensure that an enemy hindrance stays relevant, no matter what the characters do.
* Illiterate - As per the setting rules
* Poverty - As you start the game with the equiment you want (within reason), and being loose with your earnings is a setting trope, this isn't a good hindrance. It's better to take the Quirk hindrance with a "Can't hold on to money" trapping.

NPCs met
* Namuda - Fellow prisoner of the Red Sun Tavern from the Ivory Savannah
* Rika - Fellow prisoner of the Red Sun Tavern and dancer
* Cloaked stranger - provided means of escape from the Red Sun Tavern
* Janos - Gladiator of the Red Sun Tavern (deceased)
* Harak - The fat gang leader and owner of the Red Sun Tavern
* Marions - Emissary of the king of Teyerana (deceased)
* Old Makesh - Owner of Makesh Premium Beasts of Burden
* The King of Sand - Undead necromancer buried under the city of Teyerana (deceased)
* Erlik and Avad - Two brothers that work at Makesh establishment outside of Teyerana
* Tanya - Mother of Erlik and Avad, runs Makesh store outside of Teyerana
* Nekiros - Captain of the guard in Quollaba

Places seen
* Teyerana - Jewel of the Independent Cities
* The Red Sun Tavern - Place of operation for the gang of thugs known as The Red Hand of Teyerana
* The Red Desert - A vast wasteland that houses the desert city of Quollaba
* Quollaba - City of the Tyrant

Organisations known
The Red Hand - Group of slavers and thieves that operate in Teyerana