Savage Adventures in the Dread Sea Dominions (Inactive)

Game Master Patrik Ström

Exciting adventures in the Dread Sea Dominons, using the Savage Worlds Rule set and Beasts and Barbarians campaign material

Current Characters

Bella Tell

Female Human; Pace-6, Parry-8, Toughness-6, Charisma-4 Amazon - Seasoned (Bennies -4)

played by scranford (73 posts)
Hag Eye Ooze
DM Ström

played by Patrik Ström (188 posts)
DM Wellard

played by Wellard (7,151 posts)

Male Human Agility D8 Smarts D6 Strength D6 Spirit D8 Vigor D8 Seasoned Militant Monk

played by Wellard (77 posts)
Berserker Cannibal
Thresh Darkon

Stats Agility d8 Smarts d4 Spirit d4 Strength d10 Vigor d10 / Skills Fighting d12 Intimidation d8 Climb d6 Survival d6 Charisma -2, Pace 8, Parry 8 Toughness 9 Bennies 0

played by Aubster (137 posts)

Previous Characters

Shoanti Tribeswoman

Female / Female Human: Jambala Jaeg Descendent) and Deinonychus Saurian Shaman LVL 4

played by Corerue (799 posts)
Human on Flying Carpet

Male Human / Ivory Tribeman Seasoned [20xp]

played by mikeawmids (12 posts)
Gaius Gracci

half elf, Water child alt race trait Legalistic cursed Oracle of Waves 2

played by PoorWanderingOne (285 posts)

Previous NPCs

Shomari Kali

hobgoblin Ranger 1
Init +5; darkvision 60' Perc +5AC 15, t 13, f-f 12 (+3 Dex, +2 armor) hp 15/22 F+4, R+5, W +2

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