Redemption in the Dragon's Lair (Inactive)

Game Master Terquem

Can what was done, be undone?

You and your friends have seen better times. You’ve been together since your very first adventure. In those times, you worked well together, supported each other, made friendships, built bonds, and grew to understand each other’s idiosyncrasies. That was then.

This is now. It seems like one disaster after another has befallen your group. You’ve been lost, run out of supplies, spent all of the monies you’ve earned and squandered the treasures you’ve found. Tensions grow. What once was calculated and efficient now falls apart into bickering and misunderstanding. And it all began when one of you was left behind.
Whose fault was it? No one really knows. You don’t often talk about it.

He was a friend, a companion, a simple but courageous fighter, and he was always determined to see the best in the rest of you. But now he is gone, left as dead when the rest of you had to run. You could have gone back, maybe you should have gone back, but you didn’t and now you can’t. It has been six months, and things are only getting worse.

But can there be redemption? Can you learn to work together again? Is there a task that might re forge the bonds that were broken?

Yes. Yes there can be redemption. You always believed it, and now it has come.

You have been wandering the fringes of civilization searching, hoping, waiting, and now you have come to a small village with a big problem.
Just outside of the village is a vast swamp, and in the center of this swamp is another temple. It is a temple similar to “that” one, where it all went wrong. Like that other temple, this one has fallen into ruin and disrepair, and has become the lair of a young Green Dragon.

The villagers have told you that her name is Ophelia Tharenaxeen. She has recently made her presence known. She is rallying the denizens of the swamp to worship her and rebuild the temple in her name.

If this is, as it seems to be, a temple like the one where you left behind your friend, then it must have the same kind of pool, the pool that grants a wish, at a terrible price. He paid that price, and you all benefitted from the wish.