Razor Coast Texas Style!

Game Master brvheart

Razor Coast, a devil’s paradise, where a man’s fortune can bleed out quicker than a spitted pig, and where the dawn sky blazes across endless oceans. Oceans that for centuries hid a lost people of whom legend whisper were born into these wild reaches as the sons of sharks. Here, within in the kraken’s clutches, law means little while gold breaks all boundaries and blood, pearls, and rum pay for all sin.

The Veiled Isle
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As will be revealed in the upcoming Frog God Games campaign setting The Lost Lands, Port Shaw and the Razor Coast exist upon the world known as Lloegyr. The coastland that comprises the Razor Coast and its environs lies due south of the primary continent, Akados. To the east of Akados, across the Irkainian Isthmus, lies the continent of Libynos. Between and south of them sits Great Oceanus in whose southern reaches is the stretch of water known as the Razor Sea. The Razor Sea’s western extremity is the Razor Coast, from which the sea takes its name (and vice versa). Many islands dot the Razor Sea as one sails due east.

Rule the Razor you say? A fool’s ambition. The subtleties and perils of this realm are manifold. Land and sea murder at the whim of ancient gods. Men’s smiles hide a thousand knives. Those fooled into
believing that the Kraken’s tentacles are more fearsome than its insidious and far‑reaching schemes soon find themselves cruelly
enlightened – usually moments before calamity claims their souls. The Razor is too vast, its terrors too multitudinous, for even the bravest adventurer to conquer. It won’t stop them from trying though, and that means good business for me. I thank the gods daily for sending so many
fools into this world.

— Saldrin Seaheart,
local guide and purveyor of “adventuring supplies”

Campaign map
Razor Coast.

House Rules
1) Character creation:
A) Characters will be created with a 25 point buy.
B) Classes and weapons are restricted to European only.
C) Classes are Core Only, plus Inquisitor, Swashbuckler, and Alchemist. I might consider Gunslinger, but the gun powder rules are the simplified rules of Razor Coast and not Ultimate Combat.
D) Sources: Core Rules, Advanced Players Guide, Ultimate Combat and Ultimate Magic after 5th level on DM approval on a case by case basis only. Additional Sources: Freebooter's Guide, A Brace of Pistols, Book of Magic Pirate Spells, 101 Pirate and Privateer Traits, Fire As She Bears, Pirates of the Inner Sea, Heart of the Jungle, Inner Sea World Guide, Isle of the Shackles and Dead Man's Chest.
E) Races per Core rules only and Tulita.

2) Fumbles: Rolling a natural 1 in combat will result in a fumble ending the player action for the turn.
3) Skill checks.
A) Rolling a natural 1 on a skill check results in a -10 to the check.
B) Rolling a natural 20 on a skill check results in a +10 to the check.
4) Initiative: Rolling a natural 1 results in an initiative of a 1.
5) Area of Affect Spells:
A) The action of combat is considered a dance, therefore when an area of affect spell affects enemies that are in melee combat with adjacent characters they are considered to be in the area of affect.
B) Exceptions: Some spells are done on a line affect such as a lightning bolt and thus will not affect adjacent characters. Also the feat shape spell can shape the spell to only affect certain squares. Also spells that only affect squares do not affect adjacent squares.
6) Surprise Attacks: Amended back to RAW.***
7) Hit points: Reroll all natural 1's on hit point rolls. Barbarians can reroll all 1's and 2's.
8) Cure spells: If the die/dice are all natural 1's, reroll.
9) I don't take 10 or 20.
10) Dispel Magic I am rule 0ing Dispel magic back to the 10 level limit. If you want more than that, use Greater Dispel.

Simplified Guns in Razor Coast:

Gun Powder.