PbP Gameday VII - #6-10 Wounded Wisp - GM NOWRUZ (Inactive)

Game Master noral

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Start Aug 13

PbP Gameday VII

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I'd like to sign up for this.
Lvl 1 tatterdemalion witch

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Signing up with Velthas Hindrath.

Level 1 Swashbuckler, Half-Elf (Building towards Swash-vestigator)


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Got a 2nd level Unchained Rogue for consideration....

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Kala, human Hunter 1, and her trusty wolverine, Stinky, are intrigued by this opportunity.

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got a sorc i want to play...will be second game....in game atm...

Just FYI: Preference will be given to players that have neither played nor GMed this scenario before.

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Hi it's my first time playing pbp I'm Zoltan 1lvl human slayer

Sovereign Court

ok I've played AND run this.

I'll drop out to make way for new people.

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have not participated in this at all

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Verdant Taleweaver wrote:

ok I've played AND run this.

I'll drop out to make way for new people.

I will do likewise as I have played it a couple of times...

Nix, Kala, Velthan and Zoltan - as you have not played this scenario before YOU ARE IN! ;-)

Please Nina Dot in the gameplay.

Two more seats available for players that have not played this scenario before.

For those that have played this scenario: See my Sep 1 or Sep 15 games.

Liberty's Edge

I'd like to play. I haven't played or GM'd it before.

This is my 2nd level halfling cavalier but I also have a Spiritualist and Sorcerer that are 2nd level and a handful of 1st levels if having a 2nd level in will mess up the game balance.

Reggie you are in! Level 1 or 2 is your choice.
One more seat.

Liberty's Edge

Thanks! I've dotted and deleted. Looking forward to the game!

Scarab Sages

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Rayanoushyant Basar
Wizard (Evoker) 1

One more seat to fill.

Reggie, Nix, Kala, Velthan and Zoltan!

Please already jump into the Gameplay and introduce your character including a description.

Game will start in Aug 13.

One more seat available.

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<Witch-king of Angmar voice>

Am looking for action.....

Mystery agent #119488-16
Guardian lvl 1.

Great to have you in the game!

Jump into the gameplay.

We are complete!

Grand Lodge

Thank you. :)


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