Pathfinder Endless Encounters Thread

Game Master Gilthanis

New Players Thread:

Pathfinder Encounters is a pool of players and GMs who run short single-elaborate-encounter microadventures. Anyone who wants to can make a level one character (using the character creation below) and add themselves to the waiting list to get into a game by posting in the recruitment thread requesting this using an alias for that character. You will not be added to the list without a finished character (although you can still make some changes in the period after you're on the list but before your first game). People interested in GMing are encouraged to post to the Discussion section. Once you have completed an adventure and leveled your character up, you can re-add them to the list and go on another.

Because of how the waiting list works, you will usually be adventuring with a different group of characters each encounter rather than a set party. You will also likely swap between different GMs each adventure.

Instead of handing out XP, characters level up every time they successfully complete a micro-adventure. In this way the game is sort of like mini-pathfinder.

The encounters will be challenging, and permanent character death is a possibility.


Campaign Info: New player orientation, character creation, waiting list, special rules, adventure links.
Recruitment: Posting of completed aliases to be added to the waiting list, character creation questions.
Gameplay: Crafting, shopping, duels, Tavern RP, and other in-character scenes not part of an encounter.
Discussion: Discussing the games, or any other dumb thing in your head.

Character Creation & Leveling:

Characters are level 1.
Any core, base or advanced class by paizo.
Any core or featured race by paizo, or if found on
Any paizo alternate racial traits/alternate classes, or found on
25 point buy.
Any alignment.
Up to two traits from two different categories (like PFS).
200 GP starting gear.
You can have as much or as little backstory as you want, and you are under no obligation for it to make sense, but I am going to ask for a minimum of a single-sentence in-character quotation.

Upon attaining a new level, you can of course multi-class if you deem so, still obeying the rules above of Pazio only. Hit Points can A) be rolled, in the discussion tab, and if you roll a 1, you are given a one time re-roll. If you roll another 1, then the dice gods deem it so :) or B) you take 1/2+1+con.

Magic Items & Loot:

We use wealth by level as a guideline for placing loot, but the rule with magic items is you get what you get. A character could, at any given moment, be over or undergeared for their level based on their performance and luck.

Characters, obviously, are allowed to keep all loot they acquire over the course of an adventure. Magic Items acquired this way can be handled one of various of ways:

1) the item can be sold to a generic vendor (aka Rifikki) for 1/2 Fair Market Value (FMV), with revenue divided amongst PCs from that adventure

2) The item can be sold to another PC for an agreed upon price between the two PC involved with the revenue divided amongst PCs from that adventure

3) I (Rifikki), can roll % one time for you to see if a random adventurer wants to buy it off you, for an amount agreed upon by you and I. This % is as low as 5% for odd or exotic to a max of 20% for common magic items.

These options are solely for magical good only. Masterwork/alchemical/mundane items are excluded from this rule

Mundane/alchemical/masterwork items if not sold to another PC ate simply sold for 1/2 FMV.

Additionally, random magic items will occasionally be made for sale in the Gameplay thread, where characters with sufficient gold can buy them (on a first come, first served basis). Your character can still make such purchases while still in an encounter, but they do not get access to them until they are between encounters.

Finally crafting is available and highly encouraged. Enterprising PCs could make a mint making custom magic items to order for other PCs.

GMing for Prizes!!:

Anyone can GM, but you need to make your intentions known in Discussion first if you have never GMed before, so you can receive the sage council of your elders before embarking on your first quest. Once people understand that you plan to start a game you can "tap" a number of players (usually 5, but it's your call). You should take players first come, first served in the order they appear on the waiting list. You can skip over players only to keep everyone within two levels of one another.

Adventures should consist of one elaborate encounter. They should be designed to skip directly to the interesting bit and then play quickly. If the adventure were a movie, we're just playing the climax.


First time GM:

To encourage new people to GM, the first time you do so you "bank" a level. You can use the banked level to add a level to any of your characters as long as they are no in an adventure currently. This level can be saved for as long as you want. You only bank a level the first time you GM and only when the complete the adventure, not when you begin it.

Repeat GM:

Every time after that when you complete an adventure you gain another 1/2 (.5) XP credit that you can bank. So for every 2 games as GM, you gain another banked level.


In the previous thread, we discussed about crafting items and the cash flow disparity between that and adventuring. I am not going to go into it, but simply state the rule we have agreed upon.

Every time a person starts a new scenario, all other PC players NOT in the scenario may roll their profession or craft a total of 8 times and follow the rules in the core book to simulate their ability to make money. This is to ensure people are able to maintain a source of income when not adventuring.

(Example: Whack-a-Rogue starts an adventure. My PC, Riggar doesn't go. So I than get to roll my craft (1d20+15). Craft states that I can make 1/2 my check in gp per week if work. I roll 10+15=25/2=12.5gp. Let's say I somehow roll three more 10s, netting me a total of 12.5*4=50 gold total)

If there are any questions, don't hesitate to ask

Encounter Design Simplified

Wealth By Level Chart

Magic Item Creation:

Bartleby: wondrous item, potion, scroll, rings, arms/armor
Riggar: arms/armor