{PFS} {PBP} {LVL 11 - 13} Tide of Honor (Jade Regent book 5, sanctioned portion) (Inactive)

Game Master FiddlersGreen

Seinaru Heikiko


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Minkai is an empire currently on its knees. The Jade Regent has twisted the ruling government to cater to his despotic whims, and throughout the realm the people suffer. An uprising is being planned to make a stand against the tyrant and liberate Minkai, but first the people behind the uprising must earn the trust of the people of Minkai and recruit aid from across the beleaguered empire—all the while dodging murderous oni and deadly ninjas controlled by the Five Storms.

The Pathfinder Society sees in this an opporunity - the current regime has little interest in the Pathfinder Society and is dis-inclined to tolerate the presence of Pathfinder agents within its borders. If the Society can aid the uprising in removing the despot from power and establishing a new regime sympathetic to the Society, Minkai could become a valuable staging point for many expeditions throughout Tian Xia with valuable support flowing from the ruling government. However, this will need to be done in secret, for if the uprising should fail, the Society must be able to deny any association with the uprising, lest it face repercussions from an entire nation.

To that end, the society is seeking a team comprised of its most experienced agents and its newest Seekers (levels 11 to 13) to handle this delicate mission. Who will answer the call?

Namidakame Lagoon
The Shadow Dungeon