[PFS] DM Kludde's ongoing soul harvesting: recruitment for Low-Level PFS games (Inactive)

Game Master Kludde


Continuous recruitment for PFS games. Sign up for games in the list above. Please only sign up for one game at a time, so everybody gets a go.

Current waiting list - add your own PC to this list to join the queue

I've changed the DMK waiting as we knew it, because it didn't seem to function all that well.

Right now, I've made a list of upcoming games and a best estimate for when they'll start. If you're interested in joining, please sign with your player name.

I'll announce it in this thread when a game starts. If you want to keep track, the best way is to leave a message in the gameplay thread, so that this campaign show up on your 'my campaigns' tab (allowing you to track the thread more easily).