Once Upon a Time in Golarion

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A Kingmaker game with an emphasis on politics and the mundane

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Lair of the Tatzlwyrms


Events in Restov, between the 23rd and 25th of Calistril.:

  • Saved the life of a would-be thief from a Chelaxian party.
  • Acquired a charter for the Stolen Lands.
  • Defeated one of the men sent to capture Kalima and brought him to justice.
  • Defused a violent situation related to Paval's mysterious past.
  • Accepted a task assigned by the abadarian Vicar in Restov.

    The party made contacts in the city that may come handy in the future:

  • Neko: The mayor's assistant.
  • Madame Vika: A innkeeper and retired adventurer.
  • The Kegbusters: An Adventure Company dedicated to Caiden Caylean.
  • Arisl'arial Tathmir: A librarian in the employ of a Swordlord.

    They also made an important enemy:

  • Baroness Althea Thrune: A Chelaxian noble and adventurer.
  • ACT I - Stolen Lands

    3rd of Pharast:

  • Kalima attacked the bandits in Oleg's Trading Post, initiating conflict.
  • The party met Svetlana and her husband Oleg; Ahto tended to his wounds and earned his gratitude.
  • The party interrogated Sams, one of the bandits. He said the bandits' camp was southwest of Oleg's.
  • Aurelius decided to stay behind to help keep Oleg's safe from retaliation.
  • In exchange for his life, Sams joined the party, offering his martial might to their cause.
  • On their first excursion, the party defeated a group of bandits with help from Teuni-Hexa
  • The four bandits, having survived the fight, swore an oath of servitude in return for sparing their lives.
  • Returning to Oleg's Trading Post, the party was joined by a group of mercenaries sent by Swordlord Keonig, including old friend Arisl'arial Tathmir
  • Wonky was able to improve Kesten Garess's mood and befriend him, although something seems to be troubling him.
  • 4th of Pharast:

  • Paval and Ahto gave messages to Svetlana to send north with next merchant; Wonky likewise put in requests for gear.
  • Party rode south to Thorn River bandit camp
  • Discovering that the camped bandits were still intoxicated after nipping into their stores overnight, Ahto ordered the gang to surrender. Spurred by their leader, the cruel Kressle, the bandits defended their camp.
  • After a battle that saw Sams badly wounded, the bandits were defeated, with Kressle and three of her men taken prisoner. Their gear and loot were confiscated, and the prisoners were transported back to the trading post.
  • Two of the bandits swore an oath of servitude, but Kressle and the bandit Nashe remained defiant. After a heated moment where it seemed the bandit woman might duel the lizardman Hexa in a trial by combat, she was cowed by Ahto's righteous ultimatum.
  • Kressle and Nashe were executed. Hexa carried the bodies away to put them to the pyre, still confused by the scaleless' law.
  • 5th of Pharast:

  • The day was spent tending to the trading post, including cutting and splitting lumber and relocating a wasp's nest.
  • Hexa and Aris had a private conversation to address their mutual apprehensions.
  • 6th of Pharast:

  • Oleg tells the party about Svetlana's uncle and brother who believed that some old Iobarian labyrinth is buried somewhere beneath the Greenbelt. Evidently, Lord Garess also seeks the ruins.
  • The party travels south to the mites' lair, finding it buried among the roots of an old, giant sycamore tree.
  • Fighting through the cramped tunnels, the party defeats the mite chieftain and the tribe's giant verminous pets, breaking the tribe's morale.
  • The party rescues Mikmek, the last survivor of a captured kobold warband. He tells the party about his tribe's war with the mites. He also shares his fears about Tartuk, the shaman secretly controlling the Sootscale Tribe with the threat of "The Curse of Sharptooth."
  • Mikmek secures a promise from the party to restore the balance of power within his tribe.
  • 7th of Pharast:

  • Ahto awakes feeling sick, having contracted Red Ache from a bite during the battle with the mite chieftain's giant tick.
  • Mikmek leads the party to the Sootscale Tribe's cave inside an old Taldan silver mine.
  • Following an introduction with the tribe's leader, Chief Sootscale, the "warband" and the kobold tribe confront Tartuk, the usurper shaman.
  • Before he is knocked unconscious, Tartuk speaks in Gnomish, sparking curiosity in the party. Chief Sootscale feigns smashing Tartuk's skull to reassert his dominance before the tribe, then allows the party to remove the shaman and claim his "bad magics."
  • Making camp for the night on the trip back, the party questions Tartuk and learns he was a gnome reincarnated as a kobold. This drastic, hated change seemingly kindled a madness in him, leading Tartuk to seek revenge against gnomes and kobolds alike.
  • After Wonky and Ahto questioned him, Tartuk was put to the blade.
  • Hexa's hunting foray was foiled when a wyvern swooped down and scattered the herd of elk he had tracked, though the beast did not notice the hidden lizardman.
  • 8th-17th of Pharast:

    While awaiting word from Restov, the party begins to more thoroughly map the region and makes a few discoveries:
  • Patch of wild Moon Radishes
  • A thicket of rare Fangberries
  • A vein of gold ore
  • The nest of a giant trapdoor spider

  • Upon returning to Oleg's, the party is greeted by a small merchant caravan from Restov, bearing goods and letters from home.
  • Mid to Late Pharast:

  • Jhod Kavken, a disgraced priest of Erastil, arrives at the trading post. To redeem himself, he hopes to restore a lost temple he has seen in visions, and he asks the party for help locating it. In a few days' time, spurred by Kavken's clearer visions, the party escorts him into the forest and they put to rest the monstrous guardian. Kavken stays behind to begin restoring the Temple of the Elk.
  • The party continues fixing up the trading post and building a new bunkhouse as a storm rolls in. A strange man, delirious with fever, turns up before the post's gates after the storm. A few days later, they discover he is in fact the Stag Lord, the former bandit king of the Greenbelt. With support by a new benefactor, his men mutinied against him.
  • Acting on reports that the bandits, joined by mercenaries, have formed an army to attack the trading post, the party rides south to investigate the threat. They find the enemy force camped at a river crossing.
  • The enigmatic Vermilion Vixen, hidden among the enemy's scout patrol, joins the party and helps them defeat four of the mercenaries.
  • The party brings three captives back for interrogation, including the arrogant summoner Baldar and the disgraced Abadaran, Barris Volklev. The party also gets to know the woman behind the Vixen's mask, Addy Lane.