NotEspi's 'Clash in Kaimuko Wood' [PbP Gameday VII] (Table A) (Inactive)

Game Master NotEspi

On a recent foray into Kwanlai, the Pathfinder Society learned that a conniving being from the Abyss has been targeting righteous communities on the border between the tengu nation and Tianjing to the south.

Maps & Handouts

Init / Perc:

[dice=Faerin Boulderstep]1d20 + 2[/dice]
[dice=Chak Chak]1d20 + 2[/dice]
[dice=Li-Shuo]1d20 + 6[/dice]
[dice=Phosdlon]1d20 + 3[/dice]
[dice=Stugbu]1d20 + 2[/dice]
[dice=Tarragon the Golden]1d20 + 1[/dice]

[dice=Faerin Boulderstep]1d20 + 7[/dice]
[dice=Chak Chak]1d20 + 11[/dice]
[dice=Li-Shuo]1d20 + 13[/dice]
[dice=Phosdlon]1d20 + 5[/dice]
[dice=Stugbu]1d20 - 1[/dice]
[dice=Tarragon the Golden]1d20 + 7[/dice]

Amara Li's Letter:
Honored Pathfinders and treasured colleagues,
I received an urgent request from an old friend of our Society, the samurai Shiyo Takarak of the Way of the Kirin. To my surprise, she has been working with another, more recently acquired friend of the Society: an archon of Heaven named Zepha. The two, it seems, have been pursuing leads discovered by one of our Society’s previous expeditions into the Kimu Mountains. Clearly impressed with their previous interactions with our colleagues, the two have asked for skilled Pathfinders to lead an expedition into Tianjing to follow the trail of evidence further. This is an excellent opportunity to strengthen our ties with both the Way of the Kirin and the archon. It also provides an opportunity to explore some of Tianjing and perhaps some of its ancient celestial-inspired architecture, arts, and philosophies. Zepha and Shiyo are in Kwanlai’s capital, Hisuikarasu, planning the expedition. Meet them there in the private room of the Gilded Lotus Teahouse.

With Regards,
Venture-Captain Amara Li


Tai Dan - Gained, Unused
Toko - Gained, Unused
Naki - Not gained
Aasimar Tokens - 2x earned, none used

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