Mummy's Mask: Osirion reclaims its Own

Game Master stormcrow27

Mummy's Mask creation rules

Character creation rules and allowed books
Any Paizo classes or races. I've run or have had people run most of the stock races, plus the more powerful things like noble drow, etc. If you run one of the more high point races (30 points or more), you will have a 1 level deficit that you will have to overcome with XP. AKA buying ECL as they say.
Allowed 3rd party/3.5
In the Company of Dragons, Fey, Angels, etc from Rite Publishing. I have most of these, and they are essentially monster classes that allow you to have the ability to run or play giants, dragons, angels, medusae, etc.
Most classes and/races off pfsrd20 with the exception of the artificer. That class is too cumbersome and broken given the magic Conversion#1
Yes Truenamer from Interjection Games
Yes Cartomancer from the same
Yes Tarot Mage from the 3.0 Tarot Mage supplement
All classes from the Occult Book by Radiance Games (IE Binders for everyone!)
Any 3.5 Prestige class or class. If I find good Paizo board or web versions, I'll post them here.
The Pathfinder version of the disciple of metal prestige class! Play a heavy metal bard and kick some tail!
3.5 Feats on a case by case basis.item construction abilities.
Yes Psionics both systems (Paizo and Dreamscarred Press).
Yes Path of War
Yes Tome of Magic Classes (Binder and Shadowcaster). The shadowcaster will probably use the conversions on Paizo's site here.
3rd party feats the same.
No gestalt. While I am insane, I'm not that insane to try to modify stuff to that level.
Alignment any based on a proper matchup. I don't want in party fighting to destroy a game before it starts.

Advancement speed based on the AP
Starting level 1
Ability creation roll 4d6, reroll 1s and 2s.
Max HP first level
Gold roll
You can use Ultimate Campaign for your background.
Traits 2. 1 must be from the Mummy's Mask or People of the Sands or Osirion related material.