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Season 1 - Shadows of the Past

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The Isle of Cadranite, a land of many mysteries and peoples. Settled thousands of years ago by refugees fleeing the war torn land of Seldenak, it has become a haven for all seeking a new life. No single form of government rules the island; in fact, it is dotted with several towns of various sizes. Each town has its own system of rule, and for the most part, everyone gets along. The largest settlement in the land is Freeport, a bustling metropolis that provides trade between Cadranite and all the other lands of the world. In addition to the settlements, assorted ruins dot the landscape, drawing many people to them to explore.

The geography of the land is rather quite unique. At the northern tip lies the Talon Mountains, and within its peaks are the Dragon Caves, where the Silver and White dragons live. On the eastern portion, exists the Jeweled Plains, names so because of the three lakes at the center that mysteriously produce various gems throughout the year. In western Cadranite, there is a massive forest known as Wealdis and a swamp known as the Black Marsh. Finally, in the south lies the Izzod Badlands, a vast labyrinth of canyons that provides protection to the Endless Mines.

Current Year: 3026 P.M. (Post-Migration)

Cadranite Character Stuff

Elven Culture:

History: When the Forest Mother set forth to create the mortal races, she first picked up several strips of bark that had fallen from a tree, turned them seven times in her hands, and transformed them into a graceful beings with long hair like the autumn leaves and long elegant pointed ears. These became known as the First Elves. Over the next century, she nurtured their love for beauty and song, weaving it into the very fiber of their being. Her teachings became the very core of Elven society.
When Cardus came and first taught them how to forge weapons, their work was still very elegant and took much of its inspiration from the natural world. Then Zarana came along, showed them the true Art of Metalworking, and then their crafts truly became a wonder to behold.
Then came the event known as The Migration. It was a time when many Elven clans felt an irresistible pull towards other lands. Leaving their homes in the forest, these clans left to find new ones. Some moved to the coast and beyond, some moved to the mountains, and still some went underground. Over time, each of these adapted to their new environment, creating several diverse sub-races.

Culture: Elven culture is one of art and beauty. Almost every surface elf is good at some form self-expression. Everyday life is filled with sound of singing, music, and other sounds of crafting. And every year on the summer solstice, the Elves gather for a large celebration that lasts two to three days. There is a saying that goes, ‘When an Elf doesn’t sing, it’s time to worry.’

Lands: Practically anywhere, but most prefer to stick to the forests.

Magic: Like their culture, Elven magic is very melodious and full of rhythm. Every syllable is specifically chosen for a desired effect.


One of two mortals to ascend to god-hood, this elderly man devoted his life to letting other experience the pure joy of sailing the sea that he did. The craftsmanship of every single one of his ships was unique. Upon ascending to Immortality, the goddess Zarana gave him a special hammer and chisel to continue his craft for the gods.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Domains: Artifice, Travel, Liberation, Air

Known as: The Eternal Shipwright, Master of the Seas and Sailor of the Stars.

This god was born from the chaos that set forth the world. Cardus was the first to recognize the mortal’s potential for greatness. Sneaking some fire from Zarana’s forge, the god brought it to primitive mortals and taught them to forge weapons and take hold of their own destiny. But the mortal’s killer instinct was stronger than the god thought. Soon, the intelligent races began slaughtering one another without mercy. Seeing what he had done, the other gods charged Cardus with guardianship of the domain of war. His task is to moderate the mortal’s killer instinct and let no one race to get the upper hand.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Domains: War, Strength, Chaos, Protection

Known as: God of War, The Guardian of Strife, The Reluctant Liberator

Also known as the Maiden of Lust, Deja’s appetite for lovers is quite insatiable. Born from the brief union of the Lord of Luck and the Lady of Nightmares, she learned early on how manipulation could get her almost anything she wanted. This led her to gather a vast array of knowledge, most of which she secreted away. Upon reaching maturity, her hunger began to shift towards more physical gratification. Her first lover was Cardus, the God of War, but she was not satisfied and sought out others, mostly mortals. As a result, several mortal bloodlines have a spark of divine within them, awaiting the time when one of the offspring of the Maiden shall arise as her heir.

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Domains: Charm, Trickery, Evil, Knowledge

Known as: The Maiden of Lust, Princess of the Night, The Last Born

The first born of the child gods, specifically the goddess Inadara, Aruuc spent most of his time with the animals of the forest. Running with the deer, howling with the wolves, soaring with the eagles, experiencing freedom in a way few mortals dared dream. Then the First Winter came, and the Mortal Races struggled to survive without their crops. Taking pity on his Mother’s creations, Aruuc showed a select few how to hunt, they became the Wardens Prime, charged with protecting and serving their respective communities. Given a code of honor, these men and women have carried out their sacred duty for centuries.

Alignment: Neutral

Domains: Animal, Community, Nobility, Plant

Known as: The First Hunter, The Eldest, Light of Winter

This son of Mara is the keeper of the secrets of magic, both arcane and divine. In one meditation that lasted fifty years, Faluun developed the Runes, a system of magical writing utilized by all races, in one form or another. Over the last few centuries, this god came to realize that Cardus was slipping away. Faluun came to the conclusion that without a proper opponent, the God of War’s mind was shattering. So he approached Cardus and offered a solution. In taking some of the responsibility of war, it would provide the maddening god a way to keep his wits focused. After all, a warrior’s mind must be as sharp as the sword he wields.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Domains: Magic, Knowledge, Rune, Sun

Known as: The Divine Mage, The Immortal Scribe, The Master of Strategy

When the forests of the world first started to bloom, one unique flower grew within the heart of the largest. Upon opening up, a beautiful woman arose from the center. This woman was the goddess Inadara. Falling in love with the beauty of the forest, she made it her home, and within its depths she created the Fey and all of the mortal races.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Domain: Good, Healing, Earth, Water

Known as: The Forest Mother, Queen of the Fey, The Life Spring

Among the Chaos that bore the world, there was Order. And from that order came the goddess Mara, the Crone of Destiny. Once all had settled, this goddess took it upon herself to bring it all to heel. She created the checks and balances that keep the world and the entire universe in working order. But the burden was becoming too much to bear, so she created her son, Faluun to assist. When mortals appeared and began dying, Mara took it upon herself to create another plane for their wandering souls to go, The Eternal Kingdom. Soon, however, she realized that this new plane would be thrown into chaos if she didn’t assign souls to their proper place. When someone dies, she weighs their soul on her Scales of Fate. Afterwards, Mara passes judgment upon them and assigns to their proper place.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Domain: Death, Repose, Glory, Law

Known as: The Crone of Destiny, The Law Giver, The Grey Lady

Amidst the Chaos of the beginning, there arose a darkness. In the center of that darkness spawned Sindora, the Lady of Nightmares. Before coming forth into the light, the goddess’ mind went mad, causing her to become unpredictable. Despite her insanity, Sindora is still a very tricky in her manipulations. Those tricks are how she seduced Andros into a brief marriage to her, later giving birth to Deja. After the birth of her daughter, she found a new favorite pastime, whispering in mortals ears as they slept and giving them disturbing dreams. The other gods could no longer tolerate her behavior, so they imprisoned her back into the darkness from whence she came, however, the whispers have never stopped.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Domains: Darkness, Madness, Chaos, Death

Known as: Lady of Nightmares, The Imprisoned One, The Mad Mistress

From the Order that brought forth Mara, there came another goddess, Zarana. But unlike her sister, this goddess used the Chaos to build order, by harnessing the fire within it and creating the Forge. With it, Zarana began creating all matter of metalwork and even a few metals that never existed. After Cardus had stolen some fire and showed the mortals the art of the forging weapons, Zarana came and showed them the true arts of metalworking. Since that time she has been the patron goddess smiths and craftsmen. Every year, one the winter solstice, Zanara forges and new sun, and her nephew Faluun gives it light and on the next morning, they release it into the sky.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Domains: Sun, Fire, Earth, Artifice

Known as: Goddess of the Forge, The Fire Heart, The Flame Guard

The second the mortal to achieve immortality, although nobody knows how exactly, or even who it was. All anyone knows about this entity is that it seems to be pure rage, and yet there seems to be a method behind its random acts of violence. Although it does have mastery over storms, it does not cause all of them. The ones it does however, leave behind some sort of strange rune that fades after five days. No one has ever figured what the runes are for, all that’s known is that for those five days, the ground is unholy.

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Domains: Weather, Destruction, Evil, Rune

Known as: The Vengeful Storm, The Unknown, The Dark One

This gods origin, as Darjuu’s, is wildly unknown. Some say that before the Chaos, Andros made a wager that let himself come into existence. That is one vice of Andros, gambling. Sindora even made a wager that she won, and because the Lord of Luck never backs down from a wager, he married her. Later he discovered that she cheated, and left her, but never neglected the daughter they had together.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Domains: Luck, Nobility, Charm, Travel

Known as: Lord of Luck, Prince of Chance, The Honest Gambler



Elven = Latin
Dwarven = Greek
Orc = Welsh
Catfolk = Swahili
Celestial = Hebrew