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Although the bandits lead by this "Stag Lord" are perhaps the largest threat currently facing Oleg's Trading Post and the Greenbelt, there are other concerns as well that Oleg and Svetlana explain to the group.

  • "There is a tribe of kobolds that live somewhere Kamelands, the hills South of the Trading Post that have recently become a threat. Usually they've kept to themselves, and I know a few traders have made arrangements with them. Of late, though, something's got them riled up and they've been reported to be aggressive. If you find them and deal with them, there's a substantial reward offered. From the size of the reward, I'm guessing it's more than trinkets they've been trading." Oleg glowers a bit in thought. "The merchant group that's offering the reward wasn't specific if 'deal with' meant 'negotiate' or 'kill', though knowing them they'd settle for either one."

  • "There is an agressive boar called Tuskgutter that lived deep in the Narlmarches. He's been a bit of a local legend, but the past year he's maimed several hunters. Vekkel Benzen lost his leg to the beast last fall, and has made the offer to give up his prized bow and half dozen magic arrows for anyone that can bring back the boar's head."

  • Svetlana pulls Raven and Elvara aside and whispers away from her husband and the rest of the men-folk. "I know that getting rid of the bandits is the most imporant thing to making things safe around here, but if you're traveling into the Narlmarches anyway, can you do something for me? Less than a day's South West, in the shadow of Eagle Rock there's a patch of Moonradishes. I'd really appreciate it, and I'd even set aside some trade goods to give to offer one of the hunters if they got them for me." She brushes some of her long blonde hair behind her ear and gives a conspiriatorial grin. "Don't tell Oleg though"