Keiga's Jade Regent

Game Master Keiga3

Campaign Rules

Have fun and keep the game flowing

No player vs player kills

All Paizo Pathfinder books are allowed. Advanced Race Guide must be approved. Gunslinger class is locked at creation, but levels will be allowed later if you pursue it. The only feats not allowed at the moment are Clustered Shots and Feral Combat Training. Anything WotC or third party is discouraged and will need persuasive lobbying.

Have fun

There is no such thing as “winning” or “losing” when it comes to RP. If you are RP’ing, and enjoying time with friends, you are already winning. We are creating a story together.

All players are required to have a DETAILED backstory, (that makes sense w skills and traits selected…) or they will not be cleared to play. All players are required to have backstory and character sheet posted online at all times.

Keep combat (and decisions) as fluid as possible. Bonuses and the occasional hero point will be rewarded for fluid action and decision making.

I will be rewarding XP for responsive posts in combat. I do not want combat to span months and months of the PBP, so the faster we get out of combat in real time, the more XP you get for getting out of the situation.

As with my tabletop games, players may add a +1 to any attack roll in which they vividly describe the action.

I will hold you to your character’s “flaws.” What an absolutely flat game we would have if everyone was 18 and above at everything. Your character “weakness” is just as important as your “strength.” I will reward good RP of your flaws.