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To build a new world, gods were stolen.
World of Izopa
Dawn of Worlds Rules
Age of Ancients

Dawn of worlds style world-building. Please when adding features to the map note them in the Key.
Please only edit what your action states.
Working world map
If anyone would be interested in making a proper map when we are done or in a particular age feel free and please share it with us.

House Rules:
Points per turn will be 3d6, although once per Age a god may roll 5d6.
There will be 5 Ages:

Age of Origin, Focused on shaping the world and the local cosmos
[Turn time=none/eons]

Age of Ancients, Focused on more world-shaping and precursor races(to be extremely rare or extinct by the last age)
[Turn time=Millennium]

Age of Tribes, Focused on the birth of races and ancient orders
[Turn time=Century]

Age of War, Focused on the interaction and growth of races
[Turn time=Decade to Century]

Age of Kings, Focused on the finishing touches
[Turn Time=Year to Decade]

Age of Heroes, The age the world is left in by the gods.

The one inch description is to be replaced by one Hex. Also A river may be laid along several Hexes provided it is no longer than six hex sides in length.

Chosen Deities:
Hexavos, God of Origin

Or'Nassin, God of the Ocean, Cold, and Aquatics
Fel Shadowhoof, Goddess of the Wyld, Dark Dancer, Mistress of Madness

Valis, Goddess of beauty, creation, and freedom

"The Leviathan", God of Betrayal, Nightmares, Mazes and Fashion

Yidhra, Goddess of Paradoxes, Dreams, Knowledge, and the Unknown

Nar'Shuun, First among the Damned, Apostle of Possession and the Bargainer

Caysin, The Laughing Blade, The One Among us, The White Rose



Status: First Race (literally as old as time)

Created by: The Leviathan at the dawn of time, with the aid of Hexavos.

Physical features: The Vosarii are a symbiotic race, a fungal creature that infects humanoids. A degree of knowledge is transmitted during infection, meaning that the race effectively lacks a juvenile stage. The humanoid currently infected is pre-sentient (basically homo-erectus)
While not a feature per se each Vosarum is intrinsically tied to an extra-dimensional realm they can enter at will. These realms are linked in a para-plane known as The Labyrinth. From inside a realm other Vosarum can travel to the location of the linked individual. Most Vosarum therefore take care to defend their soul-homes, often using their engineering and enchanting knowledge to create traps.

Culture: The Vosarum are currently the most technologically advanced race, having metalwork, writing, engineering and item-crafting. They revere The Leviathan and Hexavos as their dual creators and believe that these 'overgods' granted them dominion of the world known by the gods as The Great Lie
Vosarum are very, very careful about entering other's houses. Conversely they are happily adventurous as they can easily return to The Labyrinth - their first and primary city.

Alignment Score: Neutral 2. Vosarii have a range of

Orders: Librarians (Leviathan's order)

Major Cities: The Labyrinth. City of Dusk.

Advancements: Metalworking, Engineering, Writing, Item Crafting, Irrigated Agriculture.

Misc: Vosarum hosts age and die, and so Vosarum die. In the Labyrinth there is no aging, no hunger. Vosarum there can live forever, slowly gaining more and more power, but also tend to go insane.


Status: Precursor (Dormant)
Created by: Yidhra, Age of Creation

Physical features: Human until 10 years old. Humanoid, but made of a planar element afterwards.

Culture: Generally Neutral. Strong emphasis on learning and experiencing things; knowledge is valued. Not isolationist, but largely content to stay put and avoid troubling others.

Alignment Score: Neutral 2.

Orders: Church of Yidhra (Auto)

Major Cities: City of the Elements

Advancements: Magic Recharge

Misc: Members reincarnate back into the world, but the race will eventually vanish if left alone simply because there are a limited number and enlightened ones go to live with Yidhra.

The Trial:

Status: Active
Created by: Yidhra, Age of Ancients

Physical features: Variable; tend to look like the viewer's fears. They're essentially living nightmares, Aberrations that stalk the Dreamlands.

Culture: The Trial have no known culture - it's unknown if they even communicate with each other, or if they simply exist and do things their own way. They only seem to be interested in frightening those who wander the Dreamlands, and have never been known to produce or create things.

Alignment Score: Chaotic 1, Neutral 1

Orders: The Trial

Major Cities: None

Advancements: None

Misc: Monster species. Won't trouble other nightmare creatures, and serve Yidhra in her capacity as ruler of dreams (nightmares are a part of dreams, and within her greater portfolio).


Status: Precursor, Rare, Active but Hidden from Common Knowledge
Created by: Fel Shadowhoof
Physical features: 9,999 creatures, no two exactly alike. There are matched paris, one each male and female, 4,499 pairs. The last creature is Kom Thunderhoof, Fel's Demigod and Mate.

Culture: Ur'Fey are the proginitors of all Fey creatures, 4,499 subraces. They are, culturally, highly loyal to Fel. Their entire purpose in life is to maintain the balance. They prefer to work from the shadows however, they will play the most convoluted games imaginable, sometimes taking generations for a plan to unfold.

Alignment Score: Neutral 2

Orders: All memebers of the race or of the Order of Shadows, which is dedicated to maintaining balance in the world.

Major Cities: The Ur'Fey do not congregate in cities, they communicate via Shadow Crystals when they need to. Each Ur'Fey has it's own 'den' which can be extremely convoluted, and is usually also a magical research station.

Advancements: Magic 2. Ur'Fey also benefit from the Advancements of their subraces, the Fey.

Misc: Ur'Fey can die. They do not die of old age. As they age, they grow powerful. If one is killed, it's power and knowledge is distributed equally amongst all other living Ur'Fey. When there is only one Ur'Fey, it will ascend to demi-godhood and create a new generation of Ur'Fey to carry on the work of those who were before it.

Status: Active
Created by: Fel, Age of Races
Physical features: Widely disparant, by sub species. Any creature in the Bestiary that has the Fey subtype is a member of the Fey race. Each Fey is a sub-race of the Ur'Fey.

Culture: Culture varies widely, but each race reveres the Ur'Fey that created them, and Fel Shadowhoof.

Alignment Score: Each sub-race has a different alignment, and they are all over the alignment spectrum, from LG to CE.

Orders: Each subrace heeds the orders of the Ur'Fey progenitor.

Major Cities: The Fey have scattered all over the world, but their primary home is in the Forest of Shadows, on the Isle of Madness.

Advancements: Magic +2. More to follow.

Misc: N/A


Status: Precursor, Active,

Created by: Caysin on Turn 12

Physical features: Amphibious race with smooth, slimy skin that ranges from green to blue to red, although other colors exist rarely.

Culture: Hunters and fishers mostly, they protect their families fiercely and make their homes in the cliffs to hide from others. They try not to get involved with other races, but if somebody is in need they might help. They hold no laws but act by the unspoken bids of common decency, believing everything good or evil you do will in turn be directed back at you.

Alignment Score: CG (Chaotic 1, Good 1)

Orders: None

Major Cities: None

Advancements: None

Misc: Thrive in the heat, are excellent swimmers and climbers.


Status: Rare, Precursor, active

Created by: Llygaid Naidr and Hexavos

Physical features: Physically very similar to the Vosarii host(homo erectus), however somewhat shorter and stockier with larger skulls(Homo Neanderthalensis). Physically stronger than most Vosarii hosts and with more native creative aptitude.

Culture: Ironically parasitic of the Vosarii Parisite Culture, they have little independant culture aside from an underground rebellion mentality. Wild NeanVosrii are often tribal and willing to brave extreme conditions to avoid Vosarii.

Alignment Score: CN (Neutral 1, Chaotic 1)

Orders: The Underground(Hexavos/Llygraid Naidr)

Advancements: none

Misc: Talented survivalists and have a great hate for Vosarii expansion as it forces them to flee towards races that often mistake them for encroaching Vosarii.

Current Action Costs: Age of Ancients
As Dawn of Worlds Age 1 cost except:
Create Race* 6
Create Subrace** 4
Command Race 4
Command City 4
Advance Civilization 5
Advance City 4
Event 7
Catastrophe, 1" 10/6***

*Precursor race, almost certainly fated to become either extremely rare or extinct by the end of the Age of War.
**If the subrace is more 'mortal' than their ancestors they may avoid Precursor Fate
***The lessened cost is only for catastrophes which damage or wipe out Precursor Races
--------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------
This game uses vague actions and assumes a desire to create a rich and diverse world, this is not a place to steamroll others or to create a munchkin race. Also I encourage creativity and discussion. If you think that action costs should change or new actions should be created then please bring it to the discussion board if agreed on I will post it up here for reference.