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Prelude: Journey to the Hall of Wonders
15 Desnus 4715 AR
The mission specialists all find their way to the Hall of Wonders in order to witness the treasures brought back from Captain Rory Barbarosa's first foray to the Isle of Dread - inside the Eye of Abendego itself!

Chapter One: The Death of Captain Rory Barbarosa
16 Desnus 4715 AR
The would-be crew of The Audacious bear witness to the assassination of Captain Barbarosa and chase down his killer, only to realize that all is not as it seems.

Chapter Two: Into the Eye
28 Sarenith 4715 AR
The Audacious plunges into the heart of the Eye of Abendego.

Cast of NPCs

Captain Rory Barbarosa:

Captain of The Audacious and famed explorer. Rory Barbarosa has been sailing for as long as he claims to remember, and has traveled to the farthest reaches of Golarion in search of lost treasure and artefacts.

First Appearance
Mission Introduction

Crew of The Audacious:

(All crew members are human unless noted otherwise)

Aaron Donal - Interpreter

Aaron has only recently agreed to travel with the ship. He is not entirely sure what he is expecting, but as a linguist, he simply cannot pass up the opportunity to rediscover lost languages. A sizeable purse of gold played a significant part in his decision to come along also. Aaron proves a tenacious teacher, but if the sea is too choppy (or too calm) he struggles to hold down his lunch.

Agile Pete - Barber-Surgeon

Pete is a strange man of clearly Varisian descent. It is almost a surprise when he produces a pair of scissors or a razor blade rather than a crystal ball when one first meets him. Still, he is a gifted barber-surgeon, and his hand has never been known to make a cut that he did not intend - even during times of inclement weather. Only Barbarosa has ever been game (or trusting) enough to have his neck shorn during a storm, though.

"The Colonel" - Master-at-Arms

The Colonel may once have had another name, but even Barbarosa cannot recall what it was. This crotchety, mustachioed old Taldan man is keen eyed and observant, and watches over the arms and armaments of The Audacious like a hawk. The Colonel is the only member of Barbarosa's original crew to make a return voyage to the Isle of Dread, but he is reluctant to talk about it - or anything. To say that he is a man of few words is to overstate the number of words he is wont to speak. Monosyllabic, single-word answers is the most conversation one can expect to get out of the man.

While he is technically also in charge of keeping order on the ship, the Colonel knows that Captain Barbarosa prefers to do so and so leaves him to it. In cases where the first mate has been given charge of the ship, he usually lets them maintain order also, but he does make his presence more well known during such times.

Durngil "Ploppy" Hardhammer - Slopper (dwarf)

Durngil was likely ejected from his dwarven tribe many years ago, though he will never admit such. He's a hideous example of his race, with his beard a constant tangle of knots and filth. Perhaps appropriately, he is the ship's slopper and does a very good job of keeping the privy buckets emptied. He takes pride in the art of sanitation, but absolutely refuses to bathe. It is surmised that he is perhaps scared of the water, a supposition that has yet to be disproven despite the fact that he has chosen a profession on a ship. Perhaps he owes Barbarosa...

Felonious George - Deckhand

The fourteen year old George is a former cutpurse who used to steal from passersby in the markets of streets of Magnimar. Gratum Engeneer saw some potential in the boy and secured him a commission on The Audacious.

Francis "Chicken Gizzard" Birch - Hired Muscle

A gillman with a fondness for chicken gizzards, though he has only eaten them once and it was, sadly, in front of Elon, the creator of the nickname. Ol' Chicken Gizzard is fairly stout, being an underwater bodybuilding champion from just outside Absalom. He is the five-year current champion of the Mr. Atlantis competition. Fisheye is his best friend after he convinced the man to try out for the next competition, but that might be on hold now after they got intimidated into joining the crew.

Gavin "Three Cocks" Baker - Deckhand

Gavin "Three Cocks" never travels anywhere on the sea without a dozen or so cages with roosters in them. He prefers the taste of fresh chicken to fish. He is oft known to say "you can have some if you like, but them last three is mine", hence "three cocks".

Grazzok "Fisheye" Onetusk - Hired Muscle

Comes from a small tribes of orcs and half-orcs in the Belkzen region. They are known for only have a single tusk coming from one side of their mouth, whether by mutilation or genetics, most of the world isn't sure. He left the Hold of Belkzen to pursue a career in ballet, but his ugly face (the most handsome of the tribe) squashed that hope. Now, he is muscle-for-hire.

Harlan Sparrow IV - Shipwright's Apprentice

It's a hard and thankless job being apprenticed to Mtumbwi, but given the mortality rate for the last crew Barbarosa wasn't about to take any chances by having only a single shipwright on board. Harlan is hard working, but cowed into silence most of the time. Some believe that he simply has no idea how to respond to his master at times.

Jeff "Slimefish" Deck - Messmate

When One-Footed Dave has the occasional break from cooking, the crew are unfortunate enough to have his apprentice (and probable son) Jeff cook for them. He only knows how to cook fish stew, and there is a very good reason he has earned the nickname "Slimefish".

Logan "The Plank" - Dogsbody

Logan was hit over the head - repeatedly - as a child. He has been concussed more times than any man has a right to be. This has left him more than a little dim-witted. Still, this gentle giant of a man has a kind disposition and a willingness to help like no other. He has an amazing aptitude for the sea, and Captain Barbarosa behaves in a fatherly fashion toward the man. Logan is often seen to be helping the Colonel with various tasks around the ship. Some say it's because he's the only one who can put up with the Colonel's gruff manner. In reality, though, he's the only one who can single-handedly carry a brace of ballista bolts from the lower deck to the main deck when the seas are choppy.

Logan's nickname "The Plank" is a double-edged one: "The Plank" because he is as thick as one, and also "The Plank" because The Audacious doesn't have an actual plank, Logan will just throw you off the ship. Anyone saying "walk the plank" on board The Audacious is just referring to the nickname for Logan ejecting you from the ship.

Nelenquessir Bardsong - Navigator (elf)

Nelenquessir left Kyonin at the tender age of one hundred and twenty to fulfil his wanderlust. He is keen-eyed and astute, but spends more time up the crow's nest than a navigator needs to. The elf passes all information through the captain and avoids making decisions himself unless absolutely necessary. Nevertheless, he is a competent navigator and is looking forward to his first commission with Captain Barbarosa.

One-Footed Dave - Ship's Cook

One-Footed Dave has been a ship's cook for as long as he can remember. Losing his foot at an early age and having it replaced with a peg meant that hey was already part-way to being a pirate - at least in appearance. Barbarosa picked him up off the streets instead, and at the age of eight the former urchin was made to scrub the decks. He was awful at it, and before long Barbarosa had him apprenticed to the then ship's cook.

When the previous cook died from some unknown tropical disease years later, One-Footed Dave took over and has been sailing as Barbarosa's cook ever since.

Pascal - Deckhand

Pascal was charmed - literally - by Aeslin and recruited from the streets. He knows less than nothing about sea travel and is quite scared about the prospect of traveling to the Isle of Dread. Still, he will never admit as much to Aeslin, whom he is very keen to impress.

Platonious Lightfoot, Esquire - Procurer of Rare Items

Platonious was making a delivery to a customer one fateful day. This customer was one of his best, took all of his recommendations and didn't even mind paying Plationious's additional cut on top of the regular price. Nine Hells, the man had even bought his pet cobra! Then Platonious had seen the face of the dead - surprisingly spritely for a dead man, actually - and then... well, a short, sharp pain and he woke up on the high seas with Magnimar disappearing over the horizon.

Teddy Edwardson - Deckhand (halfling)

Teddy is small, even for a halfling. He is used to being treated like a kid on board, even though he is well into his thirties. Teddy is an excellent climber, and his diminutive stature is put to good use whenever anyone needs a capable deckhand to squeeze into a tight space.

William "Sea Legs" Billiam - Hired Muscle Euphemia 'Femi' Ferka - Mission Specialist


The largest humanoid of the bunch of recruits. The man stands at 6' 8" and weighs about half of Barley. He is deathly afraid of drowning and always gets sea sick, though this was news to him as he had never been on a boat until now. He went along with this due to his two best friends ribbing him at the tavern and then Elon jumping in. To preserve his manhood, he showed up with the rest and promptly vomited after the Captain addressed them. Either way, he's stuck now.

Lord Pelius Krinst:

Lord Pelius Krinst is a member of one of the major noble families in Magnimar. He is incredibly interested in finding antiquities and sites of historical importance. Captain Barbarosa is his prime means of doing so, and he has financed all of the famous explorer's expeditions for the last decade or so.

First Appearance

Marcus del Frae:

Marcus del Frae is the son of a minor noble in Magnimar. His family is friends with the Krisnt family, and Lord Krinst has known him and looked out for him since his birth. He has been working for Lord Krinst for some time as Captain Rory Barbarosa's wizard. Marcus and Rory seem to have a strangely aggressive relationship.

[]First Appearance[/url]
Small intro from Lord Krinst

The Isle of Dread

Welcome, intrepid explorers. For you select few who are bold or foolhardy enough to reach for ancient glories despite the terrible danger that faces you, the fabled Isle of Dread awaits!

Something amazing has happened: Captain Rory Barbaross - a famous explorer - has sailed into the Eye of Abendego... and returned. The maelstrom that is the Eye of Abendego marks an enormous impassable tract of sea off to the west of the Mwangi Expanse. Its appearance coincided with the death of Aroden and its interior, while the topic of much debate, has remained inscrutable to even the most powerful divinations. Pirates and smugglers use its proximity as cover to operate out of the Shackles and other islands with impunity. However, while it is an excellent natural deterrent to pursuers, the risks are significant. Those vessels which stray to close to the permanent hurricane are invariably swept into it, even those ships equipped with strong darkwood have their masts snapped like so much kindling.

Barbaross has studied the Eye of Abendego for years and claims to have found a pattern to the constant storm that has allowed him safe passage, albeit with a severely modified vessel, to the lands within. There, he says he brought ashore to an island that was thought to have been lost to the ages: the Isle of Dread. This island was said to be impossible to get to, even before the advent of the Eye, and its location has forever been unknown... merely the tale of delirious survivors of various lost ships throughout the ages. It is said to hold the key to undiscovered and ancient civilizations, as well as riches untold.

As with most explorers, Captain Barbaross has a benefactor, one who would see a repeated mission into the Eye of Abendego and onto the Isle of Dread itself. This benefactor has gathered a team of specialists to complete this daring and dangerous mission:

• The Archaeologist - knowledge (history) & knowledge (religion) --> Aeslin
• The Builder - knowledge (engineering) & knowledge (dungeoneering) --> Gratum
• The Guide - survival & perception --> Sumaru
• The Anthropologist - knowledge (local) & sense motive --> Bazsil
• The Naturalist - knowledge (nature) --> Elon
• The Ambassador - diplomacy & bluff --> Wrigely Femi
• The Bodyguard - intimidate --> Ciarán
• The Lore Keeper - knowledge (arcana) & knowledge (planes) --> Gado
• The Shipwright - craft (boats) & profession (sailor) --> Mtumbwi


Campaign Details (character creation, etc):

Starting Level: 3
Starting Wealth: 4,500 gp
Ability Scores: 20 point buy
Hit Points: PFS method
Traits: Pick any two from the APG*

* Yes, I am aware of what a limitation this is. No, I don't think you really do need that trait from that other source.

Character creation must be from the Core Rulebook or the Advanced Player Guide. From the APG, we will be using everything including the optional rules - that means using the new Combat Maneuvers (dirty trick, steal, etc), Hero Points and Traits from Chapter 8. I will also be using poisons and diseases from Pathfinder Unchained, but you don't need to know anything about that. It'll just happen. You may, at your option, use any Unchained class instead of the CRB or APG equivalent.

By the way, in saying that character creation must be Core Rulebook and Advanced Player Guide (and also what I consider the errata'd classes from Unchained), I mean that applies to your class, race and any other options you select. This means no tieflings. I'm looking at you, Painlord, though I have no idea why.

Special note on summoners: It is your option whether or not to use the summoner from the APG or from Unchained (ie. this isn't PFS and you don't need to take all of that massive nerf). However, I do believe the APG summoner spell list to have been a mistake by Paizo (which was never corrected in an errata for some reason) and so summoners will need to use the Unchained Summoner spell list (so a single small but necessary nerf). If you strongly object to this and also really want to play a summoner, then you'll need good reasons and an awesome character concept to back you up.

I will consider allowing other rulebooks, but only if you have an absolutely fantastic and awesome idea for your character that specifically ties him (or her) into this campaign... and that idea cannot be realized using the CRB or APG. However, in general, please try not to think about the other options out there. Try to focus on a simpler time. After all, this adventure was written for 1st edition D&D.

The character you choose must fulfill one of the "specialist" roles in the campaign summary above. You do this by maxing out your ranks (so, 3 ranks) in the listed skill (or skills for those with two) at the time of character creation. Eg. To take on the roll of "The Builder", you need max ranks in knowledge (engineering) and knowledge (dungeoneering). This skill does not need to be a class skill for you, nor do you need to be the best at it in the party: 3 ranks and you can take on that role. Also, after level 3, you do not need to maintain max ranks in those skills (though it may be nice if you do). Each role may only be taken once. First come first served. Swap with each other at your own discretion. If you like, this specialist role can be your new class name (for most intents and purposes). Please see the tagline discussion below for more.

Later on in this campaign, at your option, I will consider including rules for kingdom building. This is if you succeed at the first part of the adventure and decide to set up a settlement on the Isle of Dread. I won't be shoe-horning this in, I will just be offering to use the ruleset from the Ultimate Campaign Guide to determine the mechanics for what is happening naturally as part of the story. If it becomes boring, unnecessary or otherwise impacts our fun, I will discontinue this and hand wave / roleplay directly any "kingdom" elements that may be involved.

As my single only house rule you may choose to flee!™ once and only once at any time during the campaign (the whole campaign). The adventure is a sandbox by nature, and the difficulty doesn't ramp up evenly, depending upon your chosen direction. Fleeing (eg. by using the withdraw action) is always an option, but if you choose to flee!™, you will be allowed, as an individual, to exit any dire situation you have gotten yourself into by virtue of a GM fiat. You will not gain any Hero Points for the rest of your current level and for your entire next level (including the hero point for leveling up) or until you do something sufficiently heroic to excuse your cowardly action. This is in addition to the regular "spend 2 hero points to save my life". Note that, unlike the 2 hero point "all save" option, your character must be alive and conscious to use the flee!™ option (it is, after all, running the hell away).


PbP Rules 'n' Stuff:

I want a strong story focus for this game. One of the reasons you've been invited is because it is believed that you are capable of weaving your character into a rich tapestry and contributing to a long, ongoing storyline over this format. If you are not interested in writing up posts with a strong story focus, please let me know now so we can find another player.

The Guide on my GM Damo profile has all of my PbP rules for ease of reference. I've also linked to it from my Isle of Dread alias. Please do read it, as it covers everything I expect from my players and I will assume that you have read it.

Specifically, though, please set up your tagline according to this template. It keeps things nice and consistent and easy for me to read. Please do avoid putting tagline info in spoilers. I actually prefer not to have to click on them. If you have so much info that it really seems to need to be put into a spoiler, I'd prefer to find it on your main profile instead.

Also, as a "just this game" special offer... if you would like to keep your class concealed from your fellow players, you may instead choose your specialist role to replace your class name on your tagline. I still do want the other stuff though, please. If your dailies / expendables would give your class away to an extent that you are not happy with, I will trust you to track them until you give me reason not to.

For absolutely all of the "rules" above I am happy to be convinced of a better way. If you can't convince me, allow me to convince you. If we can't come to an agreement and it's a deal breaker for you, no harm done and we can go our separate ways. However, don't leave partway through the campaign because of something you don't like that I had already included in my posting guide above. That's just poor form... it is your responsibility to read the guidelines before you start. It's only going to take you 10 minutes, and even then only if you read slowly.