In the City of the Drow

Game Master Castle Blades

The Drow live on the Surface, and a priest of the Lawful Good god Balserius has gone missing, will the players find him, or go murderhobo around, I guess we will find out.

The Drow city of Kev'ronn is one that everyone knows, after all it is the only one that rises above the surface. Many people head to the city to trade and receive the quality items that are made by the Drow there. It's not strange for the occasional person to go missing in the city, after all that happens even in the most normal of cities, but one day, a very important person goes missing, Father Dawnsinger, a cleric of the Platinum Dragon Balserius. There are many reports of two Drow entering the temple, but none ever walking out. Investigation reveals no signs of struggle or any blood. For some reason you are in the city, whether it be to do some trading, look for an adventure or maybe someone you knew disappeared.