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Okay so, we began this Hogwarts game where everyone takes a year to GM it starting with my in year 1.

We've lost several players and I am looking to replace them! So if you're interested here is where you can get the rule book, it is free, and I'm willing to answer any questions.

We're looking to replace 3 players. One was a gryffindor and they other two where Slytherins. You don't have to be of those houses but I am more likely to pick a Slytherin Male student mainly because of the remaining Slytherin Male student who is now alone.

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Dotting with either a Ravenclaw or a Hufflepuff. When is this game set?

1981, so the wizarding war just ended.


Yes that is our friendly neighborhood Hufflepuff who I am sure would love another badger to get along with! XD

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I posted this question in the wrong thread, of course, so I'll repeat it here.

1) What's your policy on(minor) canon characters? I have ideas for Hestia Jones, whose age fits quite precisely the timeframe, and a younger sibling of Amelia Bones.

2) Can we choose our wands? If not, 3d10 ⇒ (2, 2, 9) = 13 Apple, Dragon Heartstring and 12ff". Pretty nice.

1) If it is the Hestia Jones I am thinking of she doesn't enter Hogwarts till 1989 as she was born around 1978. So you're about 8 years too early for her. So if you where a sibling of Amelia Bones you'd be an older sibling.

2)You can choose or you can roll. Some fans, like myself, might want to use the wand they got from pottermore so I don't want to restrict that part.

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I think (according to the Fandom wiki) Hestia was born before 1978, but on second thought I'd rather not have a character that can't die without messing up the continuity.

For Amelia, I thought that since she was in a high position in 1996, she would have been born around the fifties-sixties. The relative age is not too important anyways.

It just says she was born pre 12 August, 1978 for Amelia Bones. It really just depends upon how good she was at her job. After all they don't have a college for the wizarding world.

I don't fully understand gaining spells, so that may be wrong.

Theodus Darkweather:

Name: Theodus Darkweather
Background: Pureblood
Mastery: Metamorph Master
Attributes: Finesse 1 Intelligence 2 Spirit 2 Power 2
Perks: Teacher's Pet (Transfiguration), Home Study
Wand: 12" Apple wood with an Erumpent Hair core
Wood: 1d10 ⇒ 2 Core: 1d10 ⇒ 8 Length: 1d10 ⇒ 9

Transfiguration +2
Dark Arts +1
Charms +1

Spells: Fire-making Charm, Full Body-bind Curse

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Here's Serafina Bones, Hufflepuff.
I went with the idea of Amelia having graduated from Hogwarts already, but if you'd still prefer Amelia being Serafina's younger sister, her role in the background can be taken by Susan Bones' mother/father (who would be necessarily older, as Susan is in Harry's year).
Also, I went with the Tussle Hardened perk as a result of siblings squabbles, but if you'd have Amelia being older and still attending Hogwarts, then I Owe You One would also make sense.

Serafina Bones:

Serafina Bones

Finesse: 1
Intelligence: 1
Power: 3
Spirit: 2
Background: Wizard-Raised Halfblood
Mastery: Dark Arts Master, Research Expert (+1 to Dark Arts, count Intelligence as 1 higher when counting time for study or research)
Flaw: Potion Master (-1 to Potions)
Wand: Apple, Dragon Heartstrings, 12.5" (+1 to Healing and the Stunning Spell)
Perks: Don't Sweat the Small Stuff, Tussle Hardened (+1 time block per week, can take 1 extra medium wound before losing Power)

Skill (Attribute): Credits + Attribute + Bonus = Total

Alchemy (Intelligence): 0 + 1 + 0 = 1
Ancient Runes (Intelligence): 0 + 1 + 0 = 1
Arithmancy (Intelligence): 0 + 1 + 0 = 1
Artificing (Intelligence): 0 + 1 + 0 = 1
Astronomy (Intelligence): 0 + 1 + 0 = 1
Charms (Intelligence/Power): 0 + 3 + 0 = 3
Dark Arts (Intelligence/Power): 1 + 3 + 1 = 5
Divination (Spirit): 0 + 2 + 0 = 2
DADA (Power/Spirit): 1 + 3 + 0 = 4
Flying (Finesse): 0 + 1 + 0 = 1
Herbology (Intelligence/Finesse): 0 + 1 + 0 = 1
History of Magic (Intelligence): 0 + 1 + 0 = 1
Magical Creatures (Intelligence/Spirit): 0 + 2 + 0 = 2
Muggle Studies (Intelligence): 0 + 1 + 0 = 1
Persuasion (Spirit): 0 + 2 + 0 = 2
Potions (Intelligence/Finesse): 0 + 1 - 1 = 0
Transfigurations (Intelligence/Power): 0 + 3 + 0 = 3

--- Spells ---
Spell Check: 1D+4+skill

Jelly-Legs Jinx (Locomotor Wibbly)
Dark Arts 1 (Automatic) [7]
Makes the target's legs wobble uncontrollably making standing difficult and walking impossible.

Full Body Bind Curse (Petrificus Totalus)
Dark Arts 1 (Automatic) [7]
Causes the target person to become completely rigid and unable to move for 10 minutes plus 1 minute for
every 1 over the Difficulty.

Three Sets of Plain Black Work Robes
One Pointed Black Hat
One Pair of Protective Gloves
One Black Winter Cloak w/ Silver Fastenings
One Wand
One Size 2 Pewter Cauldron
One Set of Glass Phials
One Telescope
One Set of Brass Scales
One Text Book for every class except for Flying

2 Galleons, 4 Sickles

Serafina Bones was born on the 18th of February, 1970, fourth of four. The Bones Family was relatively influential, though far from pureblood, and her parents were loving, if somewhat stuffy and austere. Her life changed completely when her oldest brother, Edgar, and his whole family were murdered by Death Eaters in 1981. Shell-shocked, Serafina closed into a morose silence, devastated by the death. It was her sister Amelia who shook her. As angry and worried as she was sad, Amelia took it upon herself to give Serafina the means to protect herself, and put her through a rigorous homeschooling in curses and counter-curses, giving Serafina some more purpose. Something of the cheerful girl who liked cinnamon and daffodils had died with her brother, but the training kept her occupied. When she went to Hogwarts she was Sorted into Hufflepuff, as most of her family.

Serafina is rather short, with straight dark blond hair and an angular face. She has large, brown eyes.

Serafina is generally cheerful, kind and nice, classic Hufflepuff qualities. She has something of a sweet tooth, and is prone to daydreaming, but she took her sister's attitude towards hard work. She doesn't mind getting her hands dirty with handiwork, finding it relaxing to solve problems without the use of a wand. Deep inside her, she hasn't really come over the murder of her brother, sister-in-law and nephews, and mentioning them (or worse, taunting her about that) is sure to get her wand out for a curse.
She is manly modeled after Molly Weasley and Cedric Diggory.

Oh, right. House. Theodus is Slytherin.

Mhhh, I am quite a HP fan and I was looking at the rulebooks for my own f2f group but my game list is quite large as of now...
What is the post speed you are looking at?
I am not sure that I can catch up with another 1/day game ...

Otherwise, count me interested.
I have actually sneaked along and read the IC and was waiting for it to continue as I noticed you are actually recruiting just now!

Thinking .........
Option 1: The son of Newt Scamander. The wiki knows to tell that he has (at least) one child (obviously with 'Tina' Goldstein) but no name or details are given - but for a grandson of Newt to marry Luna Loovegood at some point after the books. The timeframe might fit, but maybe not. While I know the books very well, I am not too deep in the non-book lore. He would obviously be 'spoiled' (from the point of view of the larger family) by his dad and dig deep into Care for Magical Beasts and probably dabbling in DADA due to his mother being an auror. Houses would be (in likely order): Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor

Option 2: Full-Stranger from the wider Commonwealth. Down-Under, Gibraltar, New Zealand, or something like that. Guessing half-blood and wizard part insisted to send me to Hogwarts. That's a very sketchy idea at best currently ...

It is more like a twice a week posting. So it isn't a once a day pase.

Hmmm, I'll need to check some of the time crunches but it seems like it would add up. Since wizards live longer than humans it is likely they had kids late in life similar to James' parents did.

Idea two is easily doable if idea one falls through.

Cool. 2/week should work even at busy times.
I'll have a look at the crunch and throw together a little Newt for now, assuming it fits in.
Another question: Who of the players is still active? Asking because of house selection. Being torn between three houses (I always thought Newt would have been a good fit for Ravenclaw rather than Hufflepuff) I'm likey going wherever I am 'needed' aka some of the PC is 'lonely'.

Well, if you go Ravenclaw, you'll be the lonely one. Greg and I are both Gryffindor, and both still active. HB is active, and he's the only Hufflepuff boy. Serafina Bones is at least another Hufflepuff, although obviously female. Isabella and Anora (GM Storyteller) are Slytherin females, and...who in Slythering was still active again?

Vincent, slytherin. His character is taking a morning jog at the moment.

I have 2 male Gryffindors, 1 male Hufflepuff, 2 female Slytherins, 1 male Slytherin.

Pureblood: 3 credits in 2/3 skills

Mastery: Flawed Master
+ Defense Against the Dark Arts Master (both parents survived active battles with followers of the greater good ...)
+ Creature Expert (Newt's son - nuff said)
- Dark Arts Flaw (mother would turn him into scarab should he try something like that for sure!)

.. Finesse: 1
.. Intelligence: 3
.. Spirit: 1
.. Power: 2

Perks: 1/Spirit = 1
.. Home Study -> Reparo, Lumos/Nox

.. Charms 1
.. DADA 1+1
.. Dark Arts 0-1
.. Magical Creatures 1+1

.. Ash (Counter-Curses) and Dragon Heartstring (Stunning), 1d10 ⇒ 10 of whooping 13"

... that's the machanics I guess?
As for my house ... I think I'll follow my dad then ... Badger's den it is!


How about he missed the first day because he was bitten by ... some Scamander-research-subject (should probably search the wiki for a fitting beast) and had to sleep off some strange side-effects as he should have boarded the Hogwarts Express.
So he joins just now at breakfast?

Just tossing in an idea why he wasn't called out during the sorting.

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Not trying to be obnoxious, but I have a doubt about the timeline: if it's 1981 and the school year just started, the war won't be over for two months, no? The Potter were killed at Halloween.

Mhhh what do people think about 'Fracis Scamander'.
A highly regarded name - it somewhat calmed the family.
Of course, it comes from Frank, the Thunderbird Newt saved and that later was set free at the time Newt and Tina got to know each other.

@timeline: Mhhh, yeah, newt would be 87 now, so like 77 as Francis was born... Sounds a bit old.
Couldn't find any information about when newt married but assuming following soon after the end of the Grindelwald issue (1945) there's room for a complete generation in between.
On the other hand, James potter's dad was at least 70 at the point of his birth, so ...

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If Rolf Scamander is roughly Luna's age, he'd be born around this time. Maybe an older brother?

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Remember that wizards don't age like humans. 100 years old is like a late 70s to them. So following that a 77 would be like a 47 year old. Old for a first time parent but not impossible

Also Sapiens you are correct, I think I typed it in my notes wrong. That would make our year '82.

Cool! I like it.
Hey GM, couldn't that be a cool reason to come late too.
The birth of his little brother?

I would entertain that reasoning yes.
We would just say you go sorted in the headmaster's office after being brought in.

Fine by me :-)
So ...
Am I just coming down from the office and have a seat with the badgers then?

This is very, very cool! :D

That is all.

This sounds preety cool. I have a character idea for a quiditch star i nthe making. How would the DM focus on that particular activity of mine?

Well first years don't make the teams, so getting you on a broom would he the first point! XD

But we can look into Quiditch and see the season for the official games and what not, work that in more and more.

Okay, soo im going for a male Hufflepuff that is specialized in Flying and Care of Magical Creatures, lets say he has been taking care of various creatures in his family´s homestead. Give me a few hours and ill have him done. :)

Welcome, NunuBasher. I'm also going for the Quidditch Star in the making, so we can compete against each other.

Can you help me with something Kenneth_Williamson? How does quiditch work? Is it based on Dodge and Fisical Fighting? Or is it something else?

There aren't any actual rules for it in the book - I looked for quite a while, trying to find them.

If I had to set up rules for Quidditch, though, I'd lean pretty heavily on the Flying skill, using Combat as the base. Power would probably be good for hitting a Bludger at someone, plus resisting hits by Bludgers. It's something we'll have time to work on, since first years are allowed neither brooms nor to join House teams.

If you're looking at Ability scores, you'll want to bump Finesse to at least 2, like I did. It's up to you how many abilities you leave at 1 - I wanted to up my Intelligence and Power, as well. Based on the description above, I'd guess you're leaning towards Pureblood for a background? In that case, you could justify a credit in Flying. I'd definitely go for Flying Expert and Creature Expert, as well.

There's a lot that needs to be worked out for Quidditch Rules. If you assign abilities based on being good at Combat, you'll probably be good at Quidditch once we figure out the rules.

Does that help? I know it's kind of rambly.

I think it does. Ill be a pureblood ,yes and it would be kind of fun to challenge each other and create some rivalries/friendships because of it.
PS: In what year are you?

Year one!

Okay, Huffles versus Griffies.


We are all first years - the plan is for us to progress through Hogwarts each year. The game is fairly new - it's only the first day of school, officially, and the Sorting was just last night in-game.

No one's really got a head start on anyone here.

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William Throng
Finesse 2, Intelligence 1, Spirit 3, Power 1
Background: Pureblood
Mastery: Flying Expert, Creature Expert
Wand: Hawthorn(Wards) and Clabbert Horn(Shielding Charm), 10 inches
Perks: Don't Sweat the Small Stuff, Can I Borrow your Notes?, Tussle Hardened
Flying: 0 credits+2+(2)=4
Magical Creatures: 1 credit+3+(1)=5
Persuasion: 2 credits+3=5

William was raised in his family homestead in the outskirts of Leeds. He as 2 older brothers (21 and 23 years old) and a younger sister(9 years old). His farm is quite unusual though, because they raise magical creatures, mostly hippogriffs, bicorns, etc. He as also learned to get his way with people through the use of words (once he broke a plate in front of his dad and managed to blame the wind for it, his dad believed him). One of his wishes is to be able to join the Quidditch World Championship and later retire to a cozy farm where he can raise creatures like he did has a child.

Hope to see you guys soon enough :)

Silver Crusade

Is this still open or are you now full? Unfortunately I just saw this now

I have not closed this yet no.

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How can we know that we made the cut? If I was to enter the school year late I already have the perfect excuse

Ok, being in 1982 also means that Serafina has had more time to process her brother's death.
Also, I'd like to change my masteries: I don't want to be yet another character who's inept at potion-making, so I'll go with Research Expert and Healing Expert, for a healer (while keeping the credits in Dark Arts and DADA as per Amelia's home training). Her details are in this account.

How long is it till the recruitment ends? Im just excited about this game´s concept that its hard to wait :)

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If everything goes as planned I'll have the acceptance roster up Friday! Two days! Ya got two day! XD


Then, I think im gonna chage my perk in Tussle Hardened into another rank of Can I Borrow Your Notes? because he gets his 2 brother´s old books and studies from their time at Hogwarts.

Crunch is already there, but here's some background for Francis.
I chose that he would have an older sister instead of a brother and that she gave birth to Rolf Scamander the day the Hoghwarts train ran.

Story Time!:

Francis is the first son of Newton and Porpentina Scamander, born to the quite known couple at noon 1971-03-01.
To the surprise of both parents, the boy turned out to be born with dark red hair and brown-golden eyes.
His dad picked the name in honour and remembrance of Frank the Thunderbird he once saved and later released in New York and he usually calls him 'Franky' or even 'Frank Junior'.
Growing up as Newt Scamanders son was both difficult and amazing. From young age, he was included in his father's day-to-day caring of his latest magical beasts, which is hard and sometimes even dangerous work (if you are tired and/or absentmindedly) - but an immensely rewarding and fascinating one at the same time.
Having been born with a talent for mishaps, his mother made sure to teach him the Reparo spell before he was even 10. A very clever decision as it severely reduced the number of lasting accidents Franky produced. Francis didn't relented his pleadings until Newt taught him the light spell. Now he could read at night all by himself! Better yet: he could sneak into the habitats of his favourite beasts at night to watch watch their night time behaviour. Sometimes, he would hide from some house chores by vanishing into the wide-ranging habitats, hiding himself behind the eruptodons large frames whenever one of his parents were looking for him.
Finally, this year, the long awaited Hogwarts letter arrived. With the war over and Albums Dumbledore as head Master, Tina did agree to sent Francis to Hogwarts instead of her old school: Ilvermorny.
Of course, everything came other than expected. Francis' ten years older sister (Irene) was expecting her first child... and of course it decided to arrive late, or more exactly: just late enough so that his birthday would be on the very day Francis ought to be riding the Hogwarts Express. So instead of getting to know his future class mates, eating sweets and changing into his Hogwarts uniform, he was nervously waiting with his parents, listening to the occasional pained scream of his sister. Finally, after a waaaaay to long time, they heard the screaming of a child and soon, Garrick (the husband of his sister) would come out of the room with his nephew on the arm! How small the boy was! Francis was sure that he was never that small! Newt was practically glowing with pride, nearly as much as Garrick. Tina asked what the boy's name was and - through the open door - Irene yelled: "He's called Rolf. And if you don't bring him here in the next few seconds, I am going to hex everyone of you!"
In the end, Francis and his parents spent another couple of hours with the new family before heading home.
"Dad, how do I get to Hogwarts now? I missed the train and it is dark already!" Francis was nervous. Would he miss his chance to go to Hogwarts this year just because little Rolf came late?!
Could you believe him?!!
Before either of the two could say anything, Tina, rolling her eyes, chimed in.
"I will bring you there tomorrow. We can apparate and ..."
"... You can't apparate in or around Hogwarts." Newt interrupted. "I'll write Dumbledore. What do you say, Francis, do you want to fly Silverwing with me?" Silverwing was one of Newts Hippogryphs.
"Yes!" shouted Francis.
"No!" shouted his mum. "You will be seen! What if he falls off?!"
Newt looking sad.
"Dumbledore is a great wizard. He will have a less obvious solution, right?" Tina added.

And he did.
He lifted the blocking magic for a short time, letting Newt side-by-side apparate with Francis early the next morning near the great gate. They were already awaited by Professor McGonagall and after saying goodbye to his father, the stern professor left him up into the office of the head master.
There he finally would take on the speaking hat.

You know what?! Choosing is for the weak! We need more Hufflepuffs anyways! All yall get over and dot and delete in the game play thread then PM me and we can talk about where yall where and why you missed the ceremony.

I have sent it ;)

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