Hell's Rebels with GM Zek

Game Master Zektolna




Current Day: Sunday, the 20th of Rova, 4715 AR

Combat Protocol:

1. Marching order should be established beforehand (preferably in the discussion thread) so that the GM can correctly place your character tokens on the map at the start of combat.

2. Initiative and Perception rolls as needed

3. Surprise round, if necessary. Each player in the surprise round who goes before the enemies will act. Player actions will then be resolved. Enemy actions will then take place and be resolved. Players acting after the enemies will act then their actions will be resolved. All actions will be resolved in initiative order.

4. Actions should be posted in everyone's "block" rather than all at once as detailed in point 3. This means that in-character dialogue and actions should, at least to some degree, factor in initiative order. The GM will sort NPCs into groups to better streamline the initiative order. If necessary, the GM will post DCs for knowledge or other skills at the beginning of combat. Players that wish to roll on that knowledge check (or perhaps a lore check) should do so at the start of the combat posts. If a spellcraft check comes up during combat, the GM will post the information on the spell in a spoiler with the appropriate DC. The same would apply for knowledge checks if new creatures enter the fight after the start of combat. Please only roll one knowledge check. If you’re not sure which knowledge to roll, just roll a d20 and I’ll apply the appropriate modifiers as needed.

5. Actions should specify standard action, move action, swift action, etc. If an action requires an opponent to make a saving throw or another kind of check, please list the DC in your post. Also, please specify what modifiers are in play when making an attack action, skill check, saving throw, etc.

6. Actions will be adjusted as needed based on actions that took place earlier in the round. Player attack rolls will still be used, even if a character has to move to a slightly different location to attack; the same applies to spells, assuming the same enemies can still be targeted.

7. Saving throws will be rolled by the character who needs to save. Should you need to roll a saving throw, I'll post a spoiler with the deleterious effect (should you fail the save) in the post that mentions you need to roll. Subsequent rolls to save for the same spell or effect will be rolled by the affected player(s). Any saving throw that needs to be rolled should be rolled at the start of a player’s combat post. In the event a player needs to roll a saving throw, knowledge check, and/or spellcraft check in the same post, the saving throw should be rolled first, then the knowledge check, then the spellcraft check - all at the start of the post.

8. Keep in mind that ranged attack factors like shooting into melee and cover will be applied as normal.

9. Also keep in mind pathing when assigning move actions to your characters as attacks of opportunity will happen if not purposefully avoided. Be sure to include acrobatics roll(s) if you possess the skill and your pathing requires moving through a square that would provoke an attack of opportunity.

10. Once everyone has acted for each "block", the GM will post a summary of the round along with the action(s) of hostile and/or neutral NPCs. If a PC or NPC provokes an attack of opportunity, the GM will roll for NPCs and offer PCs the chance to make the attack of opportunity at the beginning of their next turn. Players should move their own character tokens.

11. If a character needs to select a different set of actions due to the results of an action or actions earlier in the round, the GM will change who the character is attacking or targeting, if appropriate. If not, the GM will ask that character’s player to post an alternate set of actions.

12. Questions about what happened in the round or any adjustments that need to be made to an attack roll, damage roll, etc. should be mentioned in the discussion thread. Simple clarifications or corrections like, “That enemy had a 15 melee attack, but my AC is 16. Wouldn’t the attack have missed?” are fine in the gameplay thread. Please mention it if a modifier was missed or you were given an incorrect bonus on a roll. I’m perfectly fine with retroactively changing the roll when necessary. Questions about combat mechanics or how a specific spell or effect works should be asked in the discussion thread.

13. Repeat steps 4-12 till combat is over.

Thrune’s Nine Proclamations:

Proclamation the First: All slayers of city pests (hereby defined as doves, mice, and ravens) who present said pests to the dottari shall be rewarded with a bounty of 1 copper piece.

Proclamation the Second: All places of public business must display in a position of prominence within the first room accessible from the building’s primary entrance a portrait of Her Infernal Majestrix Queen Abrogail II. Said portrait must measure no less than 11 by 17 inches.

Proclamation the Third: Anyone who captures, alive and unharmed, a feral dog of a weight exceeding 50 pounds is to be rewarded with a payment of 2 silver pieces upon transfer of the dog to the dottari. Such noble guardian creatures should find homes worthy of their kind!

Proclamation the Fourth: The right to wear fine embroidered clothing in public is hereafter proscribed to anyone other than agents of House Thrune or the Holy Church of Asmodeus. Exceptions can be awarded or purchased at the city’s discretion.

Proclamation the Fifth: Grain is life! Should grain be spilled in public, it must be gathered, cleaned, and repackaged within the hour. Any person who allows grain to go ungathered after a spillage shall be fined 1 copper piece per grain.

Proclamation the Sixth: The imbibing of night tea brings a dangerous imbalance to the slumbering mind. Between the hours of sunset and sunrise, the taking of tea is proscribed.

Proclamation the Seventh: The odor and flavor of mint is an abomination to the refined palate. Be not the cretin! Mint use in candies, drinks, and all manner of confections is hereby proscribed.'

Proclamation the Eighth: All nonnative ships' captains must remain on board their ships and are barred from setting foot on land within Kintargo's city limits–their crew and agents are free to come and go, but their actions are directly the responsibility of their captains, and any crew caught breaking Kintargan law shall have its punishment visited upon the crew members as well as their captain. Any captain caught setting foot in Kintargo is to be punished by squassation.

Proclamation the Ninth: By order of Lord-Mayor Barzillai Thrune, the Congress of Hellknights known as the Order of the Torrent is from this day forward stripped of its charter! All of its holdings and possessions are confiscated, its privileges and entitlements revoked, and its members declared outlaws! Steadfast citizens are commanded to turn over those members who have slipped the net of justice! Anyone caught harboring a Hellknight of the Torrent will face their own punishment, ranging from a fine of 500 gold up to excruciation via doghousing!

Quick Reference List:

Barzillai Thrune: Current Lord-Mayor of Kintargo. Paracount, inquisitor, and cousin of Queen Abrogail II herself.

Rexus Victocora (Ally Bonus: Rebellion's notoriety score is reduced by 1 at the start of every Upkeep phase): Orphaned nobleman. Aristocrat and budding sorcerer. Son of Aneran and Porcia Victocora.

Laria Longroad (Ally Bonus: +2 to Loyalty check to take the Recruit Supporters action): Proprietor of the Long Roads Coffeehouse and Bellflower Network operative.

Jilia Bainilus: Former Lord-Mayor Bainilus was well liked during her tenure as Lord-Mayor. Rumored to have fled to Arcadia when Barzillai Thrune arrived in Kintargo.

Shensen: Famed half-elven Kintargan opera singer. Missing since the Night of Ashes.

Lictor Octavio Sabinus: Head of the Order of the Torrent Hellknights. Currently missing.

Sacred Order of Archivists: Order of Iroran scholars dedicated to the preservation of history.

Order of the Torrent: Order of Hellknights based in Kintargo. Their Lictor is Octavio Sabinus.

Rose of Kintargo: The cult of Milani based in Kintargo. Has gone silent since the Night of Ashes.

Vendalfek (Ally Bonus: Can take the Spread Disinformation action even if the rebellion doesn't have rumormongers, agitators, or cognoscenti. If the rebellion does have a team that grants this action, Vendalfek grants a +4 bonus on all Secrecy checks to Spread Disinformation.): A faerie dragon found at Clenchjaw's tavern. He's a fan of trickery and mischief.


1) The half-elven opera singer Shensen, a devoted worshipper of Sarenrae.
2) The Rose of Kintargo, the cult of Milani in Kintargo.
-Both Shensen and the Rose have gone silent.
3) Jilia Bainilus, the (former) mayor of Kintargo. Rumored to have fled to Arcadia, but most likely is imprisoned by B-Thru.
4) The Wasp Nest underneath the coffeehouse, where a person named Nan Comerivos should be residing. However, manic inhuman laughter can be heard from down below and Laria has been too busy (or afraid?) to investigate it further and is asking us to do so.

Captain Sargaeta's Favors:

Favors left: 8

Examples would include having the captain (or his first mate, within the city) accompany you for a single day’s adventures, using the captain’s crew for a covert operation (think along the lines of the operations listed under the rebellion actions), or a gift of 2,000 gp (which takes a few days to round up). Other possibilities exist, and if you have something in mind, you can ask the captain to see if he can make it happen. The captain’s going to be docked in the Old Harbor for several months at least, so there’s no rush to use any favors if you would prefer to save some or all of them for a while.

Rebellion Rank: 7


Underwater Swimming House Rules:
You can move underwater at a quarter of your speed as a move action without needing a check. You can move underwater at half your speed as a standard action without needing a check. You can move at your speed as a full round action without needing a check. You can move at half your speed as a move action if you make your check (the water will be considered calm) or at your speed as a standard action if you make your check. If you make a check and fail, you can move at the speeds listed above for if you didn’t make a check.

The exception to the above is if you’re being directly threatened in combat (i.e. in melee). In that case, you have to make a check to move at all, but could then do so at the listed speeds above (if you make your check).

No 5-ft stepping as that doesn’t really make sense unless you somehow can give yourself a swim speed.

Disguise Checks:

[dice=Evander]1d20 + 16 + 2 + 5 + 1d6[/dice]
[dice=Time Evander]1d3[/dice]
[dice=Celia]1d20 + 16 + 2 + 5 + 1d6[/dice]
[dice=Time Celia]1d3[/dice]
[dice=Gregor]1d20 + 16 + 2 + 5 + 1d6[/dice]
[dice=Time Gregor]1d3[/dice]
[dice=Gilda]1d20 + 16 + 2 + 5 + 1d6[/dice]
[dice=Time Gilda]1d3[/dice]
[dice=Matiscio]1d20 + 16 + 2 + 5 + 1d6[/dice]
[dice=Time Matiscio]1d3[/dice]