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Outside of a remote village in the tengu nation of Kwanlai, a generations-old group of shrinekeepers has dutifully watched over a holy site that commemorates celestial forces that fell in battle against a qlippoth invasion in the distant past. By tradition, the guardians report to celestial forces every 10 years, but these guardians have fallen silent. A messenger from Heaven has called upon the Pathfinder Society to investigate the historic site and uncover the truth behind the shrinekeepers' fate.

Low-Tier(4 Player Adjustment)

Purification Points:

The Hunter: 1
A troubled Acolyte: 2
The Choosing Ritual: 3
Purification Well: 2
D4: 2
D5: 2





This will be ran during the first session of Game Day 7.

Expecting to start August 13th.

Silver Crusade

A messenger from Heaven? Kambraxes the paladin answers the call!

Pathfinder Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Subscriber

I'd love to play. Character to be determined closer to the date.

Sovereign Court

Also interested. I have a range of characters 1-5.

Also interested, with many low level characters available (will define which one closer to date) ;)

Grand Lodge

lvl range?

It is level 1-5

I’ll play with a level 2 tbd.

I have a half-dozen in the 1-5 range.

Sovereign Court

Putting in my hat for this.
Have a wide range of chars.

Grand Lodge

I have level 1 Barbarian or level 4 pregen

Scarab Sages

Sounds right up my street.

Mekhu Inebni, field librarian and scholar of the ancients, is ready to explore.

Recently made it to level 4, just need to update the profile.

Scarab Sages

I can presently offer:

- a level 4 Kensei (Dark Archive)

- a level 4 Psychic (Dark Archive)

- a level 3 Skald Dark Lord (Sovereign Court)

- a level 2 Mesmerist Psychic Warrior (Sovereign Court)

- a level 3 Investigator (Exchange)

- a level 2 Rogue Thief (Exchange)

- a level 3 Shaman True Silvered Throne (Scarab Sages)

- a level 3 Fighter (Grand Lodge)

A few more who are presently busy, but might be available by then, include:

- a level 3 Druid (Grand Lodge)

- a going-on level 5 Occultist (Scarab Sages)

- a going-on level 2 Spiritualist (Dark Archive)

Dark Archive

I would love to play but would be bringing in a yet undefined new PC (and I am open to what roll he would need to fill based on who else is at the table). If we played high I have a bloodrager 5.

Dark Archive

Hi, it’s Chess here. This is the character I’d prefer to play, but as I mentioned before in this recruitment, I have others I can bring as well. :) This one is a barbarian level 1.

4-The Chess
6-Abraham Z

random: 8d12 ⇒ (5, 1, 4, 8, 2, 8, 5, 12) = 45 Roll one additional for repeat numbers called

Grimdog, Tarondor, The Chess, nightdeath, Meloriel and Skorn

Scarab Sages

Sad times.

Good luck everyone!

Nice! Thanks! Let me check which character to bring.

Good luck y’all!

Dark Archive

I never win anything so I am both pleased and surprised to see I made the lottery cut. Sweet!

I will bring a bloodrager if we go high and a new PC if we go low.

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