GM SpiderBeard's Curse of the Crimson Throne

Game Master Barvo Delancy

Chapter 3: Escape from Old Korvosa

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The civil unrest in Korvosa has been dealt with, only to be replaced by a far more deadly and insidious threat. A horrific disease that leaves its dead deformed and faceless sweeps through the streets of Korvosa, death borne on the wind and steeped in the stones. Mass graves crowd the outer walls and plague doctors stalk the streets in a desperate attempt to prevent the sickness from spreading, yet is there something more to the plague than meets the eye?

Dramatis Personae

Sevenspawn: The holy man of the downtrodden and destitute in Korvosa's notorious Shingles district, Sevenspawn serves as the religious voice and a strongarm of the Dead Kings.

Thod Sixpicks: Enthusiastic, violent, well-meaning, and not particularly bright, Thod is a soldier without a captain, looking to make his way in a strange, confusing world.

The Fox: A well-liked 'finder', this emaciated halfling is known for being a person to go to when something, or someone is lost.

Raven Six: Something is not quite right about Raven Six. As cold as she is curious, her unknown past and occasionally strange behavior lends an air of mystery about this young woman.