GM Rednal's Legendary Planet AP (Inactive)

Game Master Rednal

Current Goal: Find the Opus Aeterna and learn how to repair Gates

-Sourcebooks: All Paizo. Psionics, 1001 Spells, Deep Magic, and Path of War are all approved. Spheres of Power is approved.

-25 Point Buy. No scores lower than 8 or above 18 (after racial changes).

-Races: Core/Aasimar/Tiefling/Elemental-blooded preferred. A REALLY GOOD idea for something else might be accepted - quality is the big deciding factor.

-Classes: Any from legal sourcebooks.

-Alignment: Any non-evil. In addition, your character must be willing to cooperate with the rest of the party. You never know when you'll get stranded with no one else to help...

-Gestalt Rules.

-Max HP per Hit Dice

-Background Skills (PF Unchained)

-2 Bonus Skill Points per Level. One of these must be put into a Profession, the other into a Craft.

-Automatic Bonus Progression (PF Unchained)

-Stamina (PF Unchained - Free Bonus Feat for Fighters/Hybrid classes with a Fighter component, available to everyone else as a feat)