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Part 6 - The Final Wish
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Combat Rules:
1. Feel free to post out of turn. I will resolve actions by initiative count, and if your previously posted action conflicts with the current situation, you will be allowed to change it.

2. Make sure you remember to move your token on Roll20. And when you do, describe your movement, so I know that you moved it already.

Roll20 is purely for tracking movement and positions on a map. All dice rolling will still be posted in the Gameplay thread. In addition, please describe your movements in your post so I know when you are finished moving your token and actions for the round.

3. When we are in combat, I'd like for everyone to post at least once a day. Outside of combat, it can be more relaxed. If you go more than 24 hours without posting in combat, I may GMPC your character for the round to keep things moving. I will do my best to follow what your character would normally do, and if I do something that isn't, please let me know.

4. Make sure you post the current round and your initiative count at the top of your post, so I can keep track of where we are. It helps me quickly organize actions when we are posting out of order.

5. If you are suffering from a condition at the start of your turn, Post it OOC either at the top or bottom of your post.

Important NPCs

Almah Roveshki:
Almah is a beautiful young merchant princess, the latest in a long line of wealthy agents of the Pactmasters of Katapesh. Her family, originally from Varisia far to the north, has dwelt in Katapesh for several generations now. Unfortunately, her family has been down on its luck for most of those generations as a result of bad investments and the economic intrigues of rival merchant princes, but Almah is ready to steady the ship and rebuild her family legacy. One way to do that is to rescue the village of Kelmarane, which used to be in the charge of her family ages ago. The Pactmasters want it back, so they have sent Almah to make it so.

With a lantern jaw and short black hair, the dashing Garavel looks more like a swordsman than an accountant and business expert, yet it is he who oversees much of Almah’s personal business.

Dashki (Gnoll Expert):
He drawns attention to himself with his generally rude attitude, his obvious attraction to the merchant princess (who considers him so far below her league that she hasn’t noticed, even if everyone else has), and his rough-hewn, almost feral manners.
Almah hired the mangy, dart-eyed Dashki in Solku, while investigating the land granted to her by the Pactmasters. Since Kelmarane was said to be under the control of gnolls, she needed an expert who could explain what she was up against and provide an edge in any possible negotiations with the creatures. Largely due to Dashki’s animated first-hand accounts of gnoll savagery, Almah has given up on the idea of diplomacy, but she keeps him around because she trusts his advice, despite his eccentricities.

Father Zastoran:
Zastoran hails from the coastal capital of Katapesh. A cleric of Nethys, the god of magic, Zastoran joined up with Almah years ago when she was just starting out in business, and has been her personal physician and spiritual advisor ever since. Zastoran is a friendly, chatty chap who misses the comforts of his home city and who naturally gravitates toward good conversationalists with interest in culture and the arts.