GM Phntm888's Way of the Wicked Campaign - Group 2 (Inactive)

Game Master Phntm888

The worst criminals in Talingarde have been thrown in Branderscar Prison. Can they escape, and if so, what will they do next?

Balentyne Map
Victory Points: 0

Talingarde Map
Talingarde Primer


Rumors of Aldencross:

1.Have you ever been to the choir hall of Balentyne? Amazing! The priests are such beautiful singers and sometimes the stone saints that adorn the place join in the chorus. Such a miracle!
2.Mad Martin is a strange one! He tends the rookery in the Watchtower. They say he never leaves except for necessities. He talks to the birds like people and has named every one!
4. That Captain Zack Eddarly is a handsome one, isn’t he? Such a gallant! And still unmarried at his age. He’ll make some lady of proper breeding quite a catch won’t he?
6.Ye Merrie Men are coming to town and the handsome William Marcus Marlow is coming with them! Can you believe it? The Bard of Barrington! Here! They are doing the “Fall of Amberlyn”! Oh, I can’t wait!
7.They say the bugbears are massing up north. I wonder what their up to? Well, it doesn’t matter! We’ll be ready for ‘em! You’d think those shaggy walking carpets would have learned by now that the Watch Wall is unbreakable!
8.Soldiers today! A worthless, shiftless lot! Balentyne is in total disarray. Soldiers today are too lazy – not like in my day.
9.There’s a pack of dwarves in town led by a grumpy short fellow named Barnabus Eisenbauch. They’re here to fix up the watchtower or so I’ve heard. A hard working fellow -- just don’t challenge him to a drinking contest. He’ll drink you under the table every time!
10.Bellam Barhold is such a lush. He does enjoy his wine. He’s always complaining about how he can’t get any of the good stuff here in the borderlands.
11.I’ve heard that Father Donnagin was sent here after the church demoted him from bishop. He got into some sort of trouble – serious trouble, I’d wager to be banished to the Watch Wall.
12.Have you seen Kaitlyn Mott? She’s the most beautiful woman in town! How did an ugly lump of a man like Captain Franz Mott bag a looker like her? And how does he keep her, that’s what I want to know!
15.Lord Thomas Havelyn is the most honorable and capable commander that Balentyne has ever had. If he can’t keep the Watch Wall working, then no one can!
18. I hear Captain Varning is leading another patrol out tomorrow. I wonder how long they’ll be gone this time? The last time they were gone for five days! If you ask me, these patrols are a waste of time. They’re just an excuse for Varning to get out of the tower and gallivant around the country side instead of doing his fair share of guard duty.
19. I hear a raven arrived at the rookery last night! I bet it carried important news though I know not about what.
20.Do you know how the Lord’s Dalliance got its name? It was once a brothel! I hear there used to be a secret passage to the basement that allowed the Lord of the Watchtower to sneak in here and have a good time. Of course it must have been sealed up years ago.

Half-Fiend Feats

Graveknight Feats

Hellbound Feats:

Devil’s Pact

You have signed a pact with Asmodeus, pledging your soul in exchange for unholy power.
Prerequisites: Evil alignment, you must sign a pact with Asmodeus or one of his agents.
Benefit: Three times per day, you can call upon the power of the Devil’s Pact to grant you a +2 profane bonus to any one d20 roll. You must declare that you are using this ability before the roll is made.

Special: If you die, you cannot be brought back to life by any means aside from a wish or miracle spell. Even if such a spell is employed, you return to life with three permanent negative levels.

Ignore Pain
You are familiar with pain, and have become adept at ignoring when needed.

Prerequsite: Toughness
Benefit: Whenever you have the sickened condition, you only take a –1 penalty on attack rolls, weapon damage rolls, saving throws, skill checks, and ability checks. Whenever you have the nauseated condition, you can take a move action and a standard action, but take a –4 penalty on any check associated with an action that requires a standard to complete (such as attack rolls, weapon damage rolls, some skill checks, caster level checks, and so on). When nauseated, you cannot take full-round actions.

Sacrificial Channel
You can consume the soul of a dying creature to heal the unholy.

Prerequisites: Channel negative energy 2d6, evil alignment.
Benefit: Whenever you make a coup de grace against a living creature, you can spend one use of your channel negative energy class feature as a swift action. If the creature dies and has at least as many Hit Dice as the number of dice you roll for channel negative energy, the channel heals all evil creatures (living and undead) within a 30-foot burst instead of its normal effect. If the creature does not have enough Hit Dice, the channel energy attempt is wasted.