Faizaugusta Jones and the Temple of Side-Quest (Inactive)

Game Master N'wah

A tengu-turned-halfling, a human-turned-gnoll, and their guide walk into a ziggurat. A phoenix turns to them and says, "OWISHZ?" They say "YAWISHZ," get some wishes, and go home. Or die.

A dungeon-crawl misadventure for two 8th-level PCs.

OR: A Halfling and a Gnoll Walk Into a Ziggurat

An encounter with a vile Chelaxian spy cost them their lives. And that's only the beginning.

Reincarnated from a tengu and a human into a halfling and a gnoll respectively, they're on a hare-brained quest to return themselves to their original forms. Aware of rumors of a wish-granting phoenix hidden deep within an ancient Ghol-Gan ziggurat in the Sodden Lands, they depart on an epic journey through fetid swamps and steaming jungles to plead the immortal avian for aid. Will they make it through the unknown dangers and deadly guardians of this long-lost temple to forbidden gods, or will they become the latest victims of its millennia-long killing spree?

This is a closed, two-person campaign tied into the Skull & Shackles game Benjamin Bruck and I are playing; no extra player requests please. This is also mostly a back-and-forth writing project with very little, if any, dice rolling to determine results. Hopefully it will be a thrilling read as these two sneak, talk, and (rarely) fight their way through the horrible swamps of the Sodden Lands and a deadly dungeon half-sunk into the storm-tossed waves of the Abendego Gulf. With the help of their hired guide, the crass big-game hunter Ozzie Baeyan, they seek to restore their rightful forms- or die trying.