Dungeon Crash... The Beginning

Game Master BloodWolven

The Idea:
I have been having this idea swirl around in my head quite a bit. Using several amines as a basis for starting a new homebrew, such as the following:

'Sword Art Online'
'Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon?'
'Log Horizon'

Make sure to read the campaign info tab before anything else. Check out my profile for my expectations of players.

SAO - Dungeon Crash
Culture, History and gods of Dungeon Crash

The battle map!

Players are joining the new virtual video game that has amazing ratings. A mere few hours after the full release the players find out they are trapped in the video game. If the player dies in the real world or in the game, he or she dies accordingly. After all we only have one life to live...

The Idea with development in mind:
I have been having this idea swirl around in my head quite a bit. Using several anime's as a basis for starting a new home brew, such as the following:

' Sword Art Online '
' Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon? '
' Log Horizon '
' .Hack// '

It will be an open world for people to explore and do what you want. We can develop some of the world first such as major quests and landmarks.

Anyone want to play as an NPC as well, create a personality,description, profession, and purpose for the NPC.
Any want to help start building it with me?
Anyone interested in just jumping in the world?
I am actually wondering if we can get like 50+ players involved. A few co-DMs, a bunch of NPCs, then the adventurers... ;)

I have a large section already created but I can make adjustments as needed!

My time is very limited but I am devoting an hour each day to PbP, so a few posts from me each night is likely the most I can devote at this time.

Here are some classes some people have created:
Rynjin class builder

Basic necessities of players:

A brief paragraph of who you were before becoming trapped in the video game (Likely your own little bio). A description of your PC and at least a paragraph of background for your created character. The understanding that classes give us direction but each 'player/adventurer' would have their own build and slowly developing their class. After a while special secret skills would start appearing. The game likely has strict age requirements making sure that no one under 16 gets into the game, there are exceptions but the child had to break through those barriers to get into the game.

Each player will be able to use their meta game knowledge, just as the players in Log Horizon. There can be some alpha and beta players, add it to your pre-game background. I don't think I will have any players being admin, unless they will just be that role which is possible, but think of them as helpers rather than GMs. It is possible an admin, meaning someone helping make the game or upkeep it has become locked into the game as well making them a normal player with more meta knowledge. Though if we had a player as such they would be helping me create a bunch of the world.

The world is based on a game but it is still growing you never know what might happen. I need from each player to give me two quests and one special event that they remember about the game. You don't have to do this but then you forfeit the right to remember any thing about what the events and quests used to be like.

If you want to help start developing the world send me a PM.

Basic Build for Characters:

Basic character creation starts with rolling 5d6, six times. Drop the two lowest rolls for each attribute. So 5d6 = 4, 3, 6, 2, 1, 4 which equals 4+6+4. The ability score is then 14.

Select your race that does not have a level adjustment. No special racial subspecies like a moon or sun elf, unless you want to write out a history for the subdivision. Basically you can have your elf look the way you want but it is still just an elf. Same goes for the rest of the basic races. Humans will be the most prevalent race. But if you want to create a race see the next spoiler.

Then you start with (10 + Con Modifier) hit points.
Select four class skills of your choice.
You start with (2 + Int Modifier) skill points.
Saving throws starts with a +0 Modifier.
Base Attack Bonus starts with a +0 Modifier.
You start with proficiency in one weapon (not exotic).
You start with one feat and two traits.
You start with three class specials.
You may start with light armor proficiency or have another class special.
You may use all four class specials at the creation to become a full caster (either sorcerer, wizard, cleric or druid). Otherwise you can gain a spell to be cast three times per day per class special.

The nice thing about my plan you won't need to keep them balanced, unless you want to. You just keep thinking about what you want, the more focused on something the stronger it will get or you can diversify with it. Or you keep adding other abilities that you like, they will be weaker but you will be more diversified.

You will never level up within this game, though as you defeat creatures, events, or challenges you will find crystals. These crystals are the secondary currency of the world. Skill Vendors or Class Masters will accept these crystals in exchange for a potion or training. These potions give you permanent increases to your hit points (either random 1d6 or static +3, your choice when you buy), saving throws (+1), skill points, Base Attack Bonus, Ability Scores, bonus attack (+1d6 to a specific roll) and other like mechanics. Training allows you to learn proficiency (either individual weapons (focus is cheaper), dual focus, weapon types, or generalities), feats, special abilities, spells, and such.

If you want you may pick up item creation feats. Though there might be others prerequisites. Such as brew potion, you likely will need two ranks in alchemy and go on a quest for an NPC 'witch' before she teaches you how it really all works. Other quests might allow you to develop on that feat. Feats that don't have direct impact in combat will likely just be quests that you can pick up, though you might be limited to the amount of those extra 'feats'.

Race Creation:

Any race that does not have a level adjustment. Humans will be the most prevalent race.

No special racial subspecies like a moon or sun elf, unless you want to write out a history for the subdivision. Basically you can have your elf look the way you want but it is still just an elf, with possible +3RP see below.

Then if you really want to make it interesting create your own race with race builder. You will need a race outline. The RP points spent in race builder is 10 Race Points. You will need to write out how the race blends into the game. Also you will need at least 200 words for each section of race basics, they are culture, history, and where the race comes from.

200 words for each section gives you 1 more Race Point, 400 words for 2 Race Points, and 500 words for 3 Race Points (max).

Thus you can have a race, elf, dwarf or even human with 3RP more.

In this way you get input into you world from PCs with vested interest in seeing their race become part of it.

Creating New Races.

Request #1 Location:

If its a Alien tech post fall world [mad max, Dying Earth meets pathfinder], with old tech and Psionics Im in.

Got an idea of a Psionic class call "Weavers"

Old tech, future tech, psionics can be seen sparingly. I won't be focusing on them but having them surface once in a while would be fun. Treasure troves of different times... ;)

There will also be special events that will allow you to use some gems to reset your characters progression, giving back all your used gems.

Beginning Location:
The town you start in is abuzz with motion and activity. The streets are clean and clear as if newly created and the people are all going about their productive lives. After all with the blessing of 'the dungeon' not being productive can lead to a quick demise. The dungeon is a massive tower which also leads below ground.

You start in one of the six 'churches' or magical locations. Each location has an associated element, life, death, earth, fire, water, and air. You choose which church you spawn within. You have basic gear on: a backpack, clothing, a weapon of your choice, some food, a scroll to show your progress, and three potions. The potions are red, blue, and green.

DM notes:

red - bonus to attack, blue - heal, green - defensive bonus

There will also be special events that will allow you to use some gems to reset your characters progression, giving back all your used gems. It likely will be costly though.

beta opened for +1, alpha opened for +2, admin opened for +4

GM-Panic has a +1 for helping.
Rynjin has a +1 for helping.

Death Temple Membership:

Initiate - Wear a black ribbon on your right shoulder. You have the blade of rituals.

Member, a simple donation of blood or 50 gp, taking of the oath; allows you to shop at the temple, be tended medically once a week, burial services are covered for you and family, and use of the booths within reason.

Oath - I vow to protect my own, I vow to take care of the dead appropriately, I vow to hold up the rites of passing, I vow to help with the Mourning if called upon, I vow to restore the natural state of death to any animate corpse I encounter, and destroy the undead energy in the process, finally I vow to uphold these vows in accordance to the hierarchy of the vow.

Elder. A one time donation of 500 gp, tithing, the temple may call upon you for service, 10% off shop, you can be medically tended daily (cost of supplies is yours), you gain a room at one of the temple's establishments. Each week you must attend a Ritual of Death.

Deacon/Deaconess. A one time donation of 2000 gp, 25% off shop. Rituals of Death are open for you to call upon.

Clergy (Acolytes, priests, clerics)