Dawning Dragons

Game Master Donald Robinson

New adventuring guild sets off to make a name for themselves with odd jobs and quests.
Dwarven Monastery
Falcon's Hollow Area Map

The new guild has found its way to Falcon's Hollow. The small village of Falcon’s Hollow is a wild place. Nestled in the shadow of Droskar’s Crag, the people of Falcon’s Hollow are hearty and stern. Theirs is a life of hardships, broken only occasionally by a handful of festivals and the infrequent merchant caravan. They face constant adversity from both the wilderness and the wiles of man. Wolves nip at their heels and cutpurses ply at their pockets. It is a testament to their strength that they even manage to survive at all ("Pathfinder Chronicles"). Sounds like these people could use a few good adventurers.

Dwarven Monastery

Falcon's Hollow:

Falcon’s Hollow
Town nonstandard (Lumber Consortium); AL NE
GP Limit 1,500 gp; Assets 40,550 gp
Population 1,400
Type isolated (human 94%, halfling 3%, half-elf
1%, elf 1%, other 1% )
Gavel Thuldrin Kreed, LE male human expert 3/
rogue 4 (Gavel of the Lumber Consortium),
Magistrate Vamros Harg, NE male
halfling aristocrat 2/sorcerer 5
(Magistrate-Elect), Sheriff
Deldrin Baleson, LN male halfelf
expert 3/fighter 3 (Sheriff of
Darkmoon Vale), Boss Payden
“Pay Day” Teedum, LE male
human monk 2/fighter 3
(Overboss of the Lumber

Falcon's Hollow Area Map