DM Frogfoot's Shapeshifter Apocalypse (Inactive)

Game Master Dalton the Thirsty

Imagine a world of elves, orcs, dwarves and goblins, of giants and faeries and dark slithering things beneath the earth, of dragons and gods. This is the world that was - known by its inhabitants as Tarn.

Before the Great Howl sacrificed himself and his entire Council of Twelve to bathe the lands with the Lycanthrope's Curse. 100 years ago, a bitterly powerful group of warlocks made a pact with a demon and succeeded in spreading lycanthropy to the whole world.

All the humanoid races were afflicted. Most victims lost their minds when the change took them, surrendering utterly to the beast the Curse awakened within them and devouring a victim's flesh while shapeshifted. Doing so would trap the victim in were-form forever, leaving them maddened and barely intelligent animals.

Some, however, resisted eating flesh during their transformations, and through luck or force of will maintained control of their actions. These survivors have taught themselves to use their curse, giving themselves some control over their animalistic forms. The next generation had difficult childhoods but grew up as best they could - those who survived, the current generation, are living lives as best they can, forming communities to protect themselves from the Feral.

You live or are visiting one such city, known as Magna Gracia. Nominally still under the rule of the distant King to the south, Magna Gracia is actually under the thumb of a tight-knit group of crime lord cartels whose ruthlessness helped them to survive the Curse 100 years ago.

Spout Lore on the Kingdom of Magna, copied from gameplay thread:
I said nominally, and it's definitely in name only. Officially, the city of Magna Gracia still owes its allegiance to the capital of the Kingdom of Magna, but the capital of Magna, Magna Centrus, fell to Ferals and madness when the Howl struck. There hasn't been a King since Magnus Pontius sprouted tiger fangs and devoured his entire family under a full moon, leaving no heir.

The Governor (current Governor's name is Orwell) is a legacy position, an office created by the King in bygone times, a position that began as little more than local master of tax collectors. When Magna Centrus fell, the Governor was obligated to assume the mantle of full leadership of the beleaguered city - no easy task.

Luckily, the Governor is "assisted" greatly by the "merchant" cartels and descendants of other "wealthy influentials" who survived the Howling. (These are the crime cartels, in pretty clothes). Chaney, you know the names of the most powerful families, Magna Gracia's social elite - the Blusterbergs, the Trafalgars, the Errentand clan and the Caparands.

Spout Lore, 7-9 roll, werewolf house?:
You know that the Caparands and the Trafalgars both have the largest numbers of werewolves in Magna Gracia.