DM Frightmare's Carrion Crown

Game Master CyberMephit

Map of Ravengro

A. Town Square

B. The Posting Poles

E. Temple of Pharasma

H. Jominda's Apothecary

I. Ravengro Jail

K. The Outward Inn, where you first landed in the city.

L. The Unfurling Scroll

N. Kendra Lorrimor's Home

O. Harrowstone Monument

P. The path up to the Restlands

Important Ravengro NPCs:
Father Grimburrow: An old priest of Pharasma who serves as the highest ordered cleric in Ravengro. Disposition toward you currently unknown.
Kendra Lorrimor, the surviving daughter of Professor Lorrimor. You are staying in the town to see her through this trying time. She possesses much of her father's intellect, but not quite his sense of adventure and his drive for action.

Current Major Goals:
-Look into circumstances behind the professor's death
-Look into objects stashed away in the church
-Investigate The Whispering Way
-Find out more about Harrowstone
-Spend 30 days in Ravengro while Kendra sorts out her father's affairs and arranges a move back to the city

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