DM Brainiac's War for the Crown: Table 2

Game Master Brainiac

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Agents of Change: Persona Rules

Additional Operations in Yanmass:
Canny Investment (Genius, Sagacity, Persistent): You insert agents in Yanmass’s markets, feeding you details on market trends and shortages and granting you a +5 insight bonus on Profession checks to earn income while in Yanmass. In addition, while this operation remains active, you automatically earn 2d6 gp each week.
Competing Cult (Charm, Sacrifice): Your agents start rumors of or proselytize a competing cult or religion, drawing members of the Cult of the Twilight Child to investigate. If you succeed at a DC 20 Operation check, your agents draw a few cult members to investigate a location you determine, allowing you to possibly ambush or question them or to draw forces away from the temple. You can successfully perform this operation only twice.

Infiltrate the Cult (Risky): You assign agents to observe the Twilight Child Cult ceremonies; if you succeed at a DC 15 Operation check, the agents report back to you with details of the ceremony.

Scout (Heroism, Subterfuge, Risky): You dispatch agents to examine a location for you. Attempt an Operation check with a DC equal to 8 + the highest Perception bonus of any guards or defenders; if successful, you learn of any obvious defenders or hazards. For locations with multiple rooms, determine the exact room scouted randomly.

Watch Yander Merkondus (Sagacity, Subtlety, Persistent, Risky): Your agents quietly follow Earl Merkondus around Yanmass and report on his activities. This requires a DC 20 Operation check.

City Map of Oppara

Dramatis Personae:

Movers and Shakers

Lady Martella Lotheed, your patron and burgeoning spymaster
Princess Eutropia Stavian I, sole heir to Grand Prince Stavian III
Grand Prince Stavian III, emperor of Taldor
Maxillar Pythareus, commander-in-chief of Taldan military forces

Faces of the Senate

Lady Gloriana Morilla, ally of Eutropia and patron of the Sovereign Court
Countess Abrielle Pace, ridiculously gauche
Duke Leonard Centimus, wheelchair-bound lawmaker
Baron Nicolaus Okerra, hero of the tournament circuit
Kalbio of Breezy Creek, exalted weaver
Wyssilka the Fantabulous, halfling jester

Band of Survivors

Dame Malphene Trant, narcissistic ass
Imistos Gulbend, helpful halfling
Jowuan Zubari, Sargavan priest of Abadar
Wilfem Botoles, Gryphus Plastion, and Gael Urbaen, cowering nobles

Init Block