CrazyHedgehog's Red Hand of Doom

Game Master GeraintElberion

Characters must undertake vital missions in order to confront the relentless advance of a bloodthirsty horde.



gold necklace worth 800gp
11 small gemstones (spinels, tourmalines, and peridots worth a total of 330gp)
fine ruby-set bracelet in the shape of a sinuous lion (worth 200gp)

Weapons & Armor:

+2 full plate armor - A suit of full plate armor, decorated with gold filigree and a roaring lion motif. Obviously the armor of a champion of Rhest.
+2 silvered mace - A finely worked mace chased with gold and silver.


Headband of Inspired Wisdom +2 - A simple bronze headband decorated with an intricate pattern of small green gemstones. Detects as having moderate transmutation magic.
Horn of Fog - The twisted horn of a mountain goat, elongated and enchanted and with a murky brown hue. Emits faint conjuration magic.
Knight's Pennon (battle version) - A narrow red cloth flag skilfully embroidered with a lion in gold thread that appears as if its looking directly at you, or passant guardant in heraldic parlance. It looks designed to be attached to a lance, polearm, or staff. It exudes moderate abjuration and enchantment magic.
Lich's Phylactery - a small iron coffer, unlocked, containing a delicate adamantine chain threaded with a lion's claws and teeth. This item radiates a strong aura of necromantic magic.

Gear & Assorted Items:

a locked ironbound chest

Map of Elsir Vale

Elsir Vale:

Lake Rhestin - During the reign of the kingdom of Rhest, the shores of this lake were dotted with the villages and manors of Rhestilor, but in the centuries since the kingdom's fall, humans have largely abandoned the old heartland of the realm.

The Blackfens - Lake Rhestin's eastern shore gradually gives way to a vast wetland known as the Blackfens. The marsh has grown over the years to completely engulf the ruined capital of the old kingdom of Rhestilor. The fens are also home to several small groups of wild elves known collectively as the Tiri Kitor.

The Dwarfroad - This was once the main route through the vale, but the growing presence of savage tribes and hungry monsters in the Wyrmsmokes led to the Dwarfroad being all but abandoned. Most travellers follow a battered cart-track that parallels it 30 miles farther north or take their chances on a track skirting the Thornwaste to the south, steering clear of the goblin-infested mountains.

Marth Forest - This is a rugged, wild woodland rarely trodden by humans except in its southwestern fringes. In its lower reaches, the forest is dotted with the old barrows and stone circles of the ancient druidic folk who once dominated the vale. The foothills are home to barbarian tribes - feral berserkers rarely encountered outside the woods.

The Witchwood - Generally held to be haunted by the restless spirits of the ancient human druidic folk who once dwelled here, the Witchwood is a lush, wet woodland interspersed with swampy stretches in the vicinity of the larger rivers.

Major Settlements:

Brindol - One of the largest settlements in the vale, Brindol is a prosperous farming community and caravan stopover located along the Dawn Way on the south bank of the Elsir River. Brindol is the home of Lord Kerden Jarmaath, and his small keep and the city walls are the only fortifications of note this side of Dennovar.

Dennovar - A trade-city located on the shores of Lake Ern, Dennovar is the largest community in Elsir Vale. It's the eastern gateway to the vale, the first bit of civilization a weary traveler encounters after crossing the Golden Plains. Lady Yisel Bristeir si the titular ruler here, but in practice the city is governed by the Merchants Council.

Drellin's Ferry - If Dennovar is the eastern gateway to Elsir Vale, then the small town of Drellin's Ferry signals the western edge of the Vale. Once a dwarf-made bridge spanned the Elsir River here, but it was destroyed during an epic flood about a hundred years ago. Since that time, travellers on the Dawn Way have crossed by means of a ferry, from which the town gets its name.
Map of Drellin's Ferry

Around the Vale:

Endless Plains - North of the mountains at the edge of Elsir Vale lies a great windblown sea of dry grass, stretching for hundreds of miles. Nomadic barbarians, tribes of gnolls, and bands of wild centaurs roam the Endless Plains.

Giantshield Mountains - Sheltering Elsir Vale from the harsh weather of the Endless Plains is this low range of arid, well-weathered peaks. The northern slopes are barren, dry, and rocky, home to a variety of dangerous monsters. The southern slopes are a little more hospitable. A smattering of isolated farms and steadings hidden throughout the southwest portion of the range represent the last remnants of the druidic folk who once lived throughout the vale.

The Westdeep - Several xenophobic tribes of wild elves dwell in the depths of this dense forest, avoiding contact with most other folk.

Golden Plains - East of Elsir Vale lies a vast, arid steppe that quickly gives way to rocky desert. In the vicinity of Dennovar the Golden Plains are dry, flat grassland, but within a few dozen miles the grass gives way to a rock-littered badlands of flats and mesas - a waterless and inhospitable wilderness posing a formidable trial for the trade caravans following the Dawn Way.

The Thornwaste - South of the Wyrmsmoke Mountains lies a vast barren land. A maze of broken hills, briar-choked ravines, and dry, dusty scrubland, these badlands give way to larger and larger stretches of true desert as one goes further south.

Wyrmsmoke Mountains Several volcanic peaks give this rugged range of hills and low mountains its name.

Wyvernwatch Mountains - South of Elsir Vale lie the Wyvernwatch Mountains, a forbidding range of high, steep mountains with few passes leading to the other side. The Wyvernwatches divide Elsir Vale from th more densely populated and civilized realms of the southern coast.

Beyond the Vale:

Details are a bit sketchy further out from the vale. To the northwast beyond the Endless Plains are several heavily settled realms. To the southeast lie the exotic kingdoms of the south coast, including such famed cities as Cauldron and Sasserine. South and west of the Thornwaste is the elven realm of Korvosa.

PCs, Former PCs, and Companions:

Ambrose Harrowfield (male human cavalier [emissary]) - One of the esteemed Lions of Brindol, elite knights who defend the city of Brindol and by extension Elsir Vale.

Helaku (male human sorcerer [arcane bloodline]) - Travelling with Ambrose, Aleste and Shaylar, became caught up in the tumultuous events in Elsir Vale.

Leonar (male human druid [lion shaman]) - Joined the party as they were investigating dark rumours in the Witchwood.

Shaylar Kallanereth (male elf ranger/wizard) - From elven lands beyond the Vale, has a hatred of gnolls.

Aleste Embar (male human alchemist) - adventurer travelling with the PCs, a newcomer to Elsir Vale. [former PC]

Keliwyn T'Alios (male elf rogue) - Elf encountered on the road to Drellin's Ferry, helped to fight off an ambush set by hobgoblin bandits. Left to return to the Elven Realm to gather reinforcements . [former PC]

Abukcheech (male thrush) - Helaku's familiar.

Cayenne (male light horse) - Helaku's horse.

Dapples (female light horse) - Shaylar's horse.

Fang (male wolf) - Shaylar's druid companion.

Smoke (female light warhorse) - Ambrose's loyal steed, currently left in the swamps near Rhest, tended by the elves.


Boldren Ironaxe (male dwarf ranger/fighter) - Warden of the Hammerfist Holds; helped Leonar ward off a flame drake. Brother of Gjulden Ironaxe.

Brother Denny (male human cleric of Pelor) - priest of Pelor in Drellin's Ferry.

Captain Borgun (male half-elf cavalier/fighter) - Lions of Brindol captain.

Delora Zann (female human rogue) - proprietor of Delora's Stables in Drellin's Ferry, a tall, broad-shouldered woman with blonde-gray hair tied back into a braid. A former adventurer.

Evarth Helmbreaker (male dwarf fighter) - Captain of the Shining Axe mercenary company, in the southern Hammerfist dwarfholds. A burly, bald-headed dwarf with a braided beard.

Gislek Thanebeard (male dwarf barbarian) - Warden of the Hammerfist Holds; helped Leonar ward off a flame drake.

Gjulden Ironaxe (male dwarf ranger/fighter) - Warden of the Hammerfist Holds; helped Leonar ward off a flame drake. Brother of Boldren Ironaxe.

Jorr Natherson (male human ranger/rogue) - woodsman living in the Witchwood, led PCs to Vraath Keep and Skull Gorge Bridge. Has three dogs.

Kellin Shadowbanks (male halfling rogue) - Innkeeper of the Old Bridge Inn in Drellin's Ferry; member of the town council.

Kesdrin Darkwood (male human cavalier) - Lion of Brindol, killed by a gang of ettins and goblins while taking money to mercenaries in the southern dwarfholds.

Kharn (?) - name on Wyrmlord Koth's map, near Cinder Hill. A Wyrmlord.

Killiar Arrowswift (male woodcraft elf ranger) - Battlehunter for the Tiri Kitor elves living in the Blackfens.

Koth (male bugbear sorcerer) - Wyrmlord in the Horde of the Red Hand, a general. Also an albino bugbear. Captured at Vraath Keep and imprisoned in Drellin's Ferry.

Laniker Goldenbow (male woodcraft elf ranger) - Tiri Kitor warrior, killed by a rogue harrowblade in the Blackfens; brother of Trellara Nightshadow.

Maludin (male woodcraft elf ranger) - Tiri Kitor elf warrior, left in the Blackfens to look after the PCs' horses and Fang.

Morlin Coalhewer (male dwarf cleric) - Drellin Ferry's smith and also priest of Moradin.

Nollin (male human warrior) - Drellin's Ferry militia man, sent by Soranna Anitah to take a letter of warning from Ambrose to Captain Everard in Brindol.

Norro Wiston (male human) - Town Speaker for Drellin's Ferry, leader of the town council.

Nurklenak (male hobgoblin skald/mindbender) - A Kulkor-Zhul mindbender assisting Wyrmlord Saarvith in Rhest.

Saarvith (male goblin hunter) - Wyrmlord in the Horde of the Red Hand. An expert archer, with a pet eagle companion, overseeing operations in Rhest.

Sellyria Starsinger (ancient female woodcraft elf druid) - Speaker for the Tiri Kitor elves in the Blackfens. Has a large alligator companion.

Shara Modrina (female human cavalier) - Lion of Brindol, killed by a gang of ettins and goblins while taking money to mercenaries in the southern dwarfholds.

Soranna Anitah (female human fighter) - captain of Drellin Ferry's militia; a former solder.

Tharrma (female dwarf) - stout dwarf maiden and proprietor of the Green Apple in Drellin's Ferry.

Teyani Sura (female human cavalier) - Black haired Lion of Brindol, brought word to Drellin's Ferry of the Red Hand roadblock set up on the Old Rhest trail.

Trellara Nightshadow (female woodcraft elf bard) - High Singer for the Tiri Kitor elves in the Blackfens. Joins the PCs' assault on Rhest after her brother Laniker is killed by a harrowblade.

Tyrgarun (?) - Name on Wyrmlord Koth's map, near Dauth in the south.

Zarr (male hobgoblin cleric of Tiamat) - Red Hand raider, captured during ambush just outside Drellin's Ferry. Healed Shaylar's horse, Dapples.

Deities & Domains


Heironeous , god of valor; LG; domains Good, Law, Nobility, War; subdomains Archon, Leadership, Martyr, Tactics; favored weapon longsword

Moradin , god of dwarves and crafts; LG; domains Artifice, Earth, Good, Law, Protection; subdomains Archon, Caves, Construct, Metal, Toil; favored weapon warhammer

Yondalla , goddess of halflings and home; LG; domains Community, Good, Law, Protection; subdomains Archon, Defense, Family, Home, Purity; favored weapon short sword

Ehlonna , goddess of the woodlands; NG; domains Animal, Good, Plant, Sun; subdomains Agathion, Day, Feather, Fur, Growth; favored weapon longbow

Garl Glitterlode , god of gnomes & tricks; NG; domains Charm, Good, Protection, Rune,Trickery; subdomains Agathion, Deception, Defense, Language, Love, Wards; favored weapon battleaxe

Pelor , god of the sun; NG;domains Glory, Good, Healing, Strength, Sun; subdomains Agathion, Day, Heroism, Honor, Light, Resolve, Restoration, Resurrection; favored weapon mace

Corellon Larethian , god of elves and the muses; CG; domains Chaos, Good, Protection, War; subdomains Azata, Defense, Purity, Tactics; favored weapon longsword

Kord , god of strength; CG; domains Chaos, Good, Liberation, Luck, Strength; subdomains Azata, Fate, Ferocity, Freedom, Resolve, Revolution; favored weapon greatsword

Wee Jas , goddess of death & magic; LN; domains Death, Law, Magic, Repose; subdomains Ancestors, Arcane, Divine, Inevitable, Souls, Undead; favored weapon dagger

Cuthbert , god of retribution; LN; domains Destruction, Law, Protection, War; subdomains Defense, Inevitable, Purity, Tactics; favored weapon mace

Boccob , god of magic; N; domains Knowledge, Magic, Trickery; subdomains Arcane, Deception, Divine, Memory, Thought; favored weapon quarterstaff

Fharlanghn , god of roads; N; domains Luck, Protection, Travel; subdomains Curse, Defense, Exploration, Fate, Trade; favored weapon quarterstaff

Obad-Hai , god of nature; N; domains Air, Animal, Earth, Fire, Plant, Water, Weather; subdomains Cloud, Feather, Fur, Growth, Oceans, Seasons, Storms, Wind; favored weapon quarterstaff

Olidammara, god of thieves ; CN; domains Chaos, Charm, Luck, Trickery; subdomains Curse, Deception, Fate, Love, Lust, Protean, Thievery; favored weapon rapier

Hextor , god of conquest; LE; domains Destruction, Evil, Law, War; subdomains Blood, Catastrophe, Devil, Tactics; favored weapon flail

Nerull , god of death; NE; domains Darkness, Death, Evil, Trickery; subdomains Daemon, Deception, Loss, Murder, Night, Thievery, Undead; favored weapon scythe

Vecna, god of secrets; NE; domains Evil, Knowledge, Magic; subdomains Arcane, Daemon, Divine, Memory, Thought; favored weapon dagger

Erythnul , god of slaughter; CE; domains Chaos, Evil, Madness, Trickery, War; subdomains Blood, Deception, Demon, Insanity, Nightmare; favored weapon morningstar

Gruumsh , god of orcs & the primeval;CE; domainsChaos, Evil, Strength, War; subdomains Blood, Demon, Ferocity, Resolve, Tactics; favored weapons long or shortspear

Tiamat , goddess of dragons & tyranny; LE; domains Evil, Law, Strength, War; subdomains Devil, Ferocity, Resolve, Tactics; favored weapon heavy pick