Council of Thieves - Westcrown Lives! (Inactive)

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Making Westcrown great once more!
A CoT AP PbP Campaign.

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Close Allies:

Penumbra - A mysterious masked woman who wishes to rid the city of crime and corruption.
Janiven - Vizio's manager (likely out of a job at present)
Morosino - A young teenager. He is a message runner and general assistant.
Yakopulio - The loudmouthed, insulting gnomish madame.
Amaya - A human with obvious Tian ancestry.
Ermolos - A beefy man who walks with a slight limp.
Mathalen - Human woman who speaks concisely and rarely expresses emotion.
Larko - A human man of Garundi ancestry on the path to being a ranger and goblin hunter.
Rizzardo - A hotheaded Varisian. Very large, very strong.
Sclavo - A Garundi man with a devout nature.
Fiosa - A halfling woman and former slave who wishes to free her family from bondage.
Tavi - A human woman who has now become an apprentice wizard.
Vitti - A Chelish man with green hair who knows the woods outside Westcrown well.
Gorvio - A chelish man with unusual, amber tinted eyes. He is the nephew of a horse trader named Jacovo.

Giovanni - A high-ranking smuggler/fence/facilitator with the Dusk Market.