Chronicle of the Agria War (Inactive)

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Basic Bullet Points:
- Agria (your country)
- Xananand (The Magic country)
- New Terus (Like a mutual friend country between Xananand and Agria)
- Human controlled magic power is "new" to this land, only coming around 50 years ago
- Magic was a primal thing, elementals, certain animials, Fey, etc.
- For years Agria's relationship with Xananand had been becoming strained and uneasy; tensions have been rising steadily through the years.
- Around 50 years ago Xananand attacked New Terus using it's new-found magcial might.
- This was a surprising turn of events due to the fact that New Terus was allied with Xananand and Agria at the time.
- The attack was very brutal, resulting in the loss of half of New Terus before the fighting stopped
- Agria has since spent the last 50 years training up ADMIN personel and putting up a giant wall to block them off from the world, which became known as just The Wall
- The leader of Agria (a man who was known to travel his country often) hasn't been seen publicly for 5 years

A More Indepth Background:

The Countries:

For years the countries of Agira, Xananand, and New Terus had been on good terms with each other. Agria and Xananand each had alliances with New Terus however never with one another, and realative peace had fallen over the continent. As time wore on the relationship between Agria and Xananand slowly became more and more strained. Xananand was terrified of it's larger neighbor, while Agria became increasingly paranoid about them. The increasing stress on the relationships between the nations fuled a scramble for new military technologies. New Terus warned it's neighbors against such brash actions, but they did not listen. Agria came on the scene first with their early fire arms. Once they had been discovered the military took the weapons under their wing and taught everyone how to use them. It was noted that although fantastic and powerful, the weapons did little to sway the tide of a fight one way or the other against opponents that did not possess firearms, but it was a small advantage that Agria could laud over it's neighbors with. Soon New Terus spoke of a new technology, but never unveiled it to either Agria nor Xananand, and hearsay says that the small nation never really had anything. Xananand was all that was left, and they more than made up for the wait.

The Coming of Magic:

Magic had always been around, but it was never something humans, or demi-humans for that matter, had any control over. No, it was a much more primal concept. A few rouge elementals here, a couple undead there; once in a while, assuming they were very lucky, a god would bestow somebody with a small amount of divine power, but as a whole controlled magic was rare, and Arcane magic was unheard of - until Xananand found it. No one really knows how, or why, or who did it, but everyone recognizes that Xananand did it first. It was around 50 years ago that there was an explosion of blue light from the direction of Xananand. Anyone who was outside saw it, even if it was just a slight flash. The next week saw a courier from New Terus running as fast as he could to the capital of Agria, Rayne. The leader of Agria, Lord Valle, received him, and shortly after announced that it's neighbor to the South West was under attack by Xananand, who had control over the arcane forces of the world. Something like this was insane, and most of Agria believes that Xananand did this not as a plan to conquer New Terus, so much as a show of force to their perceived enemy. Lord Valle gathered together the most politically powerful, the wisest, and the richest members of the land and set to work on a plan to protect Agria.

The Wall:

No one remembers that The Wall once had a more proper name, everyone just calls it as it is; The Wall. The Wall surrounds the western front of Agria in 3 stages, each section between walls is about 2 miles wide, and packed with military shelters, civilian populace, shops, banks, and everything else they could need. Originally only military was allowed between the sections of The Wall, however the costs of building the monstrosity were so taxing that the toll to get through it is impossibly high for some. However, refugees needed a place to stay, and so the Boarder Towns formed, and the military does it's best to keep the peaces and protect it's countrymen. The Wall stands around 100m tall and is composed entirely of metal. To the general glee of Agria it was completed in 30 years time and had only strained the economy to the point BEFORE collapse. So Agria was safe, or so it though.


The Agrian Department of Magicical INvestigation , or ADMIN, was founded 15 years ago. Although Agria had created The Wall, and housed within it multiple military personnel and law enforcement, no one had the training to deal with crimes, attacks, etc. of a magical nature. Thus ADMIN was created with the go ahead of Lord Valle and his associates. ADMIN trains recruits to hunt down, investigate, and cease all forms of magical crime and terrorism. This includes the use of those with the ability to use magic, with a specialized permit and extensive training and evaluations. Anything to do with magic is sent through ADMIN and they dispatch a team in order to clean up the mess and restore order to it's rightful place. ADMIN keeps to themselves and has grown into almost a third party. Although they are patriotic and associated themselves with Agria, they are contracted out, not ordered per-se. The main ADMIN branch is within the capital of Agria, and each section of the wall also houses an ADMIN hall somewhere within it. To the public's knowledge no one ever leaves ADMIN once they are in. ADMIN is headed by Commander Johannas Mercy, few people honestly know what he looks like or who he is, but no one ever wants to meet him.

Your characters are part of ADMIN and have just finished your training. you have a little bit of experience under your belt, but not much. As part of the training you have all finished at least 1 case with a Senior Officer, but if you've done much else beyond that is up to you.

As a Note:
yes there are more countries in the world than just 3, however these are the 3 countries on your continent.

If you have any more questions concerning the background of the world just post them in the discussion thread and I will respond both on this and in the thread.

Back-Story Requirement and Formatting:

I will require at least a 4 paragraph backstory (around 1 page). If there is no backstory submitted for your character I will simply ignore your character's existence. Preferably your backstory will be on your character profile, but if you absolutely must keep your backstory away from prying eyes you can send it to me via email or through Facebook.I also request that you all really think about your character beyond their stats and how you plan to kill all that you see; as such, I require you to write your entire backstory in this format:

[Written Backstory Here]

Five pieces of character background:

Two Goals as a character/player:

Two Secrets about my character: (preferably one known, one unknown)

Three people that are close to the Character:

Three quirks / Mannerisms:

Each item in the list is accompanied by a short description


Three people that are close to the character:
1. NPC X: NPC X is the head of the orphanage that CHARACTER NAME grew up in after his/er demon dad abandoned him/er. X was very kind and loving even though CHARACTER NAME ate the other children at first, and had little horns and cloven feet. X knew that s/he was destined for greatness.


Have fun with it, I want interesting and diverse characters who make up a team, not just 5 little sociopaths who I gave weapons and a common enemy.

Character Generation Rules:

As for character generation rules they are as follows

1. Since we are playing online I will NOT require you to roll your stats. Instead we will be using the point buy method. You have 20 points (High Fantasy)

2. We are going to be starting this grand adventure at level 2. This gives some of you extra class abilities and you don't have an entirely ignore-able health pool.

3. Use the standard starting wealth.

4. 2 Traits. If you want to take a drawback for a 3rd trait I'm not stopping you.

5. All Paizo approved races. However, non-"human-like" are treated as second class citizens within the Country.

6. All Paizo approved classes. Due to the nature of the country, magic is low, meaning I would prefer Mundane (fighters, barbarians), then half-casters (bards, magus), and finally full-casters (wizards,sorcerers). You are players so you are the exceptions to the rule, however I would like to see the setting reflected in your party composition.

7. Fast XP progression

8. Health will be as follows; first level is assumed to be Max, after that the rolls are assumed to be average rounded down to the nearest whole number.

9. No evil alignments. Those are stamped out rather quickly during training.

10. If you work the prerequisites into your backstory I will allow you to take a single Story Feat of your choosing for free.

11. Guns are considered martial weapons for you.

12. Choose a ADMIN MOS as well.


All ADMIN personnel may choose a single MOS bonus as part of their ADMIN training.

Night Lord
Soldiers who specialize at fighting at night.

Skill Focus (Stealth) lvl 1
Special Ability (Blindsense 30 ft) Usable a number of rounds per day equal to level, need not be consecutive. lvl 2
Bonus Feats: Alertness (3rd) Blind-Fight (6th) Moonlight Stalker (9th). You do not need to meet the prerequisites for these feats.

Soldiers who specialize at not dieing.

Skill Focus (Survival) lvl 1
Special Ability (You don't die until your -hp is equal to twice your constitution score) lvl 2
Bonus Feats: Toughness (3rd) Godless Healing (6th) Diehard (9th). You do not need to meet the prerequisites for these feats.

Weapon Meister
Soldiers who focus on using weapon.

Skill Focus (Craft Weapons) lvl 1
Special Ability (Choose one weapon. You gain the benefits of all feats for a weapon of the same group as your chosen weapon while wielding your chosen weapon. Duplicate effects do not stack) 2nd lvl
Bonus Feats: Weapon Focus (3rd) Weapon Specialization (6th) Improved Critical (9th). You do not need to meet the prerequisites of these feats.

Soldiers who specialize in Terror

Skill Focus (Intimidation)
Special Ability: Enemies you demoralize provoke AoO from you
Bonus Feats: Intimidating Prowess (3rd), Antagonize (6th), Curmudgeon Smash (9th) You do not need to meet the prerequisites of these feats.

Soldiers who trained specifically to stop magic

Skill Focus (Knowledge: Arcana)
Special Ability: Gain a + 1/4 CL to saves against magical effects
Bonus Feats: Disruptive, Arcane Vendetta, Spell Breaker

Lore Master
Soldiers who specialize in knowing the enemy.

Skill Focus (Knowledge Planes) lvl 1
Special Ability (Take 10 on any knowledge check in any situations.) lvl 2
Bonus Feats: Hrymean Blood (3rd) Scholar (6th) Demon Hunter (9th). You do not need to meet the prerequisites for these feats.

Soliders who specialize in finishing what they started

Skill Focus (Perception)
Special Ability: can place target on an oponent, gaining + 1/4 CL to hit, damage, and skills to follow target. Maximum some number per day
Bonus Feats: Step Up, Fleet, Spring Attack

Soldiers who specialize in scary magic

Skill Focus (Spellcraft) lvl 1
Special Ability (Once per day cast a single spell and apply one metamagic feat to it for no extra charge) lvl 2
Bonus Feats: Magical Apritude (3rd) Expanded Arcana (6th) Spell Expertise [Minor] (9th). You do not need to meet the prerequisites for these feats.

Soldiers who specialize in scorched earth tactics

SKill Focus (Craft: Alchemical) lvl 1
Special Ability (You cause Rend with your normal attacks. This ability can be used once per day at first level and one additional time per day for every four levels after) 2nd lvl
Bonus Feats: Furious Focus (3rd) Burn! Burn! Burn! (6th) Whirlwind Attack (9th). You do not need to meet the prerequisites of these feats.

"Eat s**t and Die"

Skill Focus (Holding in your insides) lvl 1
Special Ability (There's like thirty other dudes behind you)
Bonus Feats Weep (3rd) Sorrow (6th) Dead-on-the-inside (9th). You do not need to meet the prerequisites of these feats.

IF you don't see something that you really really want just talk to me about it, or make it yourself. The formula is Skill Focus unlocked at Level 1, followed by a small special ability that is better than a Trait worse than a Class Feature (nothing more than about a +5 at level 20), and 3 Feats that compliment the MOS but are not necessarily the best of the best, just Feats that normally wouldn't be taken due to the amount of feat tax or dead ends that are included with them.